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As NBA free agency opens tonight (midnight), #Knicks will make heavy overtures to free agent targets such as Steve Nash and Jason Kidd, but also focus in-house with free agents Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak, J.R. Smith and Landry Fields, but don't expect any immediate action. This is a new climate with a new CBA, so its worth seeing what the market sets for each player. Contracts can't be signed until July 11, so the next 10 days will be a nerve-wracking whirlwind. Sulia

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Model Elaine Alden, who has been in Hot Clicks a couple of times, is dating Knicks guard Landry Fields. (More proof that it's good to be an athlete.) Obviously, this makes Alden a layup for today's LLOD honors. SI.com

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Anthony is waiting to see who he will be playing with next season. Knicks management must make decisions regarding many of the team’s potential free agents, including Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak and Landry Fields. “We have to build some consistency up here in New York,” Anthony said. “Over the past 10 years there’s been no consistency. It’s been one team in and one team out. We are just getting started. I don’t want to see those guys leave. New York Daily News

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It would be no surprise if power forward Josh Owens were the smartest guy in the gym, being that he's a Stanford guy and all. But Owens also being the best athlete in the gym, that might come as a shock. That explains why Owens is getting more attention during NBA draft workouts than he did during his five-year Stanford career. Two years after Stanford forward Landry Fields rose from anonymity to second-round sleeper, Owens is trying to do the same. "I would love to be that guy this year," Owens said after working out for the Warriors at the team's downtown Oakland practice facility Monday. Contra Costa Times

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But the chemistry between Lin and Fields on the court is obvious. Fields was on the receiving end of two Lin lobs for easy alley-oop dunks in Wednesday’s win, and exploited Sacramento’s defense for an easy backdoor layup, as well. “We talk a lot out there,” Fields said. “If I see something, I’ll tell him, and vice versa.When that happens, we usually capitalize on it.” For all of the plaudits that Lin has received for running the pick-and-roll, D’Antoni also praised Fields’ ability to run the staple of D’Antoni’s up-tempo offense, as well. “The biggest surprise, and the most improved, is Landry Fields and how he runs the pick-and-roll now,” D’Antoni said. “He had five assists tonight, seven last night, something like that. Now we’ve got a couple [of] guys, and that should be easy money for Tyson [Chandler] and Amar’e [Stoudemire].” New York Post

In contrast to many ballers’ models-and-bottles antics, Lin’s night out after the game included bringing his parents, having just one Bud Light, avoiding crowds of admiring women, and a paparazzi-free escape. After Wednesday’s game — attended by stars including Mike Tyson, Mary J. Blige, Whoopi Goldberg and Al Gore — Lin celebrated his dad, Gie-Ming’s birthday with his mom, Shirley, at Valbella on West 13th Street. Sources say the family, along with teammate Landry Fields, ordered “no alcohol,” and Jeremy stuck to water with his Dover sole special. But the party did load up on sweets, including a Napoleon birthday cake, chocolate soufflé, “lava cake” and creme brulee. New York Post

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I ask Fields about the night that Lin crashed on his couch before his first career start. A whopping six games ago. I ask if either of them could have ever envisioned this, that two weeks later they'd be in Toronto with more than 100 people on hand to talk to Jeremy. "What's going on right now? No! You can't even write this. This doesn't happen in movies," Fields says. "… I hope this is the beginning. It's great. It's phenomenal. It's an inspirational story right now. It's something that we're going to look at over time and take a lot from it. "At times I find myself speechless, just to be a part of it," the shooting guard continues. "Sometimes I have to step back. I'll have to write my memoirs about it all. It's the kind of story that we need. A lot of times people get bad reps out there, a certain type of athlete. To see this happen, it's really … it's phenomenal." Yahoo! Sports

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There were many reasons everyone freaked out when Knicks guard Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere to lead the team to four straight wins (yeah, they won Saturday too, but he didn’t play nearly as well), one of those reasons being that Lin came so out of nowhere that as of last anyone checked, he was sleeping on his brother’s couch (good thing he had family in the city). And yesterday, to cement that growing aspect of Lin’s legend, teammate Landry Fields tweeted a picture of what he said was the couch in question. SportsGrid.com

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