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October 7, 2014 Updates
October 5, 2014 Updates

Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri watched intently as the telling sequence of events unfolded. Lowry made a great pass to Jonas Valanciunas. Valanciunas then bobbled the ball. "Kyle just turned away. Last year it would be different. There would be (anger)," Ujiri said Saturday on the eve of Toronto's pre-season opener in Vancouver. "And then he turned right back and went to Jonas and gave him two high fives and tapped him. "It was gone, on to the next (thing). It shows growth... And it was a crucial time of the scrimmage." TSN

September 25, 2014 Updates

Lowry and Conley are good friends, but Lowry realized his NBA future would not be in Memphis. Their respective positions in the draft sealed Lowry’s fate. “No matter what you do, you’re twenty-four,” Lowry explained. “He’s four.” In early 2009, Lionel Hollins was named the team’s head coach and Lowry was told that the team would devote the starter’s minutes to Conley. Lowry was unhappy with his role, and some in the organization considered him a bad influence on the roster, a description that still upsets him. “Lionel didn’t say shit to me,” Lowry said. “It was crazy. I’m twenty-two, twenty-three years old. How am I a bad influence on guys who are older? I just wanted to play basketball … I’m not trying to be on somebody’s bad side. But I think Lionel just needed a scapegoat and I was the young guy and I had a little bit of an attitude. Who wouldn’t have an attitude who’s trying to play? You’re not even giving me a chance to play.” Grantland

September 24, 2014 Updates

Lowry was, quite frankly, surly when he first arrived and we were in Halifax for training camp. He would barely co-operate if we wanted to talk, it was one-sentence answers and he was done; there was no way he would engage you in conversation. I remember one day early in Lowry’s first year, trying to get a grasp on his personality and I was asking Alvin Williams about him, figuring that another Philly-Villanova guy might be able to help. The description I recall getting were “stubborn, lacks trust, immature, too strong willed” and there really were times when I figured Lowry would be gone and that it might not be worth the effort to draw him out. Toronto Star

It was, as we wrote last year, a combination of the basic maturation process of a young man, the birth of a child and the feeling of family, a like-minded group of teammates and a supportive coaching staff have turned him into an engaging, grownup man who is just exponentially more comfortable with himself and his place here. Toronto Star

September 23, 2014 Updates

But that disappointing end came in a season when many saw significant growth from Lowry on and off the court. “In one year, I think he grew up,” said Toronto general manager Masai Ujiri. Lowry always predicted he’d be a team’s star, while few others did. “I’ve always been second fiddle, man, to everything,” he said. “Everything. But I never believed that I was lesser than this person, that person, anybody. I always thought I was on the same level.” Grantland

“From Rick Adelman to Kevin McHale, it was a big difference,” Lowry said. “Things are a lot stricter with McHale, and with Rick, things are a lot different, offensively, defensively. You go from being successful as hell with one coach and being comfortable with the coach to, yes, I was really successful with Kevin McHale, but I just didn’t do it the right way. If I did it the right way, I would still be in Houston.” Kelvin Sampson, one of McHale’s assistants, said Lowry never accepted the change. “It’s important for him to chase conflicts,” Sampson said. “Conflicts don’t bother him. One of the things that make coaches and players great is they’re not afraid of confrontation. Not everybody can coach a confrontational player. You have to know how to coach Kyle, but you have to make sure Kyle knows who the boss is. Kyle is never going to conform and be the first guy in the class, sitting in the first row and never take his eye off the teacher. Kyle, in his own way, will figure out how to get an A in the class, though. He’s just not going to do it the conventional way. Grantland

August 2, 2014 Updates
August 1, 2014 Updates

You see, Lowry was only a first-round draft pick away from being traded to the New York Knicks in mid-December. It was this close to happening. According to a source familiar with the Raptors' thinking, there were three likely scenarios on the table involving Knicks guards Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr., with Lowry being the only Raptors player in the deal. The clincher would have been a future first-round pick to the Raptors, but team owner James Dolan vetoed it and the trade fell through, a denial confirmed by a source close to the Knicks. Bleacher Report

"Dolan hired those business consultants [McKinsey & Company] last summer," said the source with knowledge of the Raptors' plans. "They had sold him on this whole thing about, 'You've been exploited by giving away first-round picks.' Could the deal have gotten done? Absolutely." That Lowry was on the trading block in perhaps his best season as a pro had nothing to do with his play, but everything with the direction the Raptors felt they were headed after trading Rudy Gay on Dec. 9. "They were not going to re-sign Kyle," the source said. Bleacher Report

July 26, 2014 Updates

During a recent trip to Manila, teammates Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan put on a show for the fans. Watch as DeRozan jumps over Lowry to finish this sick alley oop off the backboard. beyondthebuzzer.com

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