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On any given night, the Spurs can humble you with their fearsome brilliance and they can expose your weaknesses to the entire world with their diligence. Tuesday brought both sensations, on an endless loop, for a Blazers team that entered the night thinking it was ready for primetime and departed with a full taste of their opponent's power and preparation. "Tonight was one of those nights," Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge said, taking the beating without making excuses. "It was a, 'Welcome to San Antonio.'" Blazers Edge

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Aldridge, 28, is seven years younger than Nowitzki and more skilled at getting to the rim. “I think LaMarcus is a younger Dirk who can shoot, drive, play in the post, a lot of things,” Splitter said. “It's not going to be easy. All the team is aware of that, and everybody is going to help a little bit. We're going to have our plan, but I think all the team needs to help in there.” San Antonio Express-News

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Even in today’s world, where anything and everything is quickly anointed the greatest this or that, it’s hard to argue that Lillard’s 25-foot three-pointer off an inbounds pass that started with 0.9 seconds left isn’t the most difficult, most dramatic and most important shot in this franchise’s 45-year history. “This city has been waiting for this type of moment, this night, for a long time,’’ Aldridge said. “They probably still cheering in their cars, in their houses.’’ Oregonian

"The play was for LaMarcus," said Batum, "but [Lillard] was so wide open, we had to break the play." "To be honest, I didn't think Dame would come that open," said Stotts. "[Aldridge] was probably the first look, but Dame came wide open." ESPN.com

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LaMarcus Aldridge has been terrorizing the Rockets through two games in their best-of-seven series. The Blazers’ power forward has 89 points in two games and has done it in a variety of ways. So how can they stop him? “Give him some bad food,” Dwight Howard joked (we think) after Rockets practice on Thursday afternoon. Yahoo! Sports

“Hopefully he gets off Krypton and comes back to earth in the next couple of days,” Howard said. “But he’s having a helluva series. That shot, that mid-range shot, is something he’s been doing since I played against him in high school. It hasn’t changed. Give him space, he’s going to knock down that shot.” Yahoo! Sports

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He has become the star of the NBA playoffs, and as LaMarcus Aldridge dressed Wednesday after another playoff marvel, he was asked whether he wanted to do his postgame press conference alongside fellow standout Damian Lillard, or wait to do his separately. “Same time is fine,’’ Aldridge said, his socks not yet on, his jewelry yet to be carefully administered. Then he remembered something and quickly changed course. “Nah, nah, nah. He goes first. I don’t want to overshadow,’’ Aldridge said. “Remember the time when you all put me up there with Brandon (Roy) and I didn’t get no questions?’’ Oregonian

Has he not felt that before during his eight years in Portland? “No. I haven’t. I haven’t felt it like this before. Never,’’ Aldridge said. “This is the first time I felt where 1 through 15 on the roster is happy for me. And this is the first time where 1 through 15 knows when I’m going, they want to ride that wave. ‘’ Oregonian

“I came from poverty and a tough household where we didn’t have enough money to really eat, to where I am now,’’ Aldridge said. “I know it was God giving me the guidance. I am one of his children and He’s let me glorify His name with my game.’’ His mother, Georgia, has beaten her cancer, and was in Houston to watch his historic performances. She has fostered his faith from a young age, when she established the mantra: “God first, everything else second.’’ “I think this season has been a blessing for him,’’ Georgia Aldridge-Young said. “I think he’s playing a different game. He’s just more comfortable and he’s more of a leader.’’ Oregonian

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