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December 23, 2014 Updates

His scoring average is down by nearly 10 points a game and his rebounding average off by a couple per night since he left the Wolves, but his winning percentage has nearly doubled. So, too, purportedly has the former fantasy-league superstar’s happiness and contentment. “It’s a different feeling in the locker room, the plane, the bus ride, practice,” he said, his feet soaking timed in an ice tub. ”It’s just a different feeling when you’re around a winning atmosphere. To be around that — especially those eight in a row and eight of our last nine at home — it’s definitely different. It feels good. We just want to keep it going. It makes me happy.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Love was asked Sunday if that contract decision ultimately was something he just never could get over and accept. “I don’t know, I think more than anything I just wanted to win,” he said “Now that we’re doing it here, I’m very happy. I think that was very shortsighted when it first happened, but in the end it was more the constant losing.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Love smiled and nodded his head Sunday when asked if he had followed Rubio’s contract negotiations. “He did great. I was very happy for him,” Love said as he gestured toward teammate Anderson Varejao sitting in the stall next to him. “We talked about it in here; Andy and him have the same agent in [Dan] Fegan and I thought [Fegan] really did a great job, and I was happy for Ricky.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

When the Wolves announced those three new players at the Minnesota State Fair in August, Taylor questioned whether Love would accept being a third option behind James and Irving and wondered if the Cavaliers would demand Love play better defense than he did the Wolves. Love said he wasn’t hurt by Taylor’s typically blunt comments. “No, no, it was to the point where I knew I was getting traded and between the players he got, especially Wiggins, I thought he got a lot of value,” Love said. “Just sometimes you don’t press send and sometimes you do and wish you had it back.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Love said he hasn’t talked to Taylor since the trade, but said he had a telephone discussion with Saunders that gave both some closure, and he predicted he’d give Saunders, now the Wolves’ coach as well, a “big hug” and “we’ll be talking and laughing” and discussing where they’ll have lunch when Cleveland makes its only Target Center appearance this season Jan. 31. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

December 22, 2014 Updates
December 18, 2014 Updates

The prime plan, as noted here for more than a year, has been to add a high-quality player to a rotation featuring Rondo, believing this would be the quickest way to push the club toward contender status. That was the desire last summer when the Celts tried most everything possible, to no avail, to get into the Kevin Love sweepstakes. Boston Herald

December 17, 2014 Updates
December 16, 2014 Updates

From Google’s yearly ‘trends’ list, which includes the 10 most searched athletes from the NBA, apparently a lot of people were interested in Paul George. George, the most googled NBA player in 2014, suffered a gruesome season-ending injury while playing in a USA exhibition game. The 10 most googled NBA players in 2014 are as follows: 1. Paul George; 2. Carmelo Anthony; 3. Kevin Love; 4. LeBron James; 5. Shabazz Napier; 6. Kevin Durant; 7. Lance Stephenson; 8. Ray Allen; 9. Blake Griffin; 10. Damian Lillard. Diehard Sport

December 11, 2014 Updates

This time, Love returns to OKC for the first time with plenty of reinforcement. But his career adjustment hasn’t been entirely smooth. Now more of a secondary option, Love’s numbers and efficiency have understandably dipped. But he’s still averaging 17 and 10 a night. And the Thunder knows he’s more than capable of detonating. “He doesn’t have to do as much as he had to do in the past,” Brooks said. “But he can still have games where he gets 20 rebounds and hits seven 3s. That’s what he’s done his entire career. It’s his body of work.” Oklahoman

December 9, 2014 Updates

Golden State arrived at Target Center on Monday with a 17-2 record and a franchise-record winning streak that had reached 12 games, which was the NBA’s best record and best season start in team history. So did the Warriors do right when they refused to trade young shooting guard Klay Thompson to the Timberwolves last summer in a deal that would have brought them Kevin Love? “Apparently,” Warriors new coach Steve Kerr said slyly. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Warriors in October signed Thompson to a max contract extension, four months after they passed on Love to keep Thompson and Stephen Curry together on a team that reached the playoffs the past two seasons by winning 47 and 51 games. “These kinds of discussions happen all the time in the NBA, the difference now is they’re always public,” Kerr said about a trade on the verge of happening around draft time until the Warriors backed away. “You can’t have private discussions about anything. For me as a new coach, what I saw was maybe the best backcourt in the NBA and a chance to keep the group together. That’s pretty powerful, especially when you know you’re already pretty good.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

December 8, 2014 Updates

Me: What would you say your team's identity is right now? Kevin Love: It's tough to say. At the offensive end of the floor we have been able to figure a lot of things out -- when to play with pace, move the ball. That word I mentioned, continuity, is there for us. We're able to move the ball, distribute the ball. At the defensive end, is always our primary focus, and what we focus on first. But sometimes it takes a little bit of extra time to get there. So I think the identity at that end really still needs to get there, and as we grow more on that end, you'll see the offense be dictated better at that end as well. NBA.com

Me: You were left side dominant on the floor in Minnesota. It looks like you're using the court more evenly here. Is that by design or just the way it's worked out so far? KL: I think as my game has evolved, and is evolving on this team, I believe that they want to distribute me all around the floor on this team. I was very left-side dominant, but as we've broken down film -- and I'll continue to say that, this team watches a lot of film -- they want me to really spread the floor at all angles, figure out my different spots where I can be effective. It's opened up my game, being able to score the ball in different positions on this team. NBA.com

Me: It does seem like they're making a real effort to get you going early. KL: I think we're starting, or have lately, been starting the game from the inside out, to get my game going. I mentioned rebounding as well; that can also get my game going, and also get me in a certain sort of rhythm. Whether it's been the last six, seven, eight games, I feel like we've made a concerted effort to do that, and I think that's been helping our entire team. NBA.com

Me: I'm sure you heard Chris Bosh say that it's so different playing next to LeBron, and that it requires a real adjustment. What have you learned so far about that process? KL: Well, it is different. Coming in, we all knew we were going to have to sacrifice, and that's each player, 1 through 15, for this team. It's funny hearing that. Playing with LeBron, he opens up so many opportunities on the floor. And whether it's Kyrie or Shawn Marion or Andy Varejao, different guys out there in the starting lineup, myself included, and all throughout the team, they're getting so many good looks, because so much of the effort on the defensive end is to stop LeBron James. So I think it opens up a lot for us, for our team, helps us out, and when I have an opportunity at the offensive end, I have to take advantage of it. NBA.com

The Warriors will play Monday at Minnesota, which was involved in offseason talks regarding a trade that would have sent Kevin Love as part of a deal in exchange for Golden State guard Klay Thompson. Love ultimately was traded to Cleveland, and with Thompson averaging 21.2 points per game, the Warriors are 17-2. "Ultimately, here we are, and this is what we wanted," Kerr said of Thompson, who rather than being traded was signed to a contract extension through the 2018-19 season. "This is what we decided on, and it's worked out. "I think that's fair to say we all preferred to keep him. He's here." San Jose Mercury-News

December 5, 2014 Updates

Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love traded 3-point bombs and fine-tuned their offensive arsenal. And, of course, the subject of playing together did come up among the trio of stars and former Olympic teammates. “I think naturally being around each other this summer and the Olympics and just in common passing, we have always talked about the opportunity to obviously play against each other but playing with each other as well,” Love said in a conversation with ESPNNewYork.com. “It is always something fun to think about when you have a bunch of guys in the gym this summer. And if not on our respective teams, then maybe at the Olympics.” ESPN.com

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