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David Aldridge: What's the rotation looking like right now? Mark Jackson: We'll figure it out. We know our top seven or eight guys, especially with Klay, Harrison and Andre. To me, there's 96 minutes, split between the three of them. Which is more than enough. So it won't be a concern. Me: Can all three of them interchange between the two and the three? MJ: Yes. Harrison is probably the one guy that can handle two, three, four. And he's more so a three. With either one of them (on the court), he's a three. But to me, yeah, they can all do it. With our system, there's no difference, really. So it's just that you're the two and you're the three. But they're doing the same thing. NBA.com

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It wouldn't be his first time off the bench -- he was a reserve most of his rookie season -- so Thompson said he is confident he could make the adjustment if needed. "It took me a few games to get used to it because I'd started my whole life," Thompson said. "Once I got used to it and once I found my rhythm, it was nothing to me. You can still be a great player off the bench ... I'm not too worried about (starting). I'm just worried about getting better and getting in the best shape I can." San Jose Mercury-News

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The centerpiece of any Howard sign-and-trade with the Lakers would be center Andrew Bogut and his $14 million expiring contract, plus one of Golden State's young studs -- Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson, league sources said. However, there has been no indication from Howard's camp -- holed up in Aspen, Colo., to make his free-agent decision -- that he's made a decision. Nor has there been any indication from the Lakers that if Howard elects to leave, they'll be willing to facilitate his departure. CBSSports.com

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Such a scenario would be challenging, some executives have said, but not impossible. The Warriors have three huge expiring contracts in Andrew Bogut ($14 million), Richard Jefferson ($11 million) and Andris Biedrins ($9 million). According to sources, they have tried to unload all three players this week to teams with cap room. Yet, Golden State likely would have to be willing to add assets to any potential deals to get teams interested. Sources say the Warriors have been willing to attach a future first-round pick to move one of their bad contracts since last February's trade deadline, but potential partners tend to ask for prized youngsters such as Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson -- two of the more attractive young players in the league -- when the subject of absorbing one of the Warriors' big contracts is broached. ESPN.com

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As the top pick of the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1978 draft, five slots ahead of Larry Bird, Thompson never became the dominant star many expected. But he carved out a respectable career, averaging 13.7 points and 7.4 rebounds. His wife, whom he met in a gym at the University of Portland, suggests basketball wasn't his consuming passion. But playing under coaches such as Jack Ramsay and Pat Riley, and with Magic Johnson as his point guard in Los Angeles, he developed a healthy professionalism. He said he isn't hard on his boys -- "I should've been harder on Mychel; he needs that kick in the butt more" -- but he is serious about them having respect for the game and the opportunity in front of them. It's perhaps the lesson he stresses the most to his boys. "I tell Klay all the time, 'Look at your peers. They're all looking for jobs,' " the father said. "Don't lose perspective and don't take things for granted." San Jose Mercury-News

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Curry has been the heart and soul of the Warriors (already without All-Star forward David Lee) and without him, their chances at upsetting No. 2 San Antonio appear suspect. "He'll play," guard Klay Thompson said with certainty. "No question about it. He will play through anything. He's got heart." San Jose Mercury-News

Parker triggered the Spurs' Game 1 comeback, but only after Klay Thompson fouled out late. This time, he attacked from the start, scoring eight points in the first 41/2 minutes. "It wasn't our offense, it was our defense," Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. "Personally, I didn't do my job against Tony Parker." Contra Costa Times

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Warriors coach Mark Jackson with a hard takedown of Monta Ellis. Jackson was asked Thursday how trading Ellis to the Bucks in March 2012 not only brought Andrew Bogut in return as the inside presence the Warriors had long desired but also created a clear path for Klay Thompson to blossom at shooting guard. Jackson's response: “It helped change the culture. Obviously it was easier to pull the trigger because we knew what we had in Klay and it was time for him to be a starting two-guard. And he does everything right.” How did that trade change the culture? Jackson paused four seconds. "It helped change the culture," he finally said. Anything specific? “You know.” Sulia

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