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October 25, 2011 Updates

The Bucks guard then went about contacting other L.A.-based NBA players, who set aside their scheduled events to help out. He first called Ariza, his best friend and former Lakers star. Ariza then contacted Barnes. Leuzinger Los Angeles High product Dorell Wright of the Golden State Warriors and unsigned rookies Trey Thompkins (Clippers) and Dominguez High product Jordan Hamilton (Denver) also helped. Orange County Register

September 7, 2011 Updates

How much are you following the labor talks? Jordan Hamilton: I’ve been talking to my agent on a regular basis. Let’s see what happens but right now I’m kind of entertaining overseas deals. Nothing’s for sure, but we’ve been looking into it a little bit, somewhere I can get cut on my contract, something like that. Once we see how the lockout is at in the next month of so, then we’ll make a move. HoopsHype

Do you have a deadline to decide if you play overseas? Jordan Hamilton: In September I’ll just continue working out and playing pick-up ball, and then in early October we’ll look into it, see how the negotiations are at and then make a decision. HoopsHype

September 3, 2011 Updates

K Bros: What is "the L.A. in your game," the part of your game that most reflects having learned the game here? Jordan Hamilton: I think the scoring. L.A. is known for shooters. So shooting the ball really well. Just being an all around player as well at my size. Being 6'8", I can do lot of different things. Not only just score the basketball, but push it in transition. I can rebound really well for my size. I post up smaller defenders. I can take bigger guys out on the wing, pull up jumpers on them. Just different things like that. I see Trevor Ariza being that type of wing. Dorell Wright. All those type of guys. I think we all have a similar game. ESPN.com

Jordan Hamilton: Growing up, I watched Trevor and Dorell. even when I was really younger, Paul Pierce from time to time. Those guys really set the tone for younger guys like me. What I also like is just the little things like The Drew League. I can maybe team up with a guy like Trevor or Dorell Wright. They can kind of coach me through litttle things. We all still talk. I'm [much younger than] Baron Davis and I talk to him every now and them. I was actually at his house on fourth of July. Just the age difference, the big gap right there, but we're both from Los Angeles, so we still show each other love. ESPN.com

August 29, 2011 Updates

Both categories were in question by his own doing, as his two seasons with the Longhorns were riddled with reports that he struggled with poor shot-selection and bad body language. He lost even more ground in that public relations game on draft night, when he reportedly accused Texas coach Rick Barnes of telling NBA teams that he wasn't coachable when asked about the plummeting of his stock. "When it came out on ESPN and things like that, that's not what I said," Hamilton said of his Barnes-related comments. "I said that word probably got out to other teams and other coaches that I probably wasn't coachable, and the writer put out that I said that Rick Barnes said I wasn't coachable and that he called NBA teams and something like that. It was something I wanted to clear up." So does he think Barnes did that deed? "No, not at all," he said. "He knows I wouldn't say anything like that because coach Barnes knows me as a person who wouldn't go and say something about the program." SI.com

So after Hamilton's 5-of-18 outing in a loss to Kansas State on Feb. 28, Barnes sat him down for another critique of one of his glaring weaknesses. "Sometimes I might not have thought about it when I was doing it, but on TV it looked so bad," said Hamilton, who averaged 18.6 points per game as a sophomore before Texas' season ended with a loss to No. 10 Kansas in the Big 12 Championship game. "I might make a hand gesture or put my hands in the air or make a face or something like that and people might look at it like it's me having a bad attitude. But for the most part, it's me getting on myself and I just want people to understand that too. I'm trying to change that [perception]. "It was an uncomfortable feeling [to watch]. It was just the two of us in a room. ...But at the end of the day, he wanted to teach me and he just wanted me to learn. I couldn't let it get to me, because that's something that has to change, especially coming into the NBA and being a rookie. There's going to be a short [leash] and I have to know that." SI.com

The Nuggets made it clear before the lockout that they envision him backing up Arron Afflalo as a shooting guard as opposed to playing small forward, so he's on his way toward a goal of dropping 15 pounds (from 230 as a sophomore to 215; he's currently 224) and is utilizing yoga to loosen the hips that were tight for most of last season. No one is paying him to work out, though, so Hamilton has become the latest player to consider finding a day job to help with the bills. "I have a neighbor who stays across the street from my parents house and he works at Big 5 [sporting goods store], so I was thinking about probably doing something like that and just going out and working every day," said Hamilton, who lives in a two-bedroom condo with Gary. "I haven't got paid and I'm not big on taking out loans, so I don't want to mess up my credit or have debt." SI.com

August 5, 2011 Updates
July 11, 2011 Updates

Alex Kennedy: Brandon Jennings scored 81 points in a Long Beach charity game. Trevor Ariza, Dorrell Wright, Jordan Hamilton and Pooh Jeter also played. Brandon Jennings' 81 points is even more impressive when you consider that each quarter was only 10 minutes long. Twitter

June 22, 2011 Updates
June 21, 2011 Updates
June 15, 2011 Updates
May 31, 2011 Updates

The Warriors will begin working out college players at their downtown Oakland practice facility, in preparation for the June 23 NBA draft. The first workouts are scheduled for Tuesday, with the following players expected to participate: Swingman Jordan Hamilton, Texas; guard Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall; forward Gary Johnson, Texas; forward Chris Singleton, Florida State; forward Mychel Thompson, Pepperdine; forward Chris Wright, Dayton. CSNBayArea.com

May 21, 2011 Updates
May 1, 2011 Updates

True, but Hamilton's improvement came as a result of not worrying about how many points he was going to rack up. "I think he realized, 'I can bring a lot more to the table than just scoring the ball,' " Springmann said. "And we told him that he was short-changing himself if he didn't realize how many ways he could actually affect a game. If you just rely on shooting the ball, when happens on a night when you're not scoring? How are you going to impact the game? For him, he can see the floor, he can pass the ball, he's a rebounder; he's not relying strictly on jump shots. He can score in the post. He's a strong kid, stronger than some people realize. "I think he's got tremendous upside. He's got a chance to be very, very good." NBA.com

April 21, 2011 Updates

Jordan Hamilton, Texas’ leading scorer, also is deliberating between coming back to Texas or going pro. Some mock drafts in the Internet indicate that Thompson could be selected in the middle of the first round. statesman.com

April 18, 2011 Updates

Some teams have Texas forward Jordan Hamilton listed as a two guard prospect, but most of the personnel types I spoke with said that Hamilton will have to be a small forward in the pros. Hamilton is a big-time scorer who has alternately attracted and repelled NBA people. He's a scorer, but that might not be enough. "He ain't guarding twos," a Southeast Division scout said of the 20-year-old Hamilton, who is expected to put his name into the Draft this week along with teammate Tristan Thompson, a solid power forward prospect. "Away from the floor, (Hamilton) is going to get exposed. I like his talent, but he's a uniquely selfish player. He scares the (bleep) out of me." NBA.com

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