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March 31, 2015 Updates

In December of that season while the Celtics were in Chicago to play the Bulls, Hudson received a directive from Garnett. It wasn’t the first time Garnett made a request – as a rookie, Hudson often ran errands for him and other veterans. This one was vague, though. “‘Train, come to the store with me,’” Hudson recalled. “‘Meet me downstairs at this time.’ You can’t be late with KG. I was probably 10 minutes early. He was like, ‘Come on let’s go.’” Basketball Insiders

Hudson left the team hotel with Garnett, not knowing where they were headed. As they walked down the street, Garnett filled the conversation with more words of encouragement. The talk ended as they approached the destination. Hudson gazed upon the building: the Louis Vuitton store. “He told me to pick out whatever I wanted,” said Hudson. “I was like, ‘Are you serious right now?’ He said, ‘You work hard and I respect you. You help me out a lot.’” Basketball Insiders

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March 4, 2015 Updates

Ricky Rubio's first game with Kevin Garnett was not Garnett's return to the Timberwolves at Target Center on Feb. 25. The first time they shared the court came in Los Angeles during the 2011-12, lockout-shortened season. "I was kind of scared, but he was on my team, so that was good," Rubio said. "Sometimes he was on the other team, and I didn't even look at him. I was scared. He was talking trash even in a pickup game." As labor-management issues were being resolved, Rubio and Garnett were in L.A. to stay in shape along with fellow NBA players such as Paul Pierce, Reggie Jackson and others. Garnett's first impression of Rubio was his high intelligence on the court. St. Paul Pioneer Press

March 3, 2015 Updates

Although Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett showered each other with praise before Monday's game between the Clippers and Timberwolves, Austin Rivers wasn't as complimentary late in the fourth quarter, when both players received double technicals for jawing at each other. With 3:23 left in the game and the Clippers leading the Minnesota Timberwolves 102-97, Rivers looked like he intentionally bumped Garnett as he walked back to the Clippers bench. Garnett then elbowed him and pointed at him, and Rivers got in Garnett's face before both were given a technical foul. "I thought Austin should have punched him, personally," Doc Rivers said with a smile after the game. ESPN.com

Kevin Garnett, the Big Ticket, has bought 1,000 tickets to give away to Timberwolves fans for Monday’s home game at Target Center vs. the Los Angeles Clippers as a way to say thanks to fans for their warm welcome upon his return to the team last week. “The response and support I’ve received from Wolves fans since my return to Minnesota has been nothing short of amazing. It’s been unbelievable,” Garnett, acquired in a trade with Brooklyn, said in a statement released Sunday morning by the team. “As a gesture of thanks, I would like to treat some fans to Monday night’s game against the Clippers. Love you all, and thanks for the love. Enjoy the game on me.” Fredericksburg.com

March 2, 2015 Updates

Kevin Garnett bought 1,000 tickets for the Timberwolves' game against the Clippers Monday night. It took fans less than three minutes to claim them. The first 500 to claim tickets got a pair of seats courtesy of the player known as "The Big Ticket," who played his first game back in Minnesota Feb. 25 after a trade with the Brooklyn Nets. "It's a way of showing my appreciation," Garnett said. "I'm always looking to be innovative and try things from an original standpoint. I'm excited to be back here, and I can't thank everybody. In appreciation, I can show some type of gesture, and this is the way I tried to show it." St. Paul Pioneer Press

March 1, 2015 Updates

Minnesota is headed for another draft lottery. But the development of Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammad, and even Anthony Bennett could be enhanced by even a short time playing with Garnett. “I will say it does feel like full circle,” he said. “But coming back I feel like I have not only something to give but I’m experienced. I’ve seen different organizations on how they do things. Hopefully one day in the near future, I don’t know — the next five, 10 years — I’m into management, I’m into ownership, and I want to experience some of those same things if not bring those same things to whatever franchise I’m dealing with. If I was going to waive my no-trade [clause] it was going to be just for this. It wasn’t going to be . . . I know you heard the talks of me and Doc [Rivers] getting back together, I had no added incentives to do that. Boston Globe

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