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As a veteran in the last year of his contract on a rebuilding team, Humphries is a highly tradable commodity. But as long as he’s here, Stevens will enjoy his presence. “You go home and people ask you about guys, and what I told them about Kris is that he’s as professional as you can be,” Stevens said. “He handles not playing, and he’s a positive teammate. We’ve got a lot of those guys, but he’s certainly a great example.” Boston Herald

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Players like Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks and Kris Humphries have, however, had to figure out a way to deal with a situation that is less than ideal with all three looking at free agency at the end of the year. For the most part, they have been professional about it, even when it’s gnawed at them inside. "Your job title doesn’t say you’re going to play," Bogans said before Friday night’s game against the Cavaliers. "I know what it takes to be in this league, to stick around. I’m just trying to help MarShon out. It’s really tough on him being younger. I’m helping him stay ready, so when he gets called he’s making the most of his opportunity." MetroWest Daily News

"I just try to play as hard as I can when I’m out there," Humphries said. "Not focus on how much I’m playing, if I’m getting plays, getting the ball — those kinds of things. It’s simpler when you break it down in your mind as: ‘This is your job. Go do it. Play hard.’ MetroWest Daily News

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Humphries wants to play somewhere, even if it means leaving Boston. He's not quite ready to demand a trade, but it's clear that the lack of playing time and erratic minutes he has played is weighing on him. The 6-foot-9 veteran did not play (coaches decision) in Boston's 109-96 loss to Portland on Friday, his fifth DNP-CD this season. "I'm just waiting for a break or an opportunity to get in there more consistently," Humphries told CSNNE.com. "It would have been great to have played better (Wednesday) night and us win. That would help. But as a guy playing inconsistent minutes, it's not going to happen every night for you. You have to try and make it happen and do whatever you can to help your team win." CSNNE.com

While he has often thought about what he has to do in order to get more minutes in Boston, he hasn't asked for a trade. "That's why players have agents," Humphries said. "We just have to as players, focus on what we can control. If you sit there and say, 'hey I want a trade,' it's going to take away from the team and what you're trying do to." CSNNE.com

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Kris Humphries has been voted the most hated NBA player, taunted in areanas across America, dissed on record by Kanye West and threatened by Kardashian minions, and he's still trying to turn his most public loss into a W. On Wednesday, Humphries auctioned off the engagement ring Kim Kardashian wore for only a few months and got $749,000 for it. FOXSports.com

Celtics forward Kris Humphries is a whole lot richer today after he auctioned off the whopping 20-carat diamond engagement ring he gave ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The Lorraine Schwartz-
designed bling, which features a 16.2-carat center diamond and two 1.8-carat side rocks, was sold to an unidentified buyer at a Christie’s auction in NYC. With the buyer’s premium, the ring’s new owner paid $749,000 for Kim’s hand-me-down — but that’s still way less than the estimated $2 million value. Boston Herald

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