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October 8, 2014 Updates

“I’m ecstatic to be signing this deal. Words really can’t express it, I’m just all smiles right now,” said Faried. “I want to thank God for this opportunity and I’m excited to be a Nugget for the rest of my career.” NBA.com

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October 3, 2014 Updates

Back to basketball. You’re coming up on a big year, and your agent is negotiating an extension right now. You had mentioned trade rumors sort of getting in your head towards the end of last season. Are you hoping the extension gets signed before the deadline (Oct. 31) so it’s not hanging over you head when the season begins? Kenneth Faried: Yeah. Yeah, I do. An extension is just, we get it to the point where both sides agree, and I can just sign — And go ahead and do my thing. Do what I’m wanted, or basically what I have been [doing]. But it’s tough, you know. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. And I’m gonna try my best not to let it just effect me, like it did last year with the whole trade talk. It’s tough when you’re a player and you don’t know where, or who wants to lock you down. And if the team that drafted you doesn’t really want you, it seems like it’s a waste of time even wanting to play for that team. Dime

Like if you say anything when someone says you shouldn’t be on the team, or you won’t make the team, or you tweet something — though Iverson wasn’t really around for that — you become the bad guy. Kenneth Faried: Yeah, they’re just all-around jerks. Man, like I said to the people [who said he wasn't going to make the team], they were disrespectful. That’s cool ’cause everybody was wrong. Whoever doubted me or continues to doubt me, I’m just gonna prove you wrong. You can say stuff and think it’s OK, but I’ll just show you and work hard and do the things I’ve been doing. Then, see what you have to say about it after [I've] proved you wrong. You say I couldn’t do this. Now look at me. Like I still get scrutiny about USA even though I did so well and good, people still say…’oh, if KD was there, you wouldn’t even be doing nothing. If Blake [Giffin] was there and Kevin Love and all them was there, you wouldn’t even be on the team.’ I respect that. I probably wouldn’t have gotten picked, but that didn’t happen and I was on the team. And I played very well. Why can’t you just be happy for that? USA still won. Boom. I don’t understand it. Dime

September 30, 2014 Updates

The Nuggets and Kenneth Faried's representatives are in negotiations for a new deal, and have been for the last couple of months. Under NBA rules, they have until Oct. 31 to have a new deal signed, and I think that will definitely happen. There have been some who have predicted Faried would get a max deal, but given the comparables at his position, power forward, and the fact that he's still got his best basketball ahead of him, there's no way this contract will be a max deal. But it will be a significant jump in salary. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see it end up around an average of $12 million per year. Denver Post

September 17, 2014 Updates

Faried is a high IQ player who knows his calling card offensively and is very efficient in producing in those areas – away-from-ball cuts, post situations, and transition. In cutting situations, Faried is converting at 1.315 points per possession, ranking him near the top of the league. And most of those cuts are finished with the thunder he brings to the game. Sure, two points are two points, unless they continuously lead to momentum runs that break the game open. Faried also thrives in the open court in transition situations. 6-foot-8, 230 pounds of Manimal coming at you full steam with reckless abandon to rip the rim off. Yeah, tell me you would step in the way of that. In transition, Faried is converting at a field goal percentage of 67.8 percent and is getting to the line an astounding 24 percent of the time. The area of Faried’s offensive development that I have been most impressed with is his low-post scoring ability. His development in the post is a strong indicator on why I believe he will be able to develop his mid-range/wing game. Last season, 19.2 percent of Faried’s offensive touches were in post-up situations, where he ranked in the top 77 percent of the league. HoopsHype

Compare that to the 2012-2013 season, where he rarely felt comfortable in the post (only 5 percent of his offensive scoring opportunities) and for good reason (converting at only 0.565 points per possession). Think about that for a minute; going from treating the post like the Bubonic Plague to being comfortable and highly effective in the same spot in only a year’s time. That’s like going from not knowing how to play the piano to being Beethoven’s understudy in 12 months. He is extremely effective on the right block turning over his left shoulder (ranks in the top 87 percent of the league), which is usual for a right-handed player. But what stands out most is the rate at which he develops and how quickly and efficiently he learns. Faried already ranks in the Top 30 in player efficiency at 19.9, placing him ahead of other global stars such as Tony Parker and Serge Ibaka. HoopsHype

September 15, 2014 Updates

All the questions about their talent, the doubts about their ability, were put down as easily as their opponents. “It kind of was, again, a smack to our face, saying the U.S. was sending the B-team to go play in the World Cup,” forward Kenneth Faried said. “Just because LeBron’s not here, Kobe’s not here, (Kevin) Durant’s not here, doesn’t mean anything. We can step up and win the gold, too. That’s what we did tonight.” Detroit News

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September 12, 2014 Updates

Q: A lot of people are wondering how your success with the national team this summer will impact your contract talks with the Nuggets. How do you see it? Kenneth Faried: I'm starting to gain respect. People are starting to respect me more. And I'm excited about that. But I'm more focused right now on just trying to get the gold. I want to win that gold medal so I can hang it with the rest of the accolades I've gotten that people thought I couldn't get. My mom will be estatic about that and my dad will, too. ESPN.com

Q: How can you really resist thinking about the contract stuff? Kenneth Faried: I'm not worried about [the Oct. 31 deadline for a contract extension] right now. After this is over with, then I'll focus on what's going on outside of just stepping on the court and money-wise and things like that. [But] I do feel as though I've opened eyes and peole are starting to show respect now. So that's a great honor to have and recognize who you are. ESPN.com

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