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January 9, 2014 Updates

One reporter asked Josh Smith after the 112-91 loss to the Toronto Raptors whether the Pistons have anything they do reliably and consistently. "Not right now," Smith replied. "We've just got to be able to try to get ourselves out of this rut. Winning a game would definitely help." Booth Newspapers

January 7, 2014 Updates

Deng’s representatives met with Bulls management last offseason to discuss their concerns over these issues. That set an ominous tone for general talk on a contract extension for Deng, which produced such a gulf that no counteroffers were exchanged. Deng’s camp saw Josh Smith sign for $14 million annually with the Pistons last summer and figured Deng’s value as higher. Chicago Tribune

December 30, 2013 Updates

Maurice Cheeks said he and Josh Smith "are fine," and that the Detroit Pistons' internal dust-up during Saturday's loss to the Washington Wizards is settled. "We came to our agreement," Cheeks said today. "Y'all (media) are the only ones who got a problem with it because me and Josh are fine." Booth Newspapers

That doesn't mean the coach agreed with Smith, the Pistons' highest-paid player, who said his second-half benching in a 106-82 blowout was "unfair" and that he took "real offense" to what he perceived as Cheeks challenging him for not playing hard. "That's his opinion," Cheeks said. "You know, I watch a lot of judge shows and they always talk about people's opinions, and that's his opinion. That's OK. I can't be in his brain and he's certainly entitled to his opinion. I'm entitled to mine." Asked if he understood Smith's opinion, Cheeks assessed curtly. "No -- that's my opinion," he said. Booth Newspapers

December 29, 2013 Updates

Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks benched starting forward Josh Smith for the start of the third quarter for the second time this season and Smith made it clear afterward that he was bothered by it. "I live to play this basketball game," Smith said in the Verizon Center visitor's locker room. "It's an honor for me to play it. When anybody challenges or anything about the fact about me not wanting to play I take real offense to it. "Whatever decision that somebody makes beyond my control I can't control it. It's a question you have to ask somebody that has that power." USA Today Sports

"We can talk about the game," Cheeks said. "The game wasn't about Josh Smith. The game was we got beat. "We got beat, we got beat pretty good. It wasn't because of Josh Smith, it was the overall game. It wasn't just because of Josh Smith." But Smith admitted it's hard not to feel singled out. "I mean it's unfair because as I told you before I play this game hard each and every day," Smith said. "When I younger I would play this game for free year round. This is what I love to do so why wouldn't I want to come out here and try to put my best foot forward every time I step out on the court." USA Today Sports

The 14-18 Pistons have shown signs of excellence in road wins over Eastern Conference front-runners Indiana and Miami, but have lost four of five. "We can't be afraid of success," Smith said Sunday. "We can't be afraid of being on the radar and teams getting geared up to play us. We have to be a team that wants to be sought out, and be respected in this league. "The talent is all across the board. You can look at it on the roster sheet. We've got a talented basketball club. But there's a lot of talented teams out here that don't put it together and don't utilize their maximum potential. We have the ability to do that, we just have to believe that, and have that confidence and that swagger that we're an elite team." Booth Newspapers

Detroit Pistons forward Josh Smith said his second-half benching Saturday night in a blowout loss at the Washington Wizards was “unfair.” Coach Maurice Cheeks said today that Smith is “entitled to his opinion.” But it appears the two men will agree to disagree and move on. “Y’all the only one who got a problem with it,” Cheeks said. “Me and Josh are fine. Josh and I are fine.” Detroit Free Press

Whatever happened in that locker room Saturday night, the Detroit Pistons left here with their first tangible turmoil of the season. Josh Smith didn't play the second half of a 106-82 blowout against the Washington Wizards, the second time head coach Maurice Cheeks has made that decision this season. This time, Smith suggested Cheeks called him out for not playing hard, and that he took "real offense" to the accusation. Smith also was benched the second half of a Nov. 12 game at Golden State. Booth Newspapers

"Like I told y'all before when we had this conversation, when you hit adverse times, characters are gonna be tested," Smith said. "It's either that we're gonna come closer together and make it all one team, or are you gonna use a scapegoat to get away from what's really at hand?" Booth Newspapers

Smith said he isn't inclined to have a personal discussion with Cheeks about their disagreement before the next game. "To me, it's over with," Smith said. "But you know, some people hold grudges longer than others. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not saying that he (Cheeks) does. I don't know. "But I'm not the type of person that really likes to go all the time in the coach's office and have one-on-one sitdowns. I'm more of a team morale guy, worrying about what we can do, as far as teammates are concerned, to make ourselves more successful." Booth Newspapers

December 18, 2013 Updates

Smith made 13 of 17 shots against Portland and then sank 13 of 29 against the Pacers. "We talked about it," Cheeks said, "putting the ball in his hands a little bit more and trying to get him off the perimeter ... to try and get him on the block a little bit more. Just give him a little more opportunity scoring wise "I went to him. We just talked about what we can do to get him better, get him better shots, get him more comfortable on the block. It was a two-way conversation, what I could do to make him better because him better makes us better. "I just looked at his numbers in Atlanta and figured out what I could do to get him better shots." Booth Newspapers

December 10, 2013 Updates
November 23, 2013 Updates

Smith missed practice Thursday after skipping the team flight home from Atlanta, his hometown, on the assumption that the Pistons would have a day off after playing Tuesday and Wednesday. Smith already planned to stay in Atlanta, then was convinced to do so after learning his father, Pete Smith, was suffering from the flu. Josh Smith said he was surprised not to see his father in the customary courtside seat where Pete Smith always watched Hawks games involving his son when the Pistons lost Wednesday in Atlanta. "I consider him my best friend, and so it does bother me," Josh Smith said. "When that came about and I didn't see him in the stands, it really was a shock to me. I wanted to be able to make sure I took care of that. That was my main priority, moreso than anything else." Booth Newspapers

Smith said he learned about 12:30 a.m. Thursday that Cheeks had scheduled an 11 a.m. practice. But by then, Smith had skipped the team charter flight. "Generally, 99.9 percent of the time, on back-to-backs, you have a day off," Smith said. "And considering that I was at home and my father was dealing with a real serious illness, I thought it was self-explanatory. But I should have made better communication on my part, as far as letting these guys know that I was going to stay over. "I apologized to Joe Dumars and Mo Cheeks the following day. It's a situation that's very minor and I really want to move past it, because it's a situation where I thought it was a day off." Booth Newspapers

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