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February 12, 2015 Updates
January 29, 2015 Updates

“It’s crazy [Lillard] didn’t get in,” Aldridge told Yahoo Sports via text. “He’s played great for us all season and has been one of the reasons for our success.” Yahoo! Sports

Marc Stein: ESPN sources say LaMarcus Aldridge has made the Western Conference All-Star team ... but DeMarcus Cousins appears to have missed out Twitter @ESPNSteinLine

January 25, 2015 Updates

He received a standing ovation in warm-ups on Saturday ("How many times do you get an ovation just coming out to warm up?," he said with a laugh) and the love-fest continued once his name was announced in the starting lineup. "They definitely got behind me, supported me and let me know that they didn't take my gesture for granted," Aldridge said. "They let me know that they appreciated it, and they had love for me, and that was one of the better moments of my career. I felt like they embraced the moment and what I was trying to do." USA Today Sports

"It was just me (making the decision)," he said. "I hadn't played in ... five or six days, and it was just getting to me. So when I went to shoot-around (on Saturday), I wanted to try to shoot with (the injured thumb). Then they taped me up, and I shot with it. So then, I was like, 'Well, I want to play one-on-one,' and I played one-on-one with one of the (assistant) coaches full court. And that felt good. After that, I just felt like, 'You know, I want to give it a try.'" Because surgery will be required at some point, the reality is that Aldridge can't do any more harm to his thumb that couldn't be fixed by the forthcoming procedure. The Blazers' season, of course, was at risk in ways that Aldridge wasn't ready to accept. "This wasn't a one-game thing," Aldridge said. "Once I said I was going to try, then I was back. And if it became too much, then I was going to have surgery. ... So as of now, I'm back. But if I get it whacked or if something happens where I can't tolerate it and I'm not playing at a good enough level to help the team, then I'll have surgery. But as of now, I think they have done a good job of protecting it, so I'm back for the season and then I'll just have surgery in the offseason." USA Today Sports

LaMarcus Aldridge made his dramatic return Saturday, playing through a torn ligament in his left thumb. And by night’s end, he was showered with chants of “M-V-P! M-V-P!” as the Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Washington Wizards 103-96. Aldridge had 24 points, nine rebounds and a game-sealing steal. He even got a post-game curtain call from PA announcer Mark Mason as he walked off the court after giving a TV interview. “I didn’t even know that he was waiting on me,” Aldridge said. “It was kind of surreal. That was a fun moment.” Columbian

Are you going to play the rest of the season? Or will you just see how much you can tolerate? My idea now is to play the rest of the season, but if it gets too much where I'm not playing at a very good level then I'll stop. But hopefully it goes well for us. Oregonian

January 24, 2015 Updates

LaMarcus Aldridge gave the thumbs down on thumb surgery on Saturday, when the Portland Trail Blazers star forward made the shocking decision to continue playing despite the tear in the radial collateral ligament in his left thumb. Aldridge was expected to have the surgery and miss six to eight weeks – the kind of time that would certainly have threatened the Blazers' incredible season. They were 31-12 before he went down in the game against the Sacramento Kings on Monday night, but the recent evidence strongly suggests that it wouldn't have continued. Portland is 11-7 when playing without Aldridge in the last two seasons. USA Today Sports

After testing his injured left thumb in a splint on the court, Portland Trail Blazers star LaMarcus Aldridge informed the organization that he wanted to postpone surgery and make an immediate return to the lineup. “I just want to try and play with it,” Aldridge told Yahoo Sports in a text message on Saturday afternoon. “We are having a good season and I want to keep it going. I’m going to try and play with it, if I can, and go from there.” Yahoo! Sports

The Blazers and Aldridge had planned a surgical procedure for torn ligaments in his thumb that would’ve sidelined him six to eight weeks, but Aldridge reported to the team’s practice facility on Saturday morning and informed the team trainer that he wanted to play, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

The are no assurances of how effectively, or how long, Aldridge can play with the injury, but there’s belief in the Portland organization that the long-term risk of this decision is minimal. Aldridge would’ve been required to wear a splint even after returning from surgery, sources told Yahoo Sports, so allowing him to try playing now isn’t believed to hold significantly more consequences. Yahoo! Sports

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