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The Pistons would like to bring back Calderon in free agency, but don't want to break the bank. News-Herald

June 3, 2013 Updates

Spanish point guard Jose Manuel Calderon said on Monday that his “only priority” is to remain in the NBA. He commented at the presentation of the 7th edition of the youth basketball program he offers in Caceres. “The kids will ask me a lot this year about which team I am going to play for,” said the 31-year-old Spanish international, who becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Latin American Herald Tribune

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Jose Manuel Calderon: Enhorabuena @Marc Gasol por estar en el 2 quinteto de la NBA. Congrats @Marc Gasol big time all-NBA 2nd team. Twitter @josemcalderon8

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Jose Calderon was not ruled out for the final two games of the season but he was unable to practice again Sunday because of a strained right elbow tendon and the likelihood is that the free agent-to-be point guard has played his last game this season. Booth Newspapers

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Returning to Toronto for the first time since he was traded on Jan. 30, Calderon was honored with a standing ovation during pregame introductions and a special video tribute during a first quarter timeout. "It felt great," Calderon said. "It's got to be one of the better moments in my career, for sure." ESPN.com

Proving that old habits die hard, Calderon mistakenly started walking toward the Raptors' locker room at the half, laughing when he realized his error. "They called me back really quick," he said. "It was just three or four steps." Calderon acknowledged that it was "a weird feeling" to play as a visitor in Toronto. He said he'd struggled with his emotions all day, no more so than during his video tribute. "It was emotional," he said. "No tear was out but I was close." ESPN.com

April 1, 2013 Updates

Calderon's wife and children are back in Spain, where they will wait out the free-agent process. The Pistons have a good chance at keeping him but it's hardly a lock. The upside for the Pistons is they have so many needs, there are myriad methods for achieving them. And having Andre Drummond to address Calderon's defensive ills helps, though it's just a Band-Aid to the problem, not a real solution to actual solid perimeter defense. Booth Newspapers

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But before anyone gets too excited about the part of the story where he talks about the door being open to a return, a few words of caution. There will not be much money to spend and it’s obvious that Bryan and the upper management have thrown their hats in the ring with Kyle Lowry and for them to back off on that commitment after just one year would be a huge reversal of form. Toronto Star

He was traded when the team was on the road. He hasn’t had a chance to get back to the Air Canada Centre since, he hasn’t had a chance to say thank you. “It’s so quick sometimes, you don’t realize how many people you leave behind without saying goodbye,” he said after the Pistons practised here. “You don’t have the chance to say thank you. There are so many people who helped me during all those years in Toronto for everything. Not just about basketball, it’s everything. Like life, with my family. Everything.” Toronto Star

Calderon isn’t committing to anything past the end of this season. And while the economics, and optics, make a return to Toronto highly unlikely, it’s something he would consider. “Why am I going to close that door? I was there a great seven and a half years . . . for sure you have to talk and see what they’re looking for, what they want, how they want it and . . . communication is really important sometimes,” he said. “I was perfectly happy and that’s why the door is wide open for Toronto; if not, I would say right now, ‘no way, I am not going back to Toronto.’ ” Toronto Star

March 24, 2013 Updates

It’s conceivable Calderon, should he return to the Pistons, would come back as the only player 30 or over on the roster. Corey Maggette, Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell are all free agents with uncertain prospects to return. The natural leadership qualities Dumars sees in Calderon will be even more valuable and, the Pistons would likely believe, Calderon himself would be intrigued by a role that carries such responsibility. NBA.com

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