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June 28, 2014 Updates

Acquired from the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday, Calderon is coming to a Knicks squad that is faced with losing Anthony to free agency next month. If the All-Star forward stays, he may benefit from playing with Calderon, the longtime point guard for the Spanish national team who is an outstanding 3-point shooter. "He's one of the best players in our league and I'd love to play with him," Calderon said Friday during a conference call. "I think I could help him to just take a lot of pressure out of him, just give him the ball when he's ready for it." Journal News

June 27, 2014 Updates
June 26, 2014 Updates
May 6, 2014 Updates

Owner Mark Cuban isn't exactly thrilled with his players playing internaitonal basketball. But with his Spain teammates include Pau and Marc Gasol, and Ricky Rubio, Calderon sees playing with the national team as somewhat an extension of playing for the Mavs. "It helps me to stay in shape and keep in shape,'' the 32-year old Calderon said. "For me it's great. "I work out with Ricky Rubio and Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol and get ready for the season. We don’t do like people used to do, like running in the mountains or stuff like that. We just practice, we shoot the ball and play a little bit 5-on-5.'' Fort Worth Star-Telegram

April 24, 2014 Updates

Calderon's response from Game 1 to Game 2 shows that he got the message. As things appeared to be coming apart at the seams, Calderon and the team regrouped and got back on track. "Sometime when it's low, everybody gets so crazy too quickly," Calderon said. "I've had some bad games or could have done better, but we're 15 guys. Coach makes the decision. It doesn't [matter] who plays more minutes. Whoever is in there is going to try to do the best for our team to win. "That's what everyone has to understand. It's not about who got more points on our team. It's about who got more points as a team. That's what basketball is about." ESPN.com

While Calderon will be the consummate teammate and gladly step to aside for a teammate if he's not delivering, he's still a proud guy who wants to have a positive impact on his team. He was able to rise to the occasion and display some shooter's amnesia as his third-quarter performance was instrumental in Dallas' ability to steal the home-court advantage. "I always try to go out there and play the best basketball I can and make every shot possible, but there's nights you're shooting and the ball isn't going to fall. I'll keep being aggressive and hopefully they can keep falling." ESPN.com

March 31, 2014 Updates

Q: So, do you like the direction that the team went in last summer, bringing in Monta and Jose on long-term contracts? Dirk Nowitzki: Well, I think we still have to prove it. That's the question. It's another big summer for us. We won the 'ship in '11, and then the lockout came, and we had to make some business decisions. We couldn't keep some of our warriors we won the championship with, and we had to make some tough decisions for our team, and for our fans. We moved on, and we tried to get some big free agents. Didn't work out, and that's part of the business. What you try to do is steady the ship and keep getting better. If it's not going to be another superstar this summer, then another couple of good players, like we did last year. That whole eight one-year deal [concept] didn't work, so that's why we went in a different direction. We brought in the steady backcourt duo in Monta [and Calderon]. They're going to be here a while. So if you can't get a superstar player, you try to get a bunch of good players, and they like playing with each other, and you go from there. NBA.com

March 25, 2014 Updates
February 9, 2014 Updates

There’s really no other way to put it. Calderon is clearly one of the top five 3-point flingers in the league and when eight shooters were selected for the 3-point contest and he wasn’t one of them, it makes you wonder what he has to do to qualify. Not that Calderon wants to raise a stink about it. “I’d love to be there,” he said. “It would be a great opportunity. But it’s OK. I think the rest will be good as well. Maybe next year I’ll get the opportunity. They make the decisions. And the players who are there are great shooters. It will be a great 3-point shootout.” Dallas Morning News

Asked if the league talked to him about it, Calderon said his agent made a phone call, but the league never reached out to him. The point guard’s teammates and coaches were more irked by the snub than Calderon was. “It’s a travesty,” Devin Harris said. “But these things are mostly a popularity contest. And I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy the rest more.” Dallas Morning News

February 1, 2014 Updates
January 27, 2014 Updates

Jose Calderon says he was in contact with the Pistons over the first four days of last summer’s free-agency period. But with no offer on the table from the Pistons, the veteran point guard said he had to take a four-year deal from Dallas in July. He suspects they were waiting on forward Josh Smith, who agreed to terms with the Pistons just hours after Calderon agreed to terms with the Mavericks. “They were in contact with me, but I think they were waiting for Josh Smith, so I was just waiting and waiting, and Dallas came with a great offer ... I couldn’t say no to that,” Calderon said Sunday before the Mavs faced the Pistons. Detroit Free Press

December 31, 2013 Updates

After Jose Calderon’s foul on Rubio led to a reset with 3.0 seconds on the clock, the defensive burden was fittingly placed on Marion’s broad shoulders. The versatile forward would answer the call, forcing a miss by Love in the final seconds to secure the win. “Listen, it was only fitting that he made that play. It was a great job,” Carlisle said of Marion’s defensive prowess in the final moments. “I just tried to make it hard for him, and I just stayed down and was ready to anticipate anything,” Marion added. “I’m all about winning games, whatever it takes. That’s all it boils down to.” Leading the way to the win with a season-high 32 points for his best scoring output as a Mav on 14-of-19 shooting and 4 of 6 from behind the arc, Marion also added six rebounds and three assists. “The last two games I think you can tell he’s confident,” Ellis said of his veteran teammate after Marion also registered a double-double with 14 points and 13 rebounds against Chicago. “I think he’s more tuned in of being disrespected by other teams leaving him that way, so he’s been working on his game and it’s paying off the last two games.” mavs.com

November 23, 2013 Updates

“It’s been great so far,” Calderon told HOOPSWORLD. “We have nine new players so we knew it was going to be a little tough and we still sometimes need to get everybody on the same page in some situations during the games. Playing with guys like Dirk [Nowitzki], Shawn Marion, Monta or Vince [Carter], they know how to play basketball and it makes it a little bit easier for me so it’s been really good so far.” HoopsWorld

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