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November 7, 2012 Updates

I knew that Kevin Seraphin had a large tattoo on his back. But I wasn’t sure what it meant, so last week I finally asked him. Which is how I learned that this elaborate design was actually the first (and only) tattoo of his life. “The tattoo guy was like, seriously?” Seraphin told me. “You know what you’re doing? For your first tattoo, a big one like that? I was like yeah.” Washington Post

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If Kevin Seraphin isn’t playing well, he could blame lack of nutrition. On Saturday he tweeted a pic of his dinner, clearly unhappy with the cost of his measly portion of salmon. Monday night, things weren’t much better for the big man. “What? For $21?” I heard from behind me in the locker room. I turned around and Kevin Seraphin was sitting in front of his locker looking at a portion of pasta the size of his fist and shaking his head. To be fair, he has a sizeable fist, but he couldn’t believe he paid $21 for it. “They act like I’m rich,” he laughed. Washington Post

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This is just one moment from the Kevin Seraphin YouTube video library that particularly entertained me, but there are plenty more. Please do take a look. It would potentially be even more entertaining if you speak French. There is dancing, and funny costumes, and lots of people saying hilarious things in French. Washington Post

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The Wizards Kevin Seraphin thought that he was playing his last game with Spanish team Caja Laboral on Nov. 30. He even posted a message on Twitter this week that read, “DC soon.” But his agent, Bouna Ndaiye, said on Friday that he will play one more game because his team will not let him out his contract until the NBA collective bargaining agreement is ratified. The deal is not expected to be finalized until Dec. 8 - the day before training camps are set to begin. Washington Post

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So, even though he has never been to Spain and doesn’t speak Spanish, Seraphin opted to sign with Caja Laboral Baskonia over his old team, Cholet Basket of France. Seraphin, 21, negotiated a buyout with Cholet in order to sign with the Wizards after they drafted him 17th overall in the 2010 NBA draft. But he couldn’t pass up the opportunity presented by Caja Laboral, a perennial contender in the rugged ACB Spanish league and the Euroleague. “I think if I want to come back to the NBA and play good I need to progress on my game. I think to play in Spain, to play for a Euroleague team, I think that is a good thing for me,” Seraphin said in a telephone interview from Paris. “I just say for me, for my position, I need to play Euroleague basketball.” Washington Post

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