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While some might see some tension between the slower, more deliberate triangle offense—and Rambis’ association with it—and D’Antoni’s style, Rambis said that simply is not true. Rambis doesn’t consider himself a triangle ideologue, nor does he see the offense as being at odds with D’Antoni’s style. “Just to be clear, I ran parts of (the triangle) in Minnesota, I ran aspects of it,” Rambis said. “With Phil, we ran in Los Angeles what he wanted to run, but there are lot of teams in the league that run parts of it, that run aspects of it. "So, when you look at the players on the team, there are a lot of guys who would fit into the three-man game actions, two-man game actions, and that would be highly beneficial for those players involved, because it is a challenge for the defense to figure out where to help from. Even Mike runs that as part of his offense, he has parts where guys can fit into the two-man game action that you see in the triangle.” Sporting News

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Rambis said former Lakers coach Phil Jackson was in favor of the move. "We're still friends," Rambis said of Jackson. "We still talk basketball. He's back in Montana. He's got a lot of family and friends back there now, so he's dealing with an awful lot of people at his homes there. So, he's focusing on them. But, he thinks this is a great opportunity for me and he's excited about it." ESPN.com

"I'm here to support Mike," Rambis said. "It doesn't mean that I won't talk to everybody and anybody about basketball. I've done that my entire life. I don't think anybody knows everything about basketball. There's always good ideas, even if it's just drills for practices. So, it's always good to talk basketball with people. I think whenever you're a coach at any level in any situation, the more conversations you have with different people -- especially successful people -- it only benefits you." ESPN.com

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The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Kurt Rambis and Johnny Davis as assistant coaches, it was announced today by Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak. The pair will join Lakers assistant coach Dan D’Antoni, who returns from last season, in addition to Mark Madsen and Larry Lewis, who were hired earlier as player development coaches. NBA.com

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Ramona Shelburne: It's taking longer than expected, but source says Rambis return to Lakers is "on track." Just details to work thru Twitter

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