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DeMarre Carroll said he plans to spend his summer working on several aspects of his game. First and foremost, he will seek to improve his shooting ability. “I want to get my shot automatic, like Kyle Korver,” Carroll said. “I want to be the African-American Kyle Korver.” When told of Carroll’s remark, Korver responded: “I hope he does, man. I hope he does.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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"I don't think there's any real answer for Kyle Korver," Vogel said, then credited Korver's abilities as a basketball player and his high IQ. "We've got the utmost respect for Kyle Korver and George has done the best he can. He's battling like crazy and he's got to continue to do that." Indianapolis Star

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The Pacers have spent the hours after losing Game 1 sending mixed messages. On the one hand, they don’t believe there’s anything wrong with them. On the other, they might need to try something different. Such cognitive dissonance is, we can assume, preferable to admitting what has become increasingly apparent: That the East’s No. 1 seed has a real problem guarding the 38-44 Hawks. “We feel really good about this matchup,” Hawks guard Kyle Korver said Monday, speaking after practice at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. But he also cautioned that matchups can cut both ways. So long as the sleeker Hawks are allowed to run free, Indiana is in trouble. But if the bigger Pacers can slow the pace and render subsequent games a halfcourt grind, the Hawks won’t seem so sleek. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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The Indiana Pacers are on the verge of a complete meltdown. The team survived a disastrous end to the regular season and still managed to claim the East’s No. 1 seed, but the Pacers gave away home court advantage with a shocking Game 1 loss to the No. 8 Atlanta Hawks Saturday. Atlanta cruised to a 14-0 lead to open the game and kept the lead in double-digits until the final minute of play. Kyle Korver blocked Roy Hibbert twice. On TNT Sunday, analyst Charles Barkley unloaded on the Pacers, calling them “flat wussies” for their performance. For The Win

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Kyle Korver did not travel with the Hawks to Washington, D.C. Friday afternoon. However the starting shooting guard has not yet been ruled out of Saturday night’s game against the Wizards. Korver has missed the past five games, all Hawks losses, due to back spasms and has been receiving treatment. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Atlanta Hawks guard Kyle Korver is sitting out his third straight game because of back spasms. Korver wasn't in uniform Monday night as the Hawks hosted the Phoenix Suns, looking to break a two-game losing streak. Shelvin Mack started in his place. USA Today Sports

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Korver, who passed Dana Barros' record of 89 straight (set from 1994-96) earlier this season, went 1 of 9 from the field and missed all five of his attempts from long range, sitting out the fourth quarter. Since Nov. 4, 2012, when his streak started, Korver had knocked down 337 three-pointers. "I’m a little bummed for sure," Korver said. "The streak was good, it was good while it lasted. Some day I’ll look on it and be proud, but obviously it was just a tough game all around for us and that was part of it." Oregonian

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Korver is the Atlanta Hawks' 32-year-old, 6-7 swingman who owns the NBA record for consecutive games making a three-pointer (118). He recoils at the notion he is a merely a specialist, some kind of hood ornament. He is a dutiful NBA player. "Three-point shooting better be the best part of my game, but if that's all you do, you don't get to play that much in the NBA," Korver said. "I try and be solid all around. I enjoy basketball, not just shooting." USA Today Sports

"If I look back at the greatest shooters of all time, I can find all kinds of mistakes in mechanics, but if you look at it, they are the same mechanics every single time, so the first part of shooting is finding the shot you can make every single time," Korver said. "It doesn't matter what it looks like, but you have to be able to replicate it every single time. "Eventually, you get to a point where you recognize what's wrong. When I am warming up I would rather miss a shot than make it. If I am making it and they are going in and all I have is a good rhythm, well, that rhythm may not be there during a game." USA Today Sports

The essence of Korver's success is playing off screens and spacing. Also, the transition three, once shunned in the NBA, is a part of his repertoire. According to statistics compiled by Synergy, in the last five years, Korver connects on transition threes at a robust 45.9%. His threes in the halfcourt are 44.9%. USA Today Sports

On Feb. 13, 2013, in Orlando, the Hawks were pummeling the Magic when Korver was pulled from the game for good — without a made three. A few seats away, there was a humming in assistant coach Bob Weiss' pocket. It was Weiss' wife texting him that Korver did not yet have a three. The streak was in jeopardy. Korver was reinserted into the game. "I didn't like it, I didn't like it one bit, that's not who I am as a player," Korver said. "I went in, missed two threes and looked at the bench like, 'Get me out of here.' Then I made one." USA Today Sports

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