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April 6, 2015 Updates

There was a running “discussion” over the past few months about whether or not this year’s stacked Kentucky team could beat an NBA team. It was a silly discussion, because every NBA team would destroy this team, but whatever. It was silly and most fans of college and pro hoops knew it was silly. Pistons guard Brandon Jennings was not pleased, however, and he didn’t care if it was silly. For The Win

April 3, 2015 Updates

Would Kentucky beat an average Euroleague club? Keith Langford: "Sure, they could. I say that for a couple reasons. One being that the average Euroleague teams oftentimes will lose a good number of games in their own domestic leagues where the competition isn't as good as the Euroleague. UK is as good or better than a good amount of those mid-level teams. Secondly, from a size standpoint they match up well with average Euroleague clubs. The only thing they would have trouble with is the experience factor. You saw how they struggled against Notre Dame's juniors/seniors. Grown men playing for five-plus years could be difficult. But they can definitely win a game and compete." HoopsHype

Matt Walsh: "No question they have rare, extraordinary talent, but no chance they would beat a Euroleague team. Euroleague teams are made up of grown men. I don't think the average fan realizes the difference between pros and collegiate players. Kentucky is physically dominant against other college players, but they wouldn't be able to physically overmatch the highest level European pros. At the end of the day, they are still 18, 19, 20 year old kids who would be playing against pros with years of experience." HoopsHype

March 18, 2015 Updates
March 16, 2015 Updates
November 24, 2014 Updates

Before long players may refuse to go the 76ers as they’re becoming the butt of jokes even among players. Last week, Eric Bledsoe started a debate when he said Kentucky would defeat the 76ers. Someone checked with Las Vegas oddmakers, who ventured the 76ers would be 11-point favorites. But that’s what happens when your plan is as egregious as the 76ers’ You get your players labeled losers and jokes, and those reputations become difficult to shed. I’ve heard GMs say they can’t afford to take 76ers players now the way they’re being tainted with defeat. NBA.com

November 21, 2014 Updates
November 20, 2014 Updates
September 28, 2014 Updates

Meanwhile, representatives from Northern Kentucky University had been in Frankfort trying to secure state funding for a new arena for the school and the region as a whole. That's when Furman caught wind of the arena plans, and began banging the drum about a team in Northern Kentucky. The arena could have been either 10,000 seats to accommodate the school, or 19,000 seats for both the school and a professional basketball team. “Andy, on his sports talk show, started to muse his opinion that the Coliseum wasn't the right fit for an NBA team, but if Northern Kentucky got this supposed arena funded then maybe an NBA team could play in the new arena in Northern Kentucky,” said Rick Meyers, former Vice President of Communications for NKU. “It started the impetus, I really believe, to get the Bank of Kentucky Center built,” Furman said. River City News

Now twenty-five years later, Furman says he is still working on getting the NBA to the Bluegrass State but with a group of organizers in Louisville instead. The group hopes to bring a team there which has the NBA-ready KFC Yum! Center that seats over 22,000. “The NBA TV contract runs out 2015-16, and it looks like the NBA is going to expand to two more teams. They're talking about Seattle and one other team and I figure that other team may be Louisville,” Furman said. River City News

March 19, 2014 Updates
March 29, 2012 Updates

So the Wildcats could beat an NBA team, but it’s not especially likely, even in a simulation that generally makes favorable assumptions. I didn’t penalize Kentucky at all for depth, which is the biggest obstacle to this entire question. Calipari can use a seven-man rotation with occasional contributions from Eloy Vargas over 40-minute college games without any real injuries. (Terrence Jones, with two, is the only ‘Cat regular to miss a game.) Doing the same over 66 games and 48 minutes a night is a different issue, and Kentucky doesn’t have another player outside the top eight who has seen more than 44 minutes of action all season. By contrast, even deep Charlotte reserve Cory Higgins, a rookie who might be the worst player in the NBA this year, averaged 32.2 minutes per game for a good Colorado team as a senior. Basketball Prospectus

July 29, 2011 Updates

Kentucky coach John Calipari tweeted on Thursday night that three NBA point guards who played for Kentucky will head back to Lexington if the lockout continues. "John Wall, Rajon Rondo & Eric Bledsoe all plan to enroll in the fall if the lockout continues," Calipari tweeted. "Kaboom!" CBSSports.com

With the NBA currently in a labor dispute, players are barred from working out at their team's facility. John Calipari has said that he would like to see ex-Kentucky players return to Lexington to work out and stay in shape during the off-season and in to the fall and winter, if the NBA fails to find a resolution. Prince believe that will happen. "Whether it's mid to late August or early September, I think some guys will start to roll in," he said. LEX18.com

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