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In contrast, veteran Jason Collins – the only player the Wizards got back in the deal who will actually suit up for the team – didn’t arrive until Saturday. Crawford certainly has more to prove, with his career still in its early stages and he was anxious to play after falling out of the rotation in Washington. “I think it was time,” Crawford said. “I’m looking forward to a new situation. And just to help this team win, like they’ve been winning for years. I’m excited.” Washington Post

February 22, 2013 Updates

Ernie Grunfeld on what changed after acquiring Crawford two years ago from Atlanta: “Jordan, nothing really changed. He had some good moments, but the way we’re playing now is a lot different than then. Now we’re a defensive oriented team and our numbers especially over the last 20 games have shown that we’re one of the top defensive teams in the league. The ball movement has been really good recently and that’s helped us win some games. The players are playing the right way and trying to execute. They’ve been supportive of one another and it just seems like it wasn’t the perfect fit for Jordan at this time.” Washington Post

On the role improved health has played in the turnaround: “I think it’s shown that when [we] got healthy our record got a lot better. Not only our record, but the way [we] played got better and our competitive attitude and the way we played the game got better. Twenty games is a short sample, but it shows you something. For a guy like John to come back after not having played four months, he still has a little bit of rust on him and he’s getting that off of him. He’s been very competitive and he’s made players around him better. Bradley is going into the second half of the year. He has 40, 50 games under his belt, His game has risen a little bit, he’s been more consistent, he’s learning. But he still has a lot of work ahead of him just like all our players do. Nene still having a little nagging injury here and there, but he’s been out there battling. [Emeka] Okafor’s been consistent. A lot of positive things have happened but by no means are we satisfied with where we are.” Washington Post

Crawford was the Wizards’ third-leading scorer this season, averaging 13.2 points and 3.7 assists, but had recently fallen out of the rotation and did not appear in any of the past four games. He was serenaded with chants during the third quarter of the Wizards’ last home game, a 96-88 loss on Tuesday to the Toronto Raptors in which he slouched over and wrapped a towel over his head on the bench. After the game, Crawford tossed his jersey and shooting shirt into the stands with disgust before heading to the locker room. “He never came in and said” he wanted a trade, Grunfeld said, “but his actions and the way he has been, he hasn’t been the happiest person, but he’s a good player and we wish him luck in his new situation.” Washington Post

Crawford will be an interesting option in that way. Though the third-year player has clear offensive talent, he also fell out of Washington’s young rotation. His last game was a six-minute appearance on Feb. 6 against the Knicks. “I know he can score. That’s something we needed,” said Rivers. “Losing Barbosa has hurt us. He was a wild card off the bench, and I hope (Crawford) gives us that. Hopefully with our staff and veteran players around him he can grow. “(Crawford) wasn’t playing,” he said. “The good thing and the bad thing I hear about him is his confidence. It was tough for him there to buy into a role, because he looked around and said, ‘I’m better than them.’ I’m hoping we don’t have that issue here. If we do, then it will be a problem.” Boston Herald

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