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But those people don't understand how important it is for Aldridge to be comfortable. If he signs a maximum contract for another team, there will be huge expectations, attention, and obligations to fulfill ... all while having to get acclimated to a new team. I presented my theory to Aldridge on Thursday, and he didn't agree or disagree. "I'm definitely comfortable here, but this is all I know,'' Aldridge said. "I can't say I would be uncomfortable in those environments you talk about, but I can say I'm comfortable here, because I've been here so long and I understand this market, this city, this organization. So there's that extra level of comfort here.'' Oregonian

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Before the question was even asked in its entirety, Dirk Nowitzki was ready to tap the brakes. The subject was Portland star and Seagoville product LaMarcus Aldridge and the possibility that Nowitzki and other Maverick players might want to start their sales pitches to Aldridge as soon as possible. The 6-11 power forward will be one of the NBA’s most attractive free agents in the summer of 2015. “Ease up on that,” he said. Dallas Morning News

OK, admittedly, Game No. 5 is a little early to breaking out the speculation for free agents of next summer. Having said that, Nowitzki made it clear that teaming up with Aldridge would be something compelling to him, even though they play the same position. And yes, even though Aldridge has stated his desire to return to Portland and cement himself as the greatest Blazer of all time. “I think I’ve showed in my career that I can play with anybody in this league,” Nowitzki said, clearly warming up to the idea. “In some situations, he’s playing the five [center] when they go small, so …” Dallas Morning News

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"Our offense hasn't been as sharp as it was last year or as sharp as we want it to be," All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge said, before adding later, "I think our execution isn't as sharp as it needs to be, especially with guys not being in a really good rhythm right now. I feel like our execution has to be even better to get us over the hump and I feel like we're not running plays the way that we should, I feel like we're not all on the same page at times, so I feel like our offensive execution and connection should be better." Oregonian

"Hopefully," Aldridge said. "I feel like last year it was instant and that kind of spoiled us. We started the season and it was just so easy how the offense flowed. This year, it's more of a learning process. It's more of guys trying to learn how to play the game together again." Oregonian

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$2.6 billion TV contract deal. What’s your thought on max contracts and things going forward. LaMarcus Aldridge: Yeah, that’s the reason why I didn’t sign this summer. It makes more sense financially to wait one year and play it out and be a free agent and then re-sign here where I can get double the money and it just secures my future here in this organization. So that’s why I didn’t sign. Definitely I want to be looking for that maximum contract. I don’t think I’m going to hit that. I think that money kicks in in 2016, so I’m going to miss it by one year. So, that’s sad to know, but for all the guys in 2016, happy for y’all. Forward Center

LaMarcus Aldridge: I’ve been here my whole career and for one player to be in one organization, that’s rare. I didn’t want to leave like that, but if I didn’t feel like this team would have a chance to win, then that was going to change my mind. Last year definitely made me want to be here, it made me excited to come back. I came back into camp this year really excited about being here and just understanding I have to continue to lead these guys and that anything is possible. Forward Center

LaMarcus Aldridge: I’m definitely going to shoot more threes. Coach has been trying to get me to shoot them for the last two years. I think I’m the last player who didn’t want to shoot threes. I just wanted to wait until I was more comfortable with it. I definitely worked on it this summer and I feel more comfortable with it. Coach has already put me in plays where I’m in the corner more, I can down the three. I think that’s going to be one of the things I bring to the team this year. Forward Center

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Mike Tokito: LaMarcus Aldridge joked that he's glad "Shaqtin a fool" isn't on yet, because his stepping in before inbounding ball would've been on it. Twitter @mtokito

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