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January 28, 2015 Updates

The anger with which Durant has punished the rim hasn’t necessarily manifested itself off the court, where the reigning most valuable player has maintained a measured calm and displayed no panic nor worry through a season that has been more difficult than expected for the Oklahoma City Thunder. “It’s just different. First time being injured and all the injuries that happened to us. That’s about it,” Durant said, when asked if this season has been more of a grind than others. “We’re back playing now. That’s over with, we’re trying to move forward now.” Washington Post

Attempts to acquire Brook Lopez from Brooklyn fell apart but also raised doubt about the Thunder’s ability to reach the playoffs, much less win the West, as it is currently assembled. Durant doesn’t appear to have those concerns. When asked recently if he felt the Hawks were the league’s best team, Durant responded, “I ain’t going to go that far. They’re a good team. I like our team. “We’re just behind on everything, from training camp, all the way up to the season, so even though we’re 40-something games in, I feel that we’re still trying to figure stuff out and grow,” Durant said. “Because it feels like we’re in the beginning of the season with everybody coming back, but I like the progress. I like the groove we’re in.” Washington Post

January 27, 2015 Updates

Anthony Slater: Kevin Durant (sprained toe) remains day-to-day with possibility he can play against Knicks tomorrow. Word from the team is Kevin Durant will see how the toe feels tomorrow (shootaround, pregame) before determining status. Twitter @anthonyVslater

Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt have signed endorsement deals with American Family Insurance, the company said Tuesday. Durant, the NBA's most valuable player last season, is the first NBA player American Family has signed. American Family is one of the nation's largest insurers. NBA.com

January 26, 2015 Updates

Still, given Oklahoma's state tax rate of 5.5 percent, if Durant established permanent residence in a non-income tax state like Florida, and played for the Wizards, he could potentially save more than $700,000 a year in taxes -- or more than $2.8 million on a four-year deal. "He's still paying Oklahoma tax on games in Oklahoma City," Packard said. NBA.com

"The player certainly wouldn't want to buy a house in D.C., because they'd be paying some of the highest tax rates," said Sean Packard, the tax director for Octagon Financial Services Wealth, the financial arm of the sports agency that represents NBA players like Stephen Curry, Wesley Matthews, David West and Giannis Antetokounmpo. NBA.com

January 24, 2015 Updates
January 23, 2015 Updates

Reigning league MVP Kevin Durant says a drastic drop-off in fan votes that cost him a starting spot in next month's NBA All-Star Game won't serve as any extra motivation as he tries to lead Oklahoma City back into the playoff picture. "I don't need the All-Star vote to validate me as a player," Durant said Friday when asked about the perceived snub. "I'm always motivated. This is my eighth year in the league. I've been on All-Star teams before. I've done things in this league. I don't need that to validate me." ESPN.com

How alike and different are Kevin and Russell? Scott Brooks: They're both so competitive. Russell shows his competitiveness in a physical presence way. He wants you to know that he's coming at you and he doesn't like you and he doesn't care about what you think, where Kevin's competitiveness comes from, "Watch me. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do, but I'm going to be better than you." It's really a unique combination and they do a great job of really complementing each other. Early on in their careers, and I still do it occasionally, I put them on different teams in practice to see who can rally their teammates to beat the other guy. And they get after it. It makes the scrimmages much more intense. Bleacher Report

January 22, 2015 Updates
January 21, 2015 Updates

With the Oklahoma City Thunder in Washington, D.C., to play the Wizards, his future free agency in 2016 and the possibility of returning to his hometown were inevitably going to be brought up. "I've never thought about it, to be honest," Durant said of playing for the Wizards. "I mean, I hear it in the summertime. I heard it for the first time this summer. That's when it started heating up. I love playing for Oklahoma City, man. There's just a certain level of pride that I have when I play with that Oklahoma City on my chest. ESPN.com

"So that's the only thing I'm focused on. Everybody knows that I represent where I come from that no matter where I play at, no matter what arena. But I'm just focused on playing with Oklahoma City. It feels like home now. That's where I am." ESPN.com

A couple weeks after Adkins was hired, Durant was asked about his former coach’s promotion from the Maryland women’s basketball team to the NBA while attending Team USA training camp at the end of July. “I worked out with him a few days before,” Durant said. “We talked about it. He was excited that he got the opportunity. I support him. That’s family.” Washington Post

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