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My experience has consistently been that anger subsides as dollars increase, and I'm told authoritatively that Love holds no long-lasting ill will toward either the Celtics or Olynyk. Boston can offer Love a max deal a second after midnight on July 1, an opportunity to again be the focal point of his team, lead an emerging surrounding cast and play for a terrific young coach. NBA.com

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The Q showed Love on the video board shortly after he took his seat behind the Cavs' bench in the second quarter and fans screamed like crazy. Love smiled and remained seated and the crowd kept on roaring, reaching a deafening din when Love acknowledged them by standing up and waving. It was the unofficial start to the Cavs’ re-recruitment of Love, and it was a good one. While the Los Angeles Lakers made misstep after misstep when faced with a similar situation several years ago to try to keep Dwight Howard -- from erecting “STAY” billboards that came off as pressuring rather than endearing, to having a pitch meeting when Kobe Bryant challenged whether Howard was even worth chasing in the first place -- the best asset that Cleveland has to offer was on display for Love to see on Wednesday: LeBron James. ESPN.com

Love said Olynyk has reached out multiple times and he acknowledged not returning any of his calls. He'll save that conversation for down the road. Right now, he has more important business to tend to. "All I'm focused on is getting healthy right now," he said. Cleveland Plain Dealer

No one's sure, including Love, whether he'll ever wear a Cavaliers uniform again. If he leaves for free agency, that'll be another fascinating occurrence of blame within Cleveland. Love has never felt fully integrated, nor compatible, with the group. James wanted him, and it's incumbent on him to make it work. Someone will get the blame for Love leaving, and rest assured it won't be No. 23. Nevertheless, there's no replacing Love for the Cavaliers. They gave up two No. 1 overall picks to get him, and would have nothing to show for it. Yahoo! Sports

“He’s going to look at free agency, I think he’s going to look at other teams. He can always opt in and go into free agency next summer where there’s even a bigger pool of money. But there’s a legitimate fear within the Cavs that he will just walk.” NBCSports.com

“I think all year long he has looked longingly at free agency and the possibility of what else is out there. What the Cavaliers had really hoped for is that if he had played in the postseason, and had success, and had some big moments, and all of a sudden people start to look at Kevin Love differently — “he had a great Game 6 against the Bulls and got us to the conference finals” — and people started to see him as a winning player and a big moment guy, he hasn’t had those opportunities in the past, maybe he’d feel differently about that role he had there. But none of that is going to happen now, he’s out, and he won’t experience any of that. And the only big decision he’s going to be making is based on a regular season where he hasn’t embraced loved that role like Chris Bosh…. NBCSports.com

Love rejoined the Cavaliers on Wednesday, after he had stayed away from Game 1. Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk and his representatives have continued to deliver word to Love and people close to him that Olynyk wants to privately apologize to him, sources told Yahoo Sports. Olynyk wants to tell Love personally that he never intended to injure him in Game 4 of that series, that he's sorry for the shoulder surgery that'll cost Love six months. Yahoo! Sports

Strangely, Love continues to rebuff Olynyk. He isn't interested in the call, refusing to ease Olynyk's guilt. For now, Love is a spectator to this Cavaliers playoff run, a player who is probably more missed on these Cavaliers now than he had ever been appreciated this season. "It's so unfortunate that [the appreciation] has to come when he goes down," Blatt told Yahoo Sports. "Kevin, in his own way, sacrificed the most this season, but still gave us a high-level performance. And he needs to be appreciated for that. And going forward, hopefully, he's going to have a long career here." Yahoo! Sports

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The Cavaliers canceled a plan to give away 20,000 arm slings to fans to show support for injured starting forward Kevin Love, who is out for the rest of the NBA playoffs. Love underwent surgery last week after his left shoulder was dislocated when his arm was yanked from the socket by Boston center Kelly Olynyk in Cleveland's series-clinching win in the opening round. The Cavs intended to hand out the slings, adorned with a sponsor's name, during their Eastern Conference semifinal series against Chicago but scrapped the idea. NBA.com

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