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November 8, 2011 Updates

Former NBA player Jose Ortiz is being held in federal prison in Puerto Rico after a judge revoked his bail, saying he had tested positive for cocaine. Ortiz pleaded guilty last week to drug charges after federal agents raided his home in June and seized 218 marijuana plants at his house along with 40 rounds of ammunition. Ortiz had been freed on bail while awaiting sentencing. CSNNE.com

October 27, 2011 Updates
July 12, 2011 Updates

Jose Ortiz squandered much of his fortune living in luxury, but also helping people close to him, according to Julio Toro, former Puerto Rican NT coach. "He spent lavishly, but he was very generous to many people and was unlucky in his investments," says Toro. "And of course, if you are not careful with money, you lose it." ESPN.com

"We had seen each other less frequently during the past few years," says Medina, manager of bands like Mana or Calle 13 and previously of Ricky Martin. "I called him recently and he didn't answer. There was already a big rumor at the time that he was involved in substance use. "He was isolated from his people. He was obviously in the grip of vice. He was possessed. He was isolated and involved with people of questionable reputation." ESPN.com

Angelo Medina was one of those able to speak with Ortiz at the rehab center where he is at the moment. "I had the opportunity to see him and he is truly sorry," says Medina. "He's confused, distressed, yet strong as always when it matters. Remember that he was a clutch player who stepped up in difficult times. I saw him in good condition, worried... and embarrassed. "He is sorry because he has so much pride. He is sad because he has been involved in this. But he acknowledges that he is sick and needs help." ESPN.com

June 30, 2011 Updates

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