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This season, Kemba Walker is leading his Charlotte Bobcats in PE colorway of the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn. Here's a detailed look at one of the shoes he's lacing up for home games, white-based with capri and orange accents throughout. Each tongue is adorned by Kemba's 'KW' logo. For the first time, an Anatomix Spawn PE will be hitting retail. Look for this Kemba pair at the following Foot Locker locations for $120: Sole Collector

December 8, 2013 Updates

Walker himself admits that he’s enjoyed the opportunity to imitate an undersized two-time MVP like Nash. The similarities Clifford is mentioning here are in no way accidental. “Me and Steve Nash are two completely different players, but it’s a lot of small things [Coach Clifford] has shown me,” Walker said. “He’s not telling me to be exactly like [Nash], but there are a lot of small things I can do to better my game and make things simpler for me and my teammates. It’s been helping me a lot this year.” HoopsWorld

One thing that hasn’t necessarily helped Walker over the course of his young career has been a ton of turnover at head coach. So far, he hasn’t played for the same man two years in a row, but that’s something he sees changing with this most recent hire. “It’s been pretty tough, going into every year playing for a different coach, having to learn a whole new system over and over again,” he said. “This year it’s the same, having to start from scratch with this coaching staff. This year has been great; I think this guy is definitely the one who is going to stick around this organization. I’m excited to have him.” HoopsWorld

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So while Clifford was getting adjusted in his move from an assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers to the new coach of the Bobcats, Walker was busy playing detective. "If I've learned anything the past two years," Walker said, "it's that things can change, with a quickness, and not always for the better. We went from Coach [Paul] Silas to [Mike] Dunlap and this third time ... well, you want it to be the charm. So yeah, I absolutely did my homework on Coach Clifford. I talked to guys around the league that I knew he worked with and it was all good. All good. I just wanted to make sure. I understood what it is he'll expect from me as his point guard and what guys who have played for him before think of him and know of him, because if we're going to turn a corner and become the team we want to be, we've got to have a coach that's ready to take us to that next level." NBA.com

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Players were asked in their exit interviews last week for a review of Dunlap’s coaching style. It’s unclear how much that factored in the decision to let him go. In a post-season interview with the Observer Friday, Dunlap said he had evolved as a coach this season. He noted that he had backed off on managing every aspect of games from the sideline and had shortened practices. “Whether it’s Kemba Walker or Brendan Haywood, they appreciate what you don’t say when the game is being played,’’ Dunlap said. “In college you can literally yell across the floor and direct traffic with a player and it’s perfectly acceptable. Here the pro player can’t stand that.’’ Charlotte Observer

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Before his team got taken apart by the Spurs on Wednesday, Charlotte coach Mike Dunlap revealed that he uses tape of two players to help mold budding Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker. One of them is the Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul, a perennial candidate for NBA Most Valuable Player who is widely regarded as the top lead guard on the planet. The other is Tony Parker. “We really feel, mentally and physically, the way those two lead their teams is very special,” Dunlap said. “Different, but they get the same results.” Dunlap isn’t the only NBA coach to use the Spurs’ five-time All-Star as a blueprint for what it means to be a professional point guard. San Antonio Express-News

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