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April 29, 2015 Updates

Speaking of which, the Mavs certainly plan to make a strong effort to sign Portland’s All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, a Dallas native expected to explore his options in free agency. How exactly Aldridge would fit with the Mavs isn’t so clear. ESPN.com

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All in all, Randolph remembered, they intended for this player to one day assume the mantle as the next dominant Trail Blazers power forward, a role Randolph then occupied, that had been handed down from Wallace before him. LaMarcus Aldridge would extend a proud lineage. He was "up next." "Um, I'm glad Zach knew, because when I was drafted, all I heard was, 'He's a project, he's soft,'" Aldridge said this week, as his Trail Blazers trail Randolph's Grizzlies 2-0 in a Western Conference first-round series that resumes Saturday at Portland's Moda Center. "And I didn't play [that first year]. I was in and out of the lineup. So I'm glad Zach knew, because I definitely didn't know." It seems unlikely, if not impossible, that Aldridge didn't know management's intentions when he first came aboard. But the news hit him like a ton of bricks when Randolph's recollection was shared with him before a postseason practice. ESPN.com

Aldridge said he'd love it if the story was a simple one -- Randolph and the team welcomed him with open arms, preparing him for his destined role as the franchise's prized post player. "I wish I could say that," Aldridge said. "I want to give you that story so bad. But I'm trying to tell you, they did not believe in me in the beginning. I was a 'project.'" ESPN.com

McMillan remembered the relationship between those two players as positive and supportive, even though it easily could've gone the other way. "Zach could've really been a nasty guy, had a nasty attitude about these young guys who were coming to take his position with this organization," McMillan said. "He knows they're going to be the future of the organization because he was once in that same position when he came in and Rasheed and those guys were there. He could've had an attitude toward the organization, but he didn't." ESPN.com

In a perfect scenario, the Spurs have a full understanding of the futures of Duncan, Ginobili and Danny Green when they walk into a 12:01 a.m. ET meeting on July 1 with Leonard and his agent, Brian Elfus, in Los Angeles. The Spurs will offer Leonard a full maximum contract extension, get a commitment and turn themselves toward prying Aldridge back to his Texas roots. Yahoo! Sports

April 23, 2015 Updates

With recent reports that his teammates are worried he'll leave as a free agent and that the Spurs and Mavericks believe they have a chance, a person with knowledge of LaMarcus Aldridge's free-agent strategy told CBSSports.com that all options remain on the table -- including parting ways with the Blazers . The person, who has been briefed on Aldridge's plan, said he "wouldn't be surprised" if the four-time All-Star and Dallas native were lured to his native Texas when he hits the unrestricted market on July 1. CBSSports.com

April 21, 2015 Updates

And even though he says he didn't hit the weight room to silence the critics, he takes pride in how he has transformed his physique and his game. "I knew I wasn't soft. I knew I could play on this level and I knew that being the paint was just a physical position that I wasn't strong enough for,'' Aldridge said. "I wanted to get myself strong enough where I could be dominant down there.'' Oregonian

The Spurs accepted that risk because waiting to bump up Leonard’s salary gives them the chance to dangle max cap space in front of Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge this summer. Neither is a good bet to leave his current team, but sources around the league have been saying for weeks that the Spurs might get a hearing with Aldridge — and that was before the Oregonian reported that at least one Blazers player thinks there is only a 50-50 chance that Aldridge stays in Portland. Grantland

April 20, 2015 Updates

Some Blazers players have already said they are worried free agency will take Aldridge away from Portland this summer. Earlier this month, before a home game, a Blazers player estimated the chances of him returning to Portland at 50-50. Oregonian

A couple hours later, after the Blazers were embarrassed by Memphis, I'm beginning to wonder whether Allen, and the rest of the Blazers, shouldn't be the ones offering Aldridge the well wishes. After an atrocious performance by the Blazers that at one point left Aldridge sitting alone on the bench as his teammates joined a late-game huddle, the Blazers need to worry about more than just losing this series. Oregonian

For Aldridge and Gasol, waiting to sign long-term contracts until 2016 could add $50-80 million to the total value of a potential five-year deal under the higher salary cap on the horizon. "If I don't think about it, I don't expect my teammates to think about it," Gasol said. "And if I don't talk about it, I don't expect anybody to talk about it besides you guys [in the media]. It's going to come anyway, just like everything in life. It'll come, and you'll deal with it. You can't worry about things you can't have an impact on just yet because it's just useless." ESPN.com

April 18, 2015 Updates

And in order to advance past the first round for the second straight year, the Blazers know they have no choice but turn up their physicality against the rough and rugged Grizzlies or face an early summer break. "Being physical, taking the fight to them, not letting them bring the fight to us," forward Lamarcus Aldridge said of the key to this series. "If you don't get physical or you're soft or passive they'll punch you in the mouth." Oregonian

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