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Sources close to the situation likewise said Friday that McHale's willingness to keep coaching the Rockets is believed to be in the "90 percent" range, amid persistent rumbles in coaching circles that the Rockets would inevitably pursue Stan Van Gundy -- who's been on friendly terms with Howard all season since they went their separate ways -- if McHale decided he needed to walk away from the game after the tragic loss of his daughter Sasha in November. "It's been a long year for me personally in a lot of ways," McHale said. "But these guys fought hard for me every night. We didn't always play the smartest and we didn't always play the cleanest, but ... for a young team that's an impressive thing." ESPN.com

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While it's unlikely that Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale will step down, sources say the Rockets will have strong interest in Stan Van Gundy if he does. Of course, the Rockets will be major suitors of Dwight Howard in free agency. Howard and Van Gundy have been on friendly terms this season, texting often, and sources say Howard has gained a newfound respect for Van Gundy's coaching ability this season. ESPN.com

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When Sasha McHale died, it seemed that the entire NBA hugged McHale, just as his players had at the memorial service and as Kevin Garnett would do so memorably after McHale returned in mid-December and the Rockets played the Celtics. By then, it was clear that some pain cannot be cried out. "He and I sit beside each other on road trips," Sampson said. "He was, understandably so, withdrawn. You'd catch him just staring off into space a lot. You knew what he was thinking about. After we made the playoffs, I texted him and told him how proud I was of him. When you think about the ups and downs of a season and what he has had to do, it really is incredible." Houston Chronicle

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But sources say McHale, within team circles, has quietly let it be known that he's planning to stay in the game. Which surely comes as welcome news to Rockets owner Les Alexander, who is said to be a huge McHale fan. "Coach McHale 4 Coach of the Year," Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted Friday, lauding McHale for his role in getting such a young team -- albeit transformed by the late October arrival of James Harden -- to the playoffs. ESPN.com

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Daryl Morey: Coach McHale 4 Coach of the Year! He has the most inexperienced tm ever on brink of West Playoffs! Also,6th youngest tm ever 2make playoffs Twitter @dmorey

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Parish, 59, said that Bird and McHale, both of whom have held coaching and front office jobs in the league (McHale is the coach of the Houston Rockets), have done nothing to help him in his quest to return to the NBA, although he says he has reached out to them. He calls his Hall of Fame teammates “acquaintances.” “In my case, I don’t have any friends,’’ Parish said. “I saw Kevin at an event; he said he was going to call me. He never called. I called Larry twice when I was at the Indiana Pacers; he never returned my call. And not just Larry. Across the board, most NBA teams do not call back. You need a court order just to get a phone call back from these organizations. I’m not a part of their fraternity.” Boston Globe

McHale, for his part, expressed remorse in a voicemail. He said he tried to hire Parish when he was in Minnesota, but “I went back and checked . . . we were actually reducing spots at the time. Then I was let go from Minnesota.” He says he saw Parish later, when McHale worked for TNT. “I feel terrible about the whole thing, but I just didn’t have a position,’’ McHale said. “I would have loved to have hired Robert if something would’ve came up.” Boston Globe

Pressed for a further explanation, he answered, “I don’t know. I would not consider myself part of Larry’s inner circle, like he’s not in my inner circle. Same thing with Kevin. He’s not in my inner circle; I’m not in his inner circle. Same thing with Danny. You know we respect each other. We had the camaraderie, obviously, collectively, on the team because of our success on the court. But off the court, you know, we weren’t hanging out going to dinner, drinks, going to the movies, double dating, whatever you wanted to do. We weren’t doing any of that.” Boston Globe

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