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There will be some interesting decisions this summer in terms of veteran contracts and the amnesty clause. One of those players could be Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins, who is scheduled to earn $17.5 million over the next two years and be the team’s fourth-highest-paid player. Perkins has been a visible leader for the Thunder, but the cost-conscious club may seek a more productive center in the free agent market for a lower price. The Celtics did not sign Perkins to a four-year, $30 million extension because they were wary about the health of his knees. While the Thunder have been pleased with Perkins’s production, they just extended Serge Ibaka, and Nick Collison, because of his front-loaded contract, is due $4.7 million over the next two seasons. Boston Globe

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Few know better than Perkins the road that lies ahead for Rondo, who is out for the season with a torn right ACL injury - the same injury that Perkins' suffered during the 2010 NBA Finals. "My biggest thing with him," Perkins told CSNNE.com, "I'm not worried about whether he'll put the work in to get back on the court. I just don't want him to have a mental breakdown." As Perkins recalls, overcoming the mental hurdles of such a devastating injury is far tougher than the physical regimen needed to recover. He remembers a number of days during his rehabilitation process where he felt like giving in to self-doubt. "It gets to that point, if you don't have somebody in your ear, to encourage you. That's real talk," Perkins said. CSNNE.com

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Westbrook, in fact, has a face that was made to smile. With his high cheekbones and wide mouth, attributes that lend themselves to brilliant grins, Westbrook has the right facial chops to be the life of a party. And, according to friends, he often is just that. “He’s a dancing machine,” says Perkins, before sarcastically calling Russell a diva. “He’s just a guy who likes to dance all the time.” SLAM

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Clippers forward Matt Barnes launched (and made) a three-pointer from the corner, which pulled the Clippers to down three as the Thunder's big lead melted away. Griffin got position on Ibaka, who dropped his hand into the front of Griffin's shorts to drop the All-Star. "I didn't see it to where it was like that flagrant. (Griffin) took (Ibaka's) arm and knocked him down. The dude (is) known for flopping anyway, so that's what it is," Thunder's Kendrick Perkins told USA TODAY Sports' Sam Amick after the game. "I was (angry). The (Clippers') reaction after that was kind of like Serge Ibaka against Blake Griffin. USA Today Sports

"He ain't going to get the benefit of (the doubt) or what's really happening down there. You ain't seeing all the stuff that other people are doing. Serge ends up getting the bad end of the stick. I didn't like the whole thing — period. I thought it should've been a double foul." USA Today Sports

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Royce Young: Per @Darnell Mayberry, Perk's out tonight with a sprained knee from practice. You may now read into that with the deadline being tomorrow. Twitter @dailythunder

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