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September 25, 2013 Updates

Kevin McHale: I think we're going to play basically the same style. We have to get better defensively, and with Dwight we have to have more of an emphasis on trying to get the ball in the post. Through Dwight running and Dwight doing different things, I think we can do that without really having to change our identity. We still want to get the ball up and down the floor. We still want to be aggressive and run and attack offensively. I think we have two of the top rim protectors in Dwight and Omer, so we have to use those guys. I'd like to use them together. It gives us a chance to have a defensive presence and run off our defense a little more. Our style will change a little bit because our personnel changes, but it won't change dramatically. At least I hope it doesn't. Houston Chronicle

Are you confident you can play Dwight and Omer together? Kevin McHale: I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Your job is to try to put your best players on the floor. Omer is one of our best players. We have to figure out how we're going to get him on the floor. That's going to be a big thing where we're able to get them on the floor together. We'll rebound very well. They have to space each other. There's going to be some challenges. I'm really looking forward to see. I want it to work. We'll see if it does work. Houston Chronicle

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Keeping with the expectations theme, a reporter asked Olynyk whether he got a chance to talk with Kevin McHale at summer league. Olynyk seemed momentarily puzzled as to why he would have been fraternizing with the coach of the Houston Rockets. The reporter explained that, in Boston, a player is invariably compared to those who came before him and the slick post moves Olynyk displayed in Orlando, along with a polished offensive skill set, had triggered some comparisons to McHale, a Hall of Famer who helped bring three NBA titles to Boston. No pressure, kid. Your two most popular summer comparisons have been McHale and childhood idol Dirk Nowitzki. "To be compared to [McHale], man, that's a pretty good comparison, just to be in the same sentence with a guy like that," Olynyk said. "Or Dirk, for that matter. Those are two great names. And any time you're in a sentence, or in the same breath, as one of those guys, you have to feel humbled and honored to even be in that position. I would only hope that my career goes as well as those two." ESPN.com

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McHale said he can see lineups when Asik and Howard would play together in addition to Asik, who along with Howard would create perhaps the best defensive and rebounding rotation in the league, backing Howard up. McHale called to mind the 1980s when the Rockets used lineups with Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson. "You do play two bigs," McHale said. "You have to get spacing and you have to make sure your small guys have got to make sure they keep the court spaced." ESPN.com

Howard spent the days leading to his decision camped out in a Colorado resort. Howard called McHale to refute reports that surfaced late Friday night that suggested he was second-guessing his decision to sign with the Rockets. "The crazy thing was Dwight was flying from Colorodo and the 50-50 [speculation] and all this other stuff, he was a little bit upset about that," McHale said. "He said, 'I didn't change my mind.' I had a pretty good feeling, but when it's finally done, you're really happy and looking forward to working with him after you sign him." ESPN.com

July 5, 2013 Updates

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