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May 2, 2013 Updates

After the game, Celtics guard Jordan Crawford -- who didn't play in Game 5 -- appeared to have some words with Anthony as the teams were walking off the court. The setup at Madison Square Garden is such that the teams must cross over each other on their way of the floor. Crawford said something to Anthony and was held back by Celtics forward D.J. White while Knicks point guard Raymond Felton chimed in. "Just some words," said Felton. "Nothing serious." Boston Globe

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April 6, 2013 Updates

The Wizards will have a reunion with Crawford on Sunday at TD Garden, but when reporters in Boston asked him about playing his former team, Crawford responded on Saturday with a question of his own. “Who?” Crawford said, before adding, “I don’t recall playing for Washington.” Washington Post

Since Crawford was traded, Beal has missed 17 of the past 23 games and is done for the season with a stress injury right fibula. The Wizards (28-47) have been content with having two roster spots occupied by the seldom-used Jason Collins and the injured Leandro Barbosa, who never suited for the team. Grunfeld bluntly explained why he moved Crawford by stating, “Jordan did not fit into our current plans…or our future plans.” When asked he had something to prove to Washington, Crawford responded, “To who?” “It’s just another game,” Crawford said. “I want to come out and try to win the game.” Washington Post

Jordan Crawford will face his former team, the Washington Wizards, on Sunday at TD Garden. "Who?" Crawford asked before practice Saturday when the issue was broached. Washington, he was told. You'll be playing Washington. Your old team. "I don't recall playing for Washington," Crawford responded -- and he used this line twice. Boston Globe

March 28, 2013 Updates

Yet with his team struggling down the stretch, Scott elected not to use one of his three remaining timeouts after Pierce brought the Celtics within 92-91 with a 7-foot fadeaway with 32 seconds left. Instead, Livingston missed a 10-footer with 10.9 seconds left and Jordan Crawford got the rebound with 9.9 seconds left, paving the way for the game- winning play. Asked why he didn't take a timeout, Scott said: "I knew what they were going to do. They were going to switch everything anyway. It was going to be pretty much the same as what we ended up with. Shaun was going to have the ball, or Wayne was going to have the ball and try to make a play. I thought Shaun got a good look. Got it right in the paint, about a 10-footer. He just missed it." And the Cavs missed another chance. "We have to hold ourselves accountable," Ellington said. "We're all professionals here and should all be communicating with each other and helping each other on the defensive end of the floor.'" Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 10, 2013 Updates

Jordan Crawford has blended into the Celtics nicely since joining the team Feb. 21 after a trade with Washington. “He does have a pretty good role: be aggressive and shoot the ball,” said Rivers. “That’s a sweet role to have for anybody. But he’s doing the other things. He’s playing defense and he’s making the right passes.” Crawford’s averaging 5.6 points in 13.6 minutes since joining the team. “It’s important for the coach to let me play my game,” Crawford said. “I’m glad he shows faith in me.” Boston Globe

March 3, 2013 Updates

But head coach Doc Rivers stressed patience with Crawford, providing encouragement for the 24-year-old guard as he continues to adjust to his new Boston surroundings. "That’s fine by me," Rivers said of Crawford looking for his shot. "I want him to be aggressive. Again, I think Jordan, [observers are] looking for him to make a bad offensive play. Paul [Pierce] made one; Kevin [Garnett] made one. Offensive players are going to make a couple bad offensive plays. I thought he made far more good ones than that. I want him to stay aggressive. I thought that [first-quarter drive] could have been a foul, he just went into the trees and couldn’t get out. I don’t want to take away what he can do, that’s very important." ESPN.com

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February 23, 2013 Updates

In contrast, veteran Jason Collins – the only player the Wizards got back in the deal who will actually suit up for the team – didn’t arrive until Saturday. Crawford certainly has more to prove, with his career still in its early stages and he was anxious to play after falling out of the rotation in Washington. “I think it was time,” Crawford said. “I’m looking forward to a new situation. And just to help this team win, like they’ve been winning for years. I’m excited.” Washington Post

February 22, 2013 Updates

Ernie Grunfeld on what changed after acquiring Crawford two years ago from Atlanta: “Jordan, nothing really changed. He had some good moments, but the way we’re playing now is a lot different than then. Now we’re a defensive oriented team and our numbers especially over the last 20 games have shown that we’re one of the top defensive teams in the league. The ball movement has been really good recently and that’s helped us win some games. The players are playing the right way and trying to execute. They’ve been supportive of one another and it just seems like it wasn’t the perfect fit for Jordan at this time.” Washington Post

On the role improved health has played in the turnaround: “I think it’s shown that when [we] got healthy our record got a lot better. Not only our record, but the way [we] played got better and our competitive attitude and the way we played the game got better. Twenty games is a short sample, but it shows you something. For a guy like John to come back after not having played four months, he still has a little bit of rust on him and he’s getting that off of him. He’s been very competitive and he’s made players around him better. Bradley is going into the second half of the year. He has 40, 50 games under his belt, His game has risen a little bit, he’s been more consistent, he’s learning. But he still has a lot of work ahead of him just like all our players do. Nene still having a little nagging injury here and there, but he’s been out there battling. [Emeka] Okafor’s been consistent. A lot of positive things have happened but by no means are we satisfied with where we are.” Washington Post

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