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May 20, 2015 Updates

On Tuesday afternoon, during a conference call after the draft lottery, Presti was asked about Durant’s continued rehab. He said Durant is not yet working on the court, but the hope is he will be by the end of the summer. “Doing well. Progressing. There’s certain benchmarks within the season and offseason. We’re not at a weight-bearing stage, but we’re definitely moving in the right direction and excited about him being back on the floor toward the end of the summer.” Oklahoman

May 19, 2015 Updates
May 18, 2015 Updates

The thinking goes something like this: If OKC is genuinely worried Durant will leave in 2016, they have to look to get something in return for him this year. Blake Griffin is from Oklahoma City. The Clippers keep topping out in the second round and might be willing to shake things up. It's a nice theory. Juicy, too. But neither team has ever seriously discussed it. And Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has made it clear to the entire organization that he wants Griffin to be a part of the franchise for his entire career. ESPN.com

May 13, 2015 Updates

It appears that Kevin Durant is good at more than basketball: He also has an eye for hot real estate properties, Yahoo Homes reports. Durant's Miami penthouse recently sold for $3.15 million, almost double what he paid for it just four years ago. Oklahoman

For team leaders like Kevin Durant, last season showed just how precious and delicate each year is and gives perspective heading into a summer full of work, rehab and rest. “I’m just trying to look forward and stay positive with it all and help my guys out,” Durant said. “It should be a fun summer” “I always try to look at the positive things in situations,” Durant said. “I always say it – every day I always tell myself – 'you’re going to look back on this and smile and laugh at it.” “It is always good to be busy,” Ibaka explained. “Right now we have no choice, so we have to accept it and take this summer like an opportunity to learn and work hard.'” NBA.com

May 11, 2015 Updates
May 6, 2015 Updates

Q: There was a report that management consulted with Kevin Durant on the hiring of coach Donovan but not with Russell Westbrook and Westbrook is now upset with the organization because of it. Is there any truth to that report, and have you spoken to Westbrook since Donovan was hired to get a sense of what he's feeling? Sam Presti: As I have stated before, I do not feel it is in the best interest of the guys, or team collectively, if we were to poll our players in regards to specific personnel or staff decisions. However, we have spent a significant amount of time over the last seven-plus seasons discussing, observing and defining our culture with our players, which we feel is important given their role in building the identity for the Thunder. One aspect of this recent process was to have specific conversations with several core members of the program, including Kevin and Russell, regarding important qualities that should be considered in looking for our next head coach. Fortunately, our continuity and communication over the years in combination with our more recent discussions gave us an understanding that there is an alignment with regards to the qualities that we felt were important to our progression and evolution. Multiple people within the organization have been in contact with Russ and he will be in town later this week to meet with the staff. Oklahoman

May 1, 2015 Updates

The Warriors already have two Splash Brothers, but is there room for three? According to Mychal Thompson of ESPN LA 710, the Warriors will reportedly pursue Durant hard in free agency in 2016 (9:55): “I also heard it on good authority from a team that plays in the Bay Area that they’re going to go hard after Kevin Durant.” WarriorsWorld.net

"I met him one time out in Vegas. He was there for USA Basketball," Durant said. "And I've heard good things about him. I'm sure we'll click pretty quickly. But I don't have a relationship with him. I don't know him. He didn't recruit me at Florida, so I don't really know him too well. I'm just going off of what guys that played for him said. And I'm looking forward to meeting him and getting a feel for him myself." ESPN.com

"I reached out to Chandler Parsons and Mike Miller, and they just told me great things," Durant said. "Mike told me that he's real detailed and prepared. Every day is just another day for him to get better. And he's always looking to learn. I was excited when I heard that because that's the type of player I am, and I'm looking forward to learning from somebody else. It should be a good relationship. Like I said, I want to get a feel for him myself and for him to get a feel for me and just work from there." ESPN.com

Connecticut's Kevin Ollie had negotiated too enormous of a buyout into his contract – $5 million – and that was a non-starter for the Thunder. Ollie had a unique history and connection with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, but Donovan has a longer, sturdier coaching pedigree. Yahoo! Sports

April 30, 2015 Updates

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