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March 8, 2013 Updates

Retaining Jose Calderon remains one of the Detroit Pistons' most important orders of business when free agency opens in July but the point guard continues to take the patient approach to the issue of his expiring contract. "We have a lot of time to talk about that," Calderon said after today's shootaround before a game tonight agaisnt the Dallas Mavericks. "The good thing about it, like I say, when the trade was done, it was about they (the Pistons) wanted me here. That makes a big difference. I feel like I'm wanted, like I'm really comfortable." Booth Newspapers

Calderon hopes to play for Spain in this summer's European Championships but has been unable to commit to his national team without the security of an NBA contract. That tournament begins Sept. 4, so assuming Calderon's free agency isn't protracted, he should have a deal done in plenty of time to participate. Whether that's with the Pistons remains to be seen. "When July arrives, we'll see what happens," he said. "But at the end of the day, it (wasn't) like, 'I trade you, Jose Calderon, in a trade, to make it work (financially).' It was some interest. They (Pistons) went into the trade to get me and they're trying to get me for the (long term), so it's really nice." Booth Newspapers

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February 11, 2013 Updates

Over nearly eight seasons with the Raptors, Calderon developed comfort within the organization and city. He admits he doesn’t have a desire to bounce around at this point in his career, but he also understands the flexibility he’ll have this offseason. Yes, Calderon hasn’t made up his mind on his upcoming free agency. But for now, Calderon sees no reason why Detroit shouldn’t be his preference and where he can envision himself long-term. “Yeah, I can for sure,” Calderon said. “At the end of the day, it’s an NBA team. I know everybody is asking me about that, but we’ll see what happens. Every door is going to be open. These guys are treating me great and let’s see how we finish the season. But yeah, for now I’d like to [stay].” RealGM

February 6, 2013 Updates

Really don't think the Pistons are interested in moving Calderon at all. They have indicated pretty openly they want to keep him. Also showed their hand by tossing him in the starting line-up without even a practice. You wouldn't do that with a two-month rental. Detroit Free Press

That depends on how the next few months play out. They have been pretty public about their intentions there. Calderon said it's key if a team really wants him. Think the Pistons have shown that so far. Detroit Free Press

February 3, 2013 Updates

Meantime, Calderon has to learn what he can through study, listening to new terminology for plays that ultimately are familiar with what he has learned in most of eight seasons with the Toronto Raptors, and talking to assistant coaches during practices and games. "He's chomping at the bit," Frank said. "It's very frustrating because he can't even bond over practice. He can't do anything. It's not an easy situation." Booth Newspapers

February 2, 2013 Updates

New Detroit Pistons guard Jose Calderon isn't expected to have his work visa cleared in time for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, which brings his availability Monday against the New York Knicks into question, too. Calderon has watched a shootaround, a game and a practice. He has taken notes and studied plays. He can fly on the team plane late Sunday afternoon. But the Spaniard can't work with the team until his visa situation is resolved and with Sunday's game followed by a road game the next night, there is some question whether Calderon could play Monday against the Knicks. Booth Newspapers

His decision could be driven by the timing of Calderon's visa ruling. If Calderon is cleared early Monday, he could get a shootaround in and play the Knicks that night. Even then, he's running a new team with little more than what he has picked up in study. It gets even sketchier with no shootaround. "I've thought about it but I don't know what my answer is yet," Frank said when asked about that scenario. "I don't know what I'd do." Booth Newspapers

Pistons coach Lawrence Frank immediately declared that Calderon will become his starter after working out some kinks with the player's work visa, which kept Calderon in street clothes Friday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and perhaps a couple of quick practices. "It's no different than in football when you've got a quarterback," Frank said. "It's no knock on anything that you've got now. It's just that Jose is really elite at it. He understands how to get guys the ball in the right place at the right time. Plus, he loves doing it. That's his instinct. His instinct is to give. His instinct is to get everyone involved." Calderon has ranked in the top three in NBA assist-to-turnover ratio for three consecutive years. His 4.44 ratio ranks fourth in the league this season. "He's a giver," Frank said. "He makes other people feel real good about their games." Booth Newspapers

Calderon becomes an unrestricted free agent in July and, sources say, is certain to attract interest from Dallas among others, as well as interest from the Pistons in hanging on to him. They've been trying to acquire Calderon since the fall -- offering Corey Maggette in a straight-up exchange months ago that the Raptors resisted in hopes of making the more high-profile trade they ultimately swung -- but like him as much for his expiring contract as his floor leadership. ESPN.com

February 1, 2013 Updates

He therefore said he regards Calderon as having a greater value than just the expiring contract he brings to Detroit, which frees up another $10.5 million in salary-cap space when the eighth-year guard becomes a free agent after this season. "This is someone that we would have some interest in staying going forward," Dumars said. The last time the Pistons saw Calderon, he was dropping 17 assists -- nine in the first quarter alone -- against just two turnovers during a Raptors win Dec. 19 in Toronto. "When you sit there and you watch a guy drop (17) assists on your team, and you see what it does for their team, you look at that and you envision your team having something like that," Dumars said. Booth Newspapers

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