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May 30, 2012 Updates
November 24, 2011 Updates

Viktor Bychkov, director of Khimki Moscow, announced that the contract of Austin Daye won't be renewed, as reported by Sports.ru. The forward signed with the Russian team a two-month contract who is now expiring. Sportando

November 10, 2011 Updates

Austin Daye (@Adaye5) is leaving Khimki - coach Rimas Kurtinaitis told Sports.ru that the 2-month contract won't be extended Twitter

So your contract is only for two months. If the NBA season is canceled, will you stay there? Austin Daye: I’m not sure. It’s up in the air. We need to see if the team would want to extend, if not it would be my choice to come home. I’m kind of eager to come home and work out with my trainer in Los Angeles. It all depends on playing time as well. I came to help a team with a player that was hurt and now that he’s coming back, I’m getting less minutes, which I understand. I knew that was part of the process. HoopsHype

Have you seen many people of color in Moscow? Austin Daye: There’s not a whole lot of diversity. When I go to the mall, I definitely get some stares. But when I go to the mall in Detroit, I get stares too because I’m 6-11. But I get some stares out here that are kinda like ‘whoa’. It all comes with the territory. HoopsHype

How have you kept in touch with your family and up to speed regarding news about the lockout? Austin Daye: Skype is the only thing I got. I’m on here all day. I try to go online to ESPN, HoopsHype, NBA.com to keep up with the lockout. There’s no TV. Unless you can get English channels, it’s not even worth it. I’ve got my PlayStation 3 and a bunch of DVDs. HoopsHype

October 14, 2011 Updates

That was three years ago, when Delfino signed with Khimki Moscow at a time where Russian clubs where dominating the European market and attracting big names from the NBA. What he went through in Russia wasn’t an NBA-type experience, though. “I didn’t feel comfortable. The toughest part is when you have to think about things other than basketball. You think about whether you’re going to get paid or not, how the trips are going to be… In the NBA, you don’t have to think about it. In Europe, there are clubs where those things are not taken care of. In Khimki, I was with a big team with a big budget, but you didn’t know if they were going to pay you. That’s a distraction and it makes you uncomfortable. In the NBA, you get used to not having to think about stuff like that. That’s why I decided to go to Milwaukee and sign for a smaller amount of money compared to what I was making in Europe. “I never took basketball as a job until I played in Russia. It didn’t feel right, so I decided to go where I felt the most comfortable… And that’s the NBA.” HoopsHype

September 24, 2011 Updates
September 23, 2011 Updates

Less than a week before playing the do-or-die Turkish Airlines Euroleague Qualifying Rounds, one of last year's survivors, BC Khimki Moscow Region, added some size and scoring punch by signing Austin Daye to a two-month contract. Daye (2.11 meters, 23 years old) arrives from the Detroit Pistons of the NBA, where last season he averaged 7.5 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.1 assists in 72 games. Daye played college ball in Gonzaga from 2007 to 2009. Daye is expected to make his European debut with Khimki at next week's qualifying rounds. Euroleague.net

Russian team Khimki Moscow signed for the season, with an NBA out to exercise the lockout ends, Austin Daye, as told us by agent Obrad Fimic from Alti Sport. Former Gonzaga spent the last two seasons of his career in NBA with Detroit Pistons with whom he has played 141 games averaging 6.3ppg and 3.2rpg. Sportando

July 22, 2011 Updates

Khimki's GM Sergey Bychkov stressed his team's need for a center after the departure of both Savrasenko and Papadopoulos at the end of last season: "I have repeatedly stated that we would not be signing NBA players just for a few months, but Mozgov was a particular case, given him importance to both our club and our fans." Mozgov commented on his return: "I wanted to return to Europe during lockout, and to be honest I wanted to return to Khimki [...] I have many friends here and Khimki is my second home. We agreed in no time." TalkBasket

July 21, 2011 Updates

As reported by sources close to the situation, Chris Quinn will play for Khimki Moscow next season. Former Notre Dame point guard spent last season in the NBA with San Antonio Spurs averaging 2.1ppg in 38 games played. Sportando

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