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CSN: You've now played games for three teams in three seasons. Though the 2014-15 campaign just tipped off, how do you evaluate this opportunity so far? Kendall Marshall: For one, I didn't have a choice (being) on waivers. But I think it all worked out for the best. I got to come to a situation with a lot of hungry guys. We feel like we have something special we can build here. Great coach, who's not just coaching us, but teaching us a lot about the game, which I think is great for a lot of us. It's turning out to be a great situation so far. CSNWashington.com

CSN: Hold any grudges over the release? Marshall: Not really. With the timing -- I want to say it was three or four days before the season started, rosters are usually set by then. You can't really hold to many grudges about a team making the decisions they made and having their team set in the direction they're trying to go into. It's more about the previous situation you're upset with about how that went down. CSNWashington.com

CSN: Though Kobe Bryant sat out most of your one season with the Lakers due to injuries, what is your impression of him in light of a recent article stating he's destroying the franchise? Marshall: It's hard to say. He wasn't around a whole lot. He was mostly still trying to rehab. The organization is going through an adjustment, the same thing every team goes through (at some point). It's just that when you're the Lakers, it's going to be broadcasted a lot more. I don't think that they're going through (anything different than) when maybe your star is maybe on his way out the door or getting older (and) you have to find that new wave of talent. CSNWashington.com

October 28, 2014 Updates

Despite holding the flexibility to wait until January for a decision, the Milwaukee Bucks have guaranteed the contract of point guard Kendall Marshall for the 2014-15 season, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Marshall had a non-guaranteed contract, but is assured now to make his full $915,000 for the season. Marshall made a strong impression in training camp and earned the Bucks’ backup point guard spot. The Bucks acquired Marshall on a waiver claim in July after being released by the Los Angeles Lakers. Yahoo! Sports

July 23, 2014 Updates

They could get a steal at a veteran's minimum salary (around $915,000) if Marshall can continue his upward trend. "He got a great opportunity with the Lakers and made the most of that," Bucks general manager John Hammond said. "When he describes himself as a pass-first guard, that's close to an understatement. "He has tremendous vision, similar to the coach he's playing for. He can throw over the top to bigs, he can throw ahead in transition and he also can penetrate and break down a defense." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

July 20, 2014 Updates

Point guard Kendall Marshall has been awarded to the Bucks on a waiver claim and will add to the team's backcourt depth. The Bucks claimed the 22-year-old Marshall after he was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday. The former North Carolina guard averaged 8.0 points and 8.8 assists in 54 games with the Lakers last season, including 45 starts. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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The Lakers will likely exercise their team option on Marshall despite his weaknesses. It helps that Marshall’s non-guaranteed contract will cost a $915,242, far from the NBA’s average salary of $5.5 million. Los Angeles Daily News

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