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Me: When you came into the league, you were a scorer. How did that change over the years? KT: People ask me that all the time. Because I'm really not known as a scorer in the league. I'm known for my defense and rebounding the ball. But everywhere I go, everyone knows that I can still score. I show that every day in practice. I don't get a number of plays called for me, but as long as we're winning, I'm happy. But every day in practice, I show them I can still put the ball in the hole, that I'm still a scorer. NBA.com

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As he talks, Thomas is prone to bursts of random laughter that shake his shoulders and cause his facial features to scrunch together. He laughs a lot—often as the punch line to one of the extended, intimidating stares that earned him the nickname “Crazy Eyes.” Thomas is a hard guy to get a handle on; always has been. “The kids from my neighborhood always thought I was the worst basketball player of all my friends,” he says. “I was just a young, skinny, lanky kid. When I graduated high school, I was about 6-7 and a half, 170 pounds. I was skin and bones.” Willamette Week

There are no other athletes in Thomas’ family. “Playing in the NBA was definitely a goal of mine, but it wasn’t my first goal,” he says. “My first goal was to graduate from college. That’s what my parents pushed me for. They knew the NBA was going to be a long shot.” Playing NBA ball was a longer shot for Thomas than most pros. He didn’t start playing for Hillcrest High School until his junior year, after sitting on the bench as a sophomore. In his senior year, he broke his right ankle. His stock plummeted. Nearby Texas Christian University was one of the few schools still interested in him. Willamette Week

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If the Kings wanted to look after Cousins' best interests they would find a way to get him to Portland so he could be around Kurt Thomas, the steadying locker-room presence on the ninth stop on his 17-year NBA journey. "This is a business," is what Thomas said he would tell Cousins. "You're not playing for just one team, you're playing for the 29 other teams. You've got to keep playing, keep your head. A lot of guys think it's all show. You've got to keep your head." ESPN.com

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Joel Przybilla has been rumored to be an option for the Blazers before they added two veteran big men in Kurt Thomas and Craig Smith. At this time, Buchanan says Przybilla is not a point of focus. He's not an option right now” Buchanan said. “Obviously our stance can change if something comes up at the last minute, but we're not pursuing anything at this moment.” CSNNW.com

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Kurt Thomas, the oldest player in the NBA, has signed a two-year deal with the Trail Blazers, interim general manager Chad Buchanan said Sunday morning. Thomas, 39, has played 16 NBA seasons, including 52 games last season with Chicago. The 6-foot-9, 230-pound forward/center is expected to be the Blazers backup to power forward LaMarcus Aldridge and center Marcus Camby. Oregonian

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