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April 17, 2014 Updates

Will the Wolves offer Love a new deal this offseason? “We have to wait,” Taylor said. “We could do an extension for two years, but I don’t think it’s something they would be interested in right now and we’re not pushing it, either. We’ll wait until next year, most likely.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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April 13, 2014 Updates

Taylor and David Kahn, then president of basketball operations, decided in January 2012 to offer Love a four-year contract extension rather than the five-year maximum “designated player” deal that Love wanted. To convince him to sign, they offered the option of becoming an unrestricted free agent after three years. Taylor was asked if he now considers that decision a big mistake. He paused before answering. “Let’s wait one more year to answer that question,” Taylor said. “I think it’s a good question to ask at this point because Kevin has played as well as we hoped, and maybe even better. To have him tied up long probably would be better than not, but we still have one more year and we’ll see. My hope is it doesn’t make any difference, that Kevin can get the money one way or another and we’re in position to do that.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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March 31, 2014 Updates

The T-Wolves are a high-scoring team, third in the NBA, with a league-best 11 games when they’ve outscored their opponents by at least 20 points. But a game after they went for 143 against the Lakers, Love didn’t score in the fourth quarter and finished with only 14 points — about half of his usual scoring output. “I might be getting sick or something,’’ he said after scoring all of two points in 16 minutes after halftime. “I just had zero energy in the second half. I had nothing.’’ Hearing what Love said, Paul Pierce, who guarded Minnesota’s power forward most of the game, had the diagnosis. “Pierce-itis,’’ he said, walking out of the locker room. “It’s getting around.’’ New York Daily News

March 29, 2014 Updates

A Los Angeles reporter tried to get Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni to admit his team will have interest in Kevin Love, who is expected to opt out of his contract and become a restricted free agent in July 2015. “I would rephrase that and say everybody wants a guy like that,” D’Antoni said. “When you’re talking about one of the best players in the league, yeah, makes sense.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Even Kevin Love tapped the brakes on all the talk about him coming to the Lakers as a free agent in July 2015. He was born in Santa Monica, played at UCLA, still spends some of his off-season in Los Angeles. But everybody should just calm down, he implied. "You know, my parents lived there and they had me there. It's not my fault," he said. "I don't really care about that right now. I just go out there and play and don't think about it." But, yeah, it is kind of strange to see a Lakers team this sad. "Sure," he said. "It would be like the [San Antonio] Spurs coming out and having a bad year. Stuff like that doesn't happen. I guess it's a little weird." Los Angeles Times

March 28, 2014 Updates

The suggestion is already in circulation that the Lakers will attempt to use their forthcoming high lottery pick in June to assemble the sort of trade package that finally convinces the Wolves to part with Love and end the uncertainty that hangs over this franchise even before the 25-year-old enters the final year of his contract. Yet there is just as much defiance emanating from 'Sota, as we speak, about the Wolves' ability to keep Love in town. ESPN.com

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March 21, 2014 Updates

Until he finally makes the postseason, his stats will always be talked about as empty statistics by naysayers. Those same naysayers are also secretly hoping he decides to sign with their franchise in 2015 when he makes the biggest decision of his career. Does he continue building with the Wolves and finally pull them into the playoffs under his next career progression? Or does he bolt for sunnier winter climates and start fresh? The scary thing for Wolves fans is there aren't a lot of people outside of the organization who believe he'll stick around. The scary thing for the rest of the NBA is that I'm not even sure Kevin Love has stopped improving his game. He's still putting up historic numbers and making them look routine. CBSSports.com

March 16, 2014 Updates

Love played 36 minutes Friday, when Adelman tried to get him and the other starters rest to start the second quarter but brought Love and Pekovic back after five minutes when the Bobcats outscored the Wolves’ second unit 17-8 to start the quarter and assumed control of the game. “It’s something we’re trying to do to be more efficient,” Adelman said about needing to play his starters more and often overmatched bench less. “How much I can do that, we’ll see.” Love said he’s willing, even if there’s an accompanying price. “Anything Coach asks, I’ll go out and play,” Love said. “It’s just something I’ve had to do. I’m just lucky it’s not 48 minutes. If I can get to sub-40, I’ll be feeling a little bit better.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

March 10, 2014 Updates

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