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The Suns turn the draft intrigue a different direction today by bringing in the top four collegiate point guard prospects for a workout at US Airways Center. The Suns’ workout will feature the point guard quartet of Michigan’s Trey Burke, Lehigh’s C.J. McCollum (a combo guard), Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams and Miami’s Shane Larkin. Suns general manager Ryan McDonough is taking a best-player-available approach to the draft and a 25-win team needs that, even if their best performer (Goran Dragic) and last year’s lottery pick (Kendall Marshall) are already point guards on the roster. Arizona Republic

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When the news broke that Gentry was out in Phoenix, I shared my admiration for Gentry and noted how he seemed to be the fall-guy in what was a complicated and dysfunctional situation. Before long, I was being called "salty" by someone who would turn out to be the father of rookie point guard Kendall Marshall. A back-and-forth ensued, but the eventual revelation was that Kendall Marshall was a big fan of Hunter's and there was some hope that his promotion would improve his situation. Marshall, who was taken 13th overall out of North Carolina, played in just 11 games under Gentry and played more than seven minutes in a game just once. "Lindsey has had confidence in Kendall," Dennis Marshall said via direct message. "He worked him out every day, sometimes twice a day. They seem to get along well." USA Today Sports

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According to HoopData, Gortat was assisted on 78.6 percent of his buckets in 2010-11 with the Suns and 79.6 percent last year, making some wonder whether he can repeat his superb 15.4 ppg season on 55.5 percent shooting with Nash no longer around to set him up. “Basically, I am going to try and prove that I can play without him,” Gortat said. “There was a lot of talk in the offseason about how I’m going to play and how I’m going to handle the whole situation without him. “I believe I’m an experienced player already. I’ve been in the league a few years by now, and I have other point guards. I have Goran Dragic and Kendall Marshall. I have great passers. I’m quite sure I’ll be fine.” Valley of the Suns

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Jared Dudley donated $5,000 to Phoenix Children's hospital on Thursday, and passed out donation "bears" to kids with PJ Tucker, Kendall Marshall and Markieff Morris. I myself became a "monthly miracle maker" for the second time - a minimal $20/month for a year. It's nothing to me, and so much more to those kids. Bright Side of the Sun

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You were slated to be the starting point guard before the Suns signed Goran Dragic. Was that disappointing, or was it somewhat mitigating by playing in a system that fits your game? Kendall Marshall: That’s what I’m most excited about, the uptempo offense. I feel like getting up and down with the pieces we have on our team, we can really play to our strength. As far as playing time goes, starting or coming off the bench, that’s all up to the coach. He’s going to do what’s best for the team. Dime

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The program offers help in furthering education for life after basketball. In the meantime, it tries to prepare players for the newfound scrutiny they will receive in every facet of life. That includes showing them photos related to sexually transmitted diseases and candid discussions about relationships with women. "The female species are a lot smarter than us, so we have to realize maybe it's not always that we're the best-looking guy they've ever seen," Marshall said. "Maybe there is some incentive behind it. At the same time, there are great cases where guys have happy marriages. They've shown us both cases. We just have to be smart (and realize) that people don't always have our best interests in mind." USA Today

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But don't take his word for it. Listen to the players themselves, who told their own version of events on Twitter after Gaskins spoke. Young Sun Kendall Marshall said "I'm turnin my playa card in." Blazer top pick Damian Lillard declared: "This man @TonyGaskins is too real. Y'all need to get up on him. He just changed my life. #realrap" Harrison Barnes, Darius Johnson-Odom, Draymond Green, Jared Sullinger, Andre Drummond and Quincy Acy all tweeted similarly. ESPN.com

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Kendall Marshall: I was wonderin why my mentions was boomin lol. happy to officially be a Phoenix Sun! Twitter

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