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Eric Pincus: If Lakers do get Melo - and Pau - speculatively I could see Steve Blake and Caron Butler back with team - I hear Kobe recruiting both Twitter @EricPincus

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There isn't as much of a friendship between Anthony and Lakers star Kobe Bryant as has been portrayed, according to a person who knows both players well. And besides, with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher in New York, along with Spaniard Jose Calderon, there is hope that Lakers free agent Pau Gasol might opt to switch coasts and join Anthony rather than continue toiling in the wildly competitive West. For financial and other reasons, the Bulls and Thunder remain compelling options for Gasol. CBSSports.com

Just asking: If the Lakers wanted to pursue James and Anthony, why, oh, why did they give Kobe Bryant that $48.5 million extension, cluttering up next season’s salary cap with $23.5 million of it? With four more players on guaranteed contracts (Steve Nash, Robert Sacre, Kendall Marshall, rookie Julius Randle), that left only enough for a maximum offer to Melo ($22.4 million in first-year salary) or Bron ($20 million) and another $11 million to give six more players… after renouncing Pau Gasol. Thus, they Lakers were asking Anthony–and will ask James–to play with Bryant, 36; Nash, 40; a rookie and seven journeymen making the minimum. Forbes.com

When the team gave Bryant that extension–at the prompting of Jeanie Buss, the popular member of the family, in December, before Kobe returned from injury, lasted six games and left for the season– the word going around the organization was: We did this knowing that James and Anthony aren’t likely to be on the market and if they are, we’re not likely to have a shot at them. The Buss kids, who weren’t capable of thinking the Kobe extension through, are now desperate to make a big score, no matter how unlikely that is with so few big free agents–really ony Bron and Melo–and so little likelihood that either would leave his team. What the Lakers are doing now no longer qualifies as planning. It’s panic. Forbes.com

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