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June 18, 2012 Updates
June 12, 2012 Updates

JJ Barea: "I'm always going to be a trade asset. From now on I'm going to be a trade asset because of what I've done in the NBA, and because of where I am. If they need someone in another position they're going to trade me. Then if it's a good team I would like it to happen. But I'm happy in Minnesota and I would like to lead them to the playoffs. Sometimes it's good that other teams want you too". Primera Hora

May 25, 2012 Updates

SLAM: Do you and your teammates play a lot of video games? KL: Yes. Definitely. We’re very competitive, and it’s always fun to keep the competitive spirit going, whether we are on the court, in the locker room or in the weight room, and we do it with video games as well. And Ghost Recon is definitely one of the games we play. And FIFA… a lot of sports games as well. SLAM: How long does a typical video game tournament go? KL: [Laughs] Hey, it will go as many hours as it takes for the beef to be settled. It’s always fun to have that kind of competitive back-and-forth between teammates, and that will go on for days, weeks or even months. I mean I remember with JJ Barea and Derrick Williams with FIFA, they were going at it for the entire season and counting their wins and losses. It’s just fun to get in the trenches with different players. SLAM

May 18, 2012 Updates
April 25, 2012 Updates

Adelman said Tuesday that he did not have a problem with Barea's comments that some Timberwolves didn't care enough after a recent loss. In fact, the coach said he supported players making their feelings known when they see something they don't like. "You have to really feel the hurt when you lose games after the game is over," said Adelman, whose team has lost 12 of 13 as it limps to the finish. "When you lose a game like we did on Sunday, I think the frustration just took over with him. It certainly did with me, too." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Without naming names, Barea blistered some teammates, saying there weren't enough players in the locker room who cared about the outcomes of games. "We've got problems here," Barea said after playing all 48 minutes. "We've got a lot of guys that don't care. ... We're just going to keep getting L's until we get players here that care." Several teammates said they didn't agree with Barea's assessment and that they thought it was a collective loss. Love did not play in the game, but did say Tuesday that he thought most of the players cared about the product they were putting on the floor. "Obviously there was some air taken out from underneath us, but I think guys do care," Love said. "I just think J.J. was upset. A guy coming from a championship team, he kind of saw it a little different the past few years at the end of the season." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

April 24, 2012 Updates

Rick Adelman says he did not have a problem with J.J. Barea's comments that some Minnesota Timberwolves didn't care enough after a recent loss. Without naming names, Barea blistered some teammates after the Wolves blew a 21-point lead and lost to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. The veteran guard said there weren't enough players in the locker room who cared about the outcomes of games. NBA.com

The "who cares?" attitude was evident in the lack of defensive effort, the erratic shot selection and the sometimes selfish play. And when Barea made his postgame remarks, he wasn't hiding in a corner. He was sitting in front of his locker and within earshot of several of his teammates. "They just come in here after the game like nothing happened," Barea said. "That's what happens to a losing team." St. Paul Pioneer Press

Anthony Tolliver, a free agent after Thursday's season finale, didn't exactly agree with Barea. But he sounded pretty close. "I would say that there's some guys in here that have been more worried about other things," Tolliver said. "It's not necessarily that they don't want to win. Sometimes the team concept just goes out of the window." Adelman appeared disgusted after the game. "It's the attitude, like I said. The game was easy in the first half, we were scoring and things were going good," he said. "Then in the second half we acted like it was going to be that way the whole game without working at it." St. Paul Pioneer Press

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January 25, 2012 Updates

One month into the defense of their title and more than seven months since the Dallas Mavericks won the franchise's first NBA championship, the personalized hardware has finally arrived. In a brief ceremony prior to Wednesday night's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, nine current Mavs, plus title team members J.J. Barea (now with the Wolves) and retired sharpshooter Peja Stojakovic, will receive their world championship rings. ESPN.com

January 15, 2012 Updates

The Dallas Mavericks will receive their NBA championship rings in a ceremony before their Jan. 25 home game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It's not a coincidence that former Mavs fan favorite J.J. Barea will be in town. Owner Mark Cuban wanted Barea to be able to take part in the ceremony. Barea, a key role player during the Mavs' title run, signed a four-year, $19 million contract with the Timberwolves after the Mavs only made him a one-year offer because they wanted to maintain financial flexibility next summer. "It's good that J.J. will get to be here," Cuban said of the ring ceremony. "It'll be fun." ESPN.com

January 2, 2012 Updates

J.J. Barea couldn't conceal his exuberance after he and the Timberwolves doused the Mavericks 99-82 Sunday. When it was over, the former darling of the Mavericks was beaming. "It was awesome,'' he said. "I'm so proud of my team right now. They did such a good job. It feels so good to beat your old team. We did a great job tonight. We were consistent. They made a run and Kevin (Love) came back with some good shots after Dirk made his run.'' Dallas Morning News

January 1, 2012 Updates

New Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea will test his healing hamstring Sunday and then use that information to decide whether he's fit to play that night against a Dallas team he won an NBA title with last season. The question is whether he'll listen to his head or his heart. "I've got to make it with everything," he said after practicing Saturday. "I want to play. It's looking good for tomorrow, but I want to make sure I'm fully ready to go." His head tells him now -- just one week into a demanding, shortened 66-game season -- is no time to risk aggravating such a delicate type of injury. "You don't want it to keep bothering you the whole season, especially when we got seven games in 10 days coming up," he said. "We've got a lot of games." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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