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January 28, 2014 Updates

Home base. So, what if Pacer Lance winds up signing with another team this summer? What if the Pacers simply can't afford to keep him without exploding the luxury tax threshold? What if the family would have to move to stay together? After all, Lantz was only three when the family moved here, and knows no other way of life. He factors into all equations. “That would be tough, because we like it here,” Father Lance said. “We're established here,” Bernadette said. “I told Lance, we might stay in Indiana,” Father Lance said. “You leave, but we might still be here,” Bernadette said, laughing again. NBA.com

January 23, 2014 Updates

Lance Stephenson said Wednesday he has started the process to appeal his $5,000 fine for violating the NBA’s anti-flopping policy. Stephenson defended his fall against the Golden State Warriors on Monday night. The league deemed it a flop. “I don’t feel like I flopped on that possession, it was very slippery on the floor,” said Stephenson, the Pacers’ starting guard. “When I ran into him, he pushed me and I tried to catch my ground and I slipped. I would’ve held my ground if it wasn’t slippery, but it was definitely slippery, so I’m definitely going to fight for that.” Indianapolis Star

January 21, 2014 Updates
January 19, 2014 Updates

Lance Stephenson, the flashiest player on the Pacers, said he won’t be involved in any of those events, but he does have a message for his teammate. “I ain’t got no dunks like that,” Lance Stephenson said. “Paul, that’s the guy that needs to be in the dunk contest.” Pacers.com

January 17, 2014 Updates

Stephenson's development has been fantastic. Pacers President Larry Bird gets credit for taking a chance on him with the 40th overall pick in the 2010 draft, and Pacers coach Frank Vogel deserves credit for helping him become a valuable player. He has turned into a fan favorite in Indiana. "He entertains. He plays solid basketball with a little flair, a little pizazz," Vogel said. "But it's winning basketball. These fans love a winner, but they love to be entertained. It's a special relationship. It's really a bond. They've really embraced him." USA Today Sports

Would you be angry if you don't get selected? “No,” he said quickly. “Not at all. I'm happy right now. We're all playing well. We're playing as a unit. That was just a bonus to me, to be nominated as an All-Star. If I don't make it, I'm still going to work hard and play good and have a chip on my shoulder.” NBA.com

January 15, 2014 Updates

If they fail to land a star of the magnitude of Anthony or James, there is a consolation prize. The Bulls would love to nab Lance Stephenson from the Indiana Pacers, move Jimmy Butler to the three and add highly touted Nikola Mirotic after using the amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer. That would give them a talented roster, but still not a great one. Chicago Sun-Times

Right around the time the Indiana Pacers' locker room was clearing out, after the team's 116-92 win over the Sacramento Kings, rookie Solomon Hill, C.J. Watson and Paul George huddled around a smartphone. Laughter and looks of utter confusion filled their circle. There's only one in that room who could incite such a reaction. Lance Stephenson. On Tuesday, Stephenson released an All-Star campaign video that is sure to go viral. In it, Stephenson wears thick-brimmed glasses and a shaggy blond wig. He is "Sir Lancealot" and he wants you to vote Lance Stephenson as a first-time All-Star. "Actually, shot that yesterday," said Stephenson, who held the production as his home. " Me and my cousin and Rasual (Butler) came up with the idea." Indianapolis Star

January 13, 2014 Updates
January 9, 2014 Updates
January 8, 2014 Updates

Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson has a right knee contusion that will force him to miss Wednesday night's game against the Atlanta Hawks, the Pacers said. Stephenson started the Pacers' first 34 games, averaging 13.4 points, 6.6 rebounds and a team-leading 5.2 assists per game. Stephenson said he hurt the knee while fighting through a screen by Toronto's Jonas Valanciunas on Tuesday night. Indianapolis Star

January 2, 2014 Updates

“I think Nate and Popeye have both spent a lot of time with Lance [Stephenson],” Vogel noted specifically. “Nate has also spent a lot of time with Paul George. Both of those guys are very experienced and have come in and been sharp right from the start. They’re doing great jobs, as well as Dan Burke, obviously. The staff cohesion is as good as it’s been in the last couple of years.” Pacers.com

December 29, 2013 Updates
December 24, 2013 Updates

The most obvious example – beyond his staying in the blowout only to complete a triple-double – came when he crossed over Celtics guard Courtney Lee, then sank a jumper and proceeded to shimmy in place after the shot went through. The Celtics weren’t thrilled after their 106-79 loss — but they were especially unhappy with Stephenson’s actions. “Of course,” Jeff Green said when asked if he was upset at how Stephenson acted. “That’s not basketball. He made great plays, but at the end of the day, make a great play and get back at the other end.” Boston Globe

December 23, 2013 Updates

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