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July 1, 2011 Updates

Former Celtic Nenad Krstic recently signed a two-year deal to play in Europe for CSKA Moscow. Wojnarowski expects others to follow. “I think you’re going to see that,” he said. “The problem right now is that a few years ago overseas was a big threat and then the euro crashed. There aren’t as many teams in Europe as there were a few years ago. There was a couple years there where, you know, Josh Childress had a $6 million a year deal in Europe. Those deals aren’t there anymore for those kind of guys. If a front line NBA guy wants to go over there, he can get a good contract. The middle-of-the-road, the middle-class guys who were going over there and really getting paid well, getting paid more than they could get with say the veterans minimum here or even like a $1.8, $2.2 million deal, they could get a little better over there. That money isn’t really there anymore. So you will see more guys go over there. Now for Krstic it was easy because he’s from Europe and he has a comfort level there. But I think you’ll see a few more guys sign up like that, fringe guys, but the guys who are under contract and aren’t free agents right now, they’re going to have to ride it out.” WEEI.com

February 16, 2011 Updates
February 14, 2011 Updates

The union, I’m told, is also realistic about the overseas market and knows that only a limited numbers of players can reasonably expect decent offers. There are likewise very few teams, even in Europe’s biggest leagues, with the budget to come anywhere close to NBA money, which is why we never saw the once-feared exodus of NBA players after Josh Childress left for Greece in the summer of 2008 for two seasons with Olympiacos. So no one in the Players Association is prepared to suggest that Europe, even if its legal read proves correct, will be a legitimate option for more than a handful of locked-out NBAers. ESPN.com

February 7, 2011 Updates
December 19, 2010 Updates

Josh Childress does not regret one bit signing this summer with the Suns, who are overloaded with wing players, even though he has been removed from the rotation. As for his decision to play through a right index finger fracture with a splint, that is different. Childress, a training-camp-scrimmage star before the injury, slipped from the Suns rotation this week after playing in the first 23 games with averages of 17.0 minutes, 5.3 points and 3.0 rebounds - all are career lows. Arizona Republic

December 16, 2010 Updates

Forward Josh Childress is facing another week to two weeks with a splint on his right-index finger. The finger has been X-rayed regularly, but the bone's healing has been slower than expected since he fractured it Oct. 19, when Golden State's Jeff Adrien fouled him on a dunk attempt. Arizona Republic

December 3, 2010 Updates

Childress remained a restricted free agent when he sought to return last summer to the NBA. But after signing Joe Johnson to a maximum contract, the Hawks were cash- strapped and didn't want to pay Childress. So they worked out a deal with Phoenix to at least get a second-round pick and a $3.63 million trade exception for him. "Yeah, I was willing,'' Childress said about returning to the Hawks in the summer of 2008 rather than head to Greece. "Atlanta, honestly, they never offered me a contract. I took a lot of heat (for leaving), but they never offered a contract. When I went back to the game, when we played there (Nov. 7), I got booed up and down. People called me a 'traitor,' but I never got offered of a contract. Traitor or not, if I don't have a deal on the table, how is that a traitor?'' FanHouse.com

After averaging 11.1 points in his four Hawks seasons, Childress is averaging just 6.0 this season for the Suns. After signing a five-year, $33 million contract in a sign-and- trade between Atlanta and Phoenix, Childress is averaging just 18.2 minutes per game, down from the 31.3 he averaged in his Hawks tenure. "Heck, yeah,'' Childress, who averaged 15.2 points last season for Olympiakos, admitted about it being an adjustment back to the NBA. "This travel schedule and these back -to-backs, it really has taken its toll on my body right now since I've been out of it for two years... (But) I'm not going to make excuses for myself. I just have to play better. It's not on anybody else.'' FanHouse.com

November 2, 2010 Updates
October 26, 2010 Updates

Suns forward Josh Childress practiced Monday for the first time since fracturing his right index finger a week ago but his availability to play will be determined Tuesday. He said each bit of contact was painful and that he shot with his finger pulled off the ball. "If it does get worse, it would require surgery and that's what I don't want," Childress said. "That's where there is a little bit of hesitation." Arizona Republic

October 20, 2010 Updates

Preseason postgames are rarely so eventful as tonight with news of swingman Josh Childress suffering a right index finger fracture and the waiving of point guard Zabian Dowdell and power forward Dwayne Jones. Dowdell and Jones were cut after the Suns' 92-87 win Tuesday against Golden State, meaning that rookies Matt Janning and Garret Siler probably have regular-season roster spots. Erick Dampier could still choose to sign with Phoenix, threatening Siler's spot, although the Suns could technically keep the 14 they have and still add Dampier to be at the maximum 15 players. Arizona Republic

October 2, 2010 Updates

Several other players including Jeff Green, Rodney Stuckey, and Jared Dudley will also be involved in negotiations prior to the November deadline. Many around the league feel that Green will be extended because of his relationship with Durant and glue guy role he plays in Oklahoma City. Stuckey's camp is keeping their lips sealed regarding negotiations but the team believes he's poised for a breakout season so they may sign him rather than let his play drive up the price to retain him. Dudley is hoping to sign an extension with the Suns but doesn't expect one before the deadline. Because Phoenix acquired Hedo Turkoglu and Josh Childress this offseason, sources believe that Dudley could be the odd man out which makes an extension unlikely. HoopsWorld

September 29, 2010 Updates

Childress will give the Suns something they've been missing since Shawn Marion was traded: a versatile perimeter defender. There's more, too: The nose for offensive rebounds. The ability to run the floor. The funky jumper. "I definitely agree our styles are a bit similar," said Childress, who spent the past two seasons in Europe after he was offered a bigger contract from a Greek team than Atlanta had offered. "Shawn was a great player for this organization, and I hope to be the same," he said. "He brought a lot of energy, and that's something I can do. Obviously, he thrived playing with Steve (Nash), and I hope to do the same." Arizona Republic

July 28, 2010 Updates
July 26, 2010 Updates

"One of the main things that got me excited about the opportunity was speaking with [Suns] Coach [Alvin] Gentry." Childress said. "They truly enjoy playing like a team. He was telling me how there were plenty of games last year where the second unit would finish the game. He made it clear that whoever is playing well will play. It's not about playing favorites. It's an equal opportunity situation. And you see that in the character of guys that they have. That was the first thing they brought up when I met with [Gentry] and [Suns managing partner] Mr. [Robert] Sarver. They didn't want to do anything to mess up their locker room, because they feel like they have a situation where everybody is truly for each other succeeding. And when I heard that, I was excited." NBA.com

"I definitely think it was worth it, and if anything, just for the experience," Childress, 27, said of the then groundbreaking move to escape the restraints of (restricted) free agency in 2008 and sign with Olympiakos. "Not only did I get a chance to see the world, but I got a chance to experience basketball from a global perspective. I got a chance to see how the game is played and the mentality of different coaches and players from a totally different view. I feel like I grew as much as a player as I did as a person. And that's something you really can't put dollar signs on." NBA.com

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