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October 16, 2013 Updates

But Pierce still has at least one eye out on his old squad and believes the Celtics have a bright future. "They’ve got a lot of good, young talent," Pierce said. "I’ve had a chance to watch them a couple times on TV. Obviously you see their big rookie [Kelly Olynyk]; you see [Jared] Sullinger, he’s taken the next step [and] I think he’s finally healthy; and then when they get Rondo back, this team has a bright future. Jeff Green, I expect him to emerge and really have a good season; Courtney Lee is comfortable out there; Avery [Bradley], it’s time for him to really step up. So they have some nice pieces to build with." They also have three of Brooklyn's future first-round draft picks from the nine-player, three-draft-pick swap that forced Pierce to bid farewell to Boston. ESPN.com

October 4, 2013 Updates

Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk is keeping a diary for Comcast (h/t Celtics Life). In his first entry, we learn the young Canadian who Danny Ainge once called “a 7-foot hippy quarterback” doesn’t have a fork or a shower curtain. “I’m basically starting from scratch out here. I don’t really know anyone, don’t have anything to my name out here, don’t even have a fork! “I had to go and get everything, and I still need more. Sometimes I’ll be in my apartment and go to do something, and I’ll be like, ‘I don’t have a shower curtain! I have to take a bath?’ So I get in my car and drive to the practice facility and take a shower.” WEEI.com

September 20, 2013 Updates

However, Olynyk's offseason workouts have been slowed down some by a plantar fasciitis injury that he said on Thursday is improving. He has been able to spend some time with a few of the Celtics veterans, many of whom are in town with training camp starting October 1. "It's great to meet guys who have been there before," Olynyk said. "You can learn a lot from those guys." CSNNE.com

August 27, 2013 Updates

Asked about the wide-ranging spectrum of expectations -- from Ainge seemingly underselling Olynyk despite moving up three spots to snag him at No. 13 in June's draft, to those who want him in the starting lineup on opening night -- Olynyk smiled again and shook his head. "I just want to help the team any way I can," he said. "Whether it's as an asset on offense or defense, whatever I can do. Just try to bring energy and excitement, and a work ethic every day to help this team get better. That's all you really can do. The pieces will fall where they will, but if you bring the attitude and effort, then good things will happen." ESPN.com

Keeping with the expectations theme, a reporter asked Olynyk whether he got a chance to talk with Kevin McHale at summer league. Olynyk seemed momentarily puzzled as to why he would have been fraternizing with the coach of the Houston Rockets. The reporter explained that, in Boston, a player is invariably compared to those who came before him and the slick post moves Olynyk displayed in Orlando, along with a polished offensive skill set, had triggered some comparisons to McHale, a Hall of Famer who helped bring three NBA titles to Boston. No pressure, kid. Your two most popular summer comparisons have been McHale and childhood idol Dirk Nowitzki. "To be compared to [McHale], man, that's a pretty good comparison, just to be in the same sentence with a guy like that," Olynyk said. "Or Dirk, for that matter. Those are two great names. And any time you're in a sentence, or in the same breath, as one of those guys, you have to feel humbled and honored to even be in that position. I would only hope that my career goes as well as those two." ESPN.com

August 23, 2013 Updates
July 30, 2013 Updates

Celtics rookie 7-footer Kelly Olynyk will not compete for the Canadian national team this summer because of plantar fasciitis, an inflammation in the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. It’s considered a nagging but painful injury. “Nothing too serious, but he just needs to rest and recover,” a source close to the Canadian national team said Monday. Boston Globe

July 29, 2013 Updates
July 13, 2013 Updates

And get this: McHale, who is now entrusted with getting inside Dwight Howard’s head (best of luck, Kev), thinks Olynyk’s game will improve concurrently with the level of competition. “Watching him at Gonzaga, I always liked him. But I always though, geez, is he athletic enough?” McHale said. “You always had questions. “But watching him here, his ability with more spacing on the floor and how the NBA game is played is magnified. His intelligence actually shows more here than it did in college. “The NBA game is spaced better, and he’s going to be able to play his game better in that kind of situation. I just like him.” Boston Herald

July 7, 2013 Updates

With the usual all-capitals disclaimer that -- IT'S ONLY SUMMER LEAGUE! -- Olynyk showcased a suitcase full of slick offensive moves and impressive NBA range while accounting for nearly a third of Boston's total field goals. A jumper two minutes in, followed quickly by a 3-pointer, got him off on the right foot. Olynyk had 17 points on 7-of-8 shooting before the intermission. "Some shots fell early, which makes it easy for a player," said Olynyk. "Some teammates put me in a really good position to succeed, so I’ve got to thank them." ESPN.com

"I think Kelly is very, very skilled," said Larranaga. "He can shoot, he can pass, he can dribble. He plays defensively, he talks. Maybe one of his biggest strengths is well how he talks the game and stays connected to his teammate. He’s got to not foul so much and he’s got to shoot when he’s open. He had some shots that he turned down; he’s such an unselfish player. We need to keep encouraging him to shoot when he’s open." ESPN.com

July 1, 2013 Updates

Danny Ainge said he believes Olynyk, who will wear No. 41, will play more power forward than center in the NBA. “We think he can be a 260-pound, 7-foot guy and be a great, well-conditioned player that can play some center as well, especially as small as the league has gotten, Ainge said, “and to have a guy that can play the (power forward) and (center) and step outside and shoot the 3-ball and make passes from the perimeter and a great complimentary player. “I don’t see Kelly as a go-to guy in the NBA, but a guy that compliments the rest of the guys on the team and makes them all better.” Iverson, who will wear No. 37, is a 7-foot, 255-pound center who transferred to play at Colorado State last season. He sat out 2011-12 after leaving the University of Minnesota after three seasons. Iverson, who is 24, averaged 14.2 points and 9.8 rebounds last season. Boston Globe

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