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February 19, 2014 Updates

Forward LaMarcus Aldridge was diagnosed with a strained left groin on Tuesday and is expected to be out a week. Aldridge ranks sixth in the NBA in scoring and rebounding and has recorded 33 double-doubles this season. Wednesday night's game will mark the first time this season the Blazers will start with a lineup different from their standard of Lillard, Matthews, Batum, Aldridge and Lopez. The 53-game streak of a single starting lineup was by far the longest in the NBA. Oregonian

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February 17, 2014 Updates

“He wasn’t happy with the fact that we didn’t make the playoffs and we lost 13 in a row, and nobody was,” Blazers coach Terry Stotts said. “He is a competitor and wanted to be part of a winning environment. That was his only thing. If you go back, anytime he was quoted, that is what he said. A lot of it is speculation and there were never any comments from him about being traded. He just—the season ended with a 13-game losing streak, and no one is going to feel good about that.” Sporting News

Portland was remarkably one of four NBA teams to have more than one player participating in Sunday’s main event. In order for that to occur, that team has to be winning ball games. When you’re winning, players want to follow. And according to Aldridge, a couple of All-Star players that shall remain anonymous have approached him, telling him that they would like to play with himself and Damian Lillard in Portland. “Definitely a few guys have told me that this weekend,” Aldridge informed CSNNW.com. CSNNW.com

Despite their limited roles, both Aldridge and Lillard were in good spirits after the game and expressed no ill will towards Brooks. "It was fun," Aldridge said. "I definitely had my opportunity to score. I didn't make many shots. I think I played more minutes. How many did I play? 14 minutes? That's an All-Star Game high for me. It was fun. The whole weekend was fun, I had fun with the activities and the things for the fans. A good weekend." Blazers Edge

February 16, 2014 Updates

On Saturday, only two All-Stars other than Paul took time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting and learn something about finalists David White of the Screen Actors Guild and New York corporate lawyer Michele Roberts: Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks and LaMarcus Aldridge of the Trail Blazers. Props to them for caring. Already, we're hearing from prominent player agents who are dissatisfied with the union's process for vetting and evaluating candidates. But it's the same old thing when it comes to that: How can agents be dissatisfied with the process when their clients don't care enough to participate in it? Perhaps they don't realize that all the problems that were found with Hunter's tenure might have been avoided if the players had paid a little more attention to what was happening right under their noses. CBSSports.com

February 15, 2014 Updates

But the position is opening up to include more athletic players such as Griffin and Davis, and players who can shoot three-pointers, such as Love. Aldridge – who earlier in his career could run baseline-to-baseline fast enough that former teammate Zach Randolph used to call him “Deer” – has settled into a Duncan-Garnett mode, but said he believes that he will add three-point shooting to his regular arsenal at some point. “As I keep getting older, I’m going to add the three ball,” he said. “But I’m not in any rush right now. I’m still kind of young. As I get slower and older, I’m going to shoot more threes.” Oregonian

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February 5, 2014 Updates

"I haven't gotten that far into it because I want to wait until this summer," Aldridge said. "But at that point, we'll sit down and talk about it. ... If we're all on the same page, then I'm looking forward to it." The economic options are for Aldridge and his agent, Arn Tellem, to discuss. What shouldn't be overlooked is the fact that Aldridge is open to such a discussion in the first place. Olshey's plan and the Blazers' (34-14) renaissance have made him a believer. "We got off to a really hot start, which is good because now we have that cushion," Aldridge said. "Every team is going through that. This is the time of the year when the grind kind of catches up to you, so we've done a great job of putting ourselves in a really good position." CBSSports.com

"Winning and happiness and making sure my worth is valued," Aldridge said, when asked what he will prioritize when it comes time to decide his future. "It's always nice to be noticed for doing good things." CBSSports.com

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