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“The characters talk boldly about sex, but their actions are often shy and unsatisfying. The contrast of the generation that’s been taught that pretty much anything goes sexually trying to act cool while struggling with their vulnerabilities is generally fresh and original and insightful about this generation.” That’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the Hall of Fame basketball player, reviewing the HBO series “Girls” for The Huffington Post. He doesn’t love the show, but he does appreciate it. His review has a number of interesting observations about the show, and some laughs as well. Perhaps this is not surprising from a guy who was so funny in the 1980 movie “Airplane!” (scene below): New York Times

January 17, 2013 Updates

While these guys have put up so many points after starting so young, it remains to be seen whether either could break the NBA record of 38,387 put up by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from 1969-89. Bryant, who is 34 and has 30,619 career points, obviously could get there well before James. But he won't if he sticks with what he has speculated and retires when his contract expires at the end of next season. "I think Kobe will keep playing until he can't because he's so competitive," said Denver guard Andre Miller, a 14-year veteran who doesn't buy that Bryant will hang it up at age 35. Even if he keeps playing, Miller isn't so sure Bryant will break Abdul-Jabbar's record. But Nuggets coach George Karl believes it will happen. "I would think Kobe could do it," Karl said of Bryant, who will face James on Thursday night at the Staples Center. "He can do that in 3 ½ years." FOXSports Florida

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As Howard touched on a couple other Kareem questions, you couldn't help but notice Abdul-Jabbar's No. 33 jersey hanging up on the wall at the Lakers' practice facility behind him. On their summer meeting: "We haven’t had a chance to really sit down and talk since then. He understands that with the season and everything is going on it’s best to kind of like just wait until we have some more sitdowns." Sulia

On Kareem's support of him: "It’s mean a lot. I just recall sitting down and talking to him and him telling me, ‘All the hard work you put in in the last eight years is going to pay off and just remain the same way. Don’t change for anybody.’" On their heights: "He was 7-5. I’m only 6-9, 6-10 on a good day. Maybe. I try to do a skyhook, but those 7-footers are right there." On Kareem's advice to him: "Just have fun. He liked that I’m out there smiling and I bring a joy to the game." Sulia

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Three weeks later Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stopped by the suite at L’Ermitage and formally welcomed Howard into the pantheon of Lakers centers. Abdul-Jabbar showed Howard a championship ring and gave him a jersey. “He told me I had athleticism like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell,” Howard says. “He said, ‘You’ve put in a lot of work for the last eight years, you’ve sowed your seeds, and now it’s time to reap the benefits.’ ” When Abdul-Jabbar left, Howard wept, and not simply because he’d gained the acceptance he always sought. “With everything I was going through, all the pain,” Howard says, “I was just so happy someone understood how hard I had worked.” SI.com

October 4, 2012 Updates

One night after being immortalized with a statue outside Staples Center, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be made fun of in a hotel ballroom. Voluntarily, of course. Hosted by comedian George Lopez, the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Celebrity Roast will take place Nov. 17 at a downtown Los Angeles hotel, featuring appearances by many of Abdul-Jabbar's former teammates with the Showtime Lakers, including Magic Johnson. The event also marks the beginning of the "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Experience," a multi-city tour featuring memorabilia from throughout his life and career. ESPN.com

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In one of the universe's fairest temporal deals, we are typically given about two months between the start of the new fall television season and the beginning of the new NBA regular season to decide which new TV shows we'll make sure to make time for once we get back to 12-game evening slates that don't end until Kobe Bryant takes a contested fadeaway jumper with the clock reading triple-zero on the West Coast. One new NBC offering vying for our eyeballs, "Guys with Kids," premiered Wednesday night with a series opener that aimed to ensnare male and female viewers alike by mining the rich comedic vein that is three chill bros (played James Swimfan, Teddy from "Hang Time" and the dude from The Whitest Kids U Know) being entrusted with caring for babies. They were aided in their endeavor by NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whom they really want to slam-dunk their babies, albeit oddly in a setting that does not appear to be a Buffalo Wild Wings. Yahoo! Sports

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It’s a famous little bit of Lakers lore, how after a few years of working with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Andrew Bynum said he had learned all he needed to from arguably the greatest center to ever play the game and moved on from that relationship. Dwight Howard is willing to jump in. He tweeted this in a conversation with a Lakers fan when asked if Howard would work with Kareem: @KobeSystem_Fans I am. When I’m released NBCSports.com

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