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The general manager search continues for the Portland Trail Blazers as owner Paul Allen recently interviewed two GM candidates – former New Orleans Hornets GM Jeff Bower and current Indiana Pacers GM David Morway. Trail Blazers' president, Larry Miller, says they're not done conducting interviews and the plan is to have at least three candidates sit down with Allen before it's all said and done. “We'll keep interviewing,” Miller told CSNNW.com. CSNNW.com

May 9, 2012 Updates

A Portland Trail Blazers spokesperson issued the following statement from president Larry Miller to a recent Grantland.com story that featured extensive comments from former Blazers center Greg Oden. "It’s easy to second guess all that factors into Greg Oden's career, but one thing we're certain of is that we took great care of Greg and always put his health and well being first. We were exceedingly patient and cautious with his return to the court in order that he would ultimately become the player we all dreamed he could be. "Unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way anyone would have liked., but we all have to turn the page now and move on. "We love Greg and always will. He's an outstanding young man and we wish him nothing but the best for the future." Blazers Edge

May 8, 2012 Updates

Adrian Wojnarowski: "There's a lot of guys capable of doing the job and doing it well. There's more than one out there. They just need to pick one. They just need to hire one. This has gone on for a long time. They've had a lot rejection, quietly, a lot of rejection. "They checked in with a few standing GMs in the league. I think the feeling among GMs everywhere - on the surface, it's an attractive job. Resources, unbelievable fanbase, history, an owner who is willing to spend historically. All of those things. The ownership situation - people aren't sure about it. Is [Paul Allen] going to keep the team? Is he going to sell it? And then obviously, the layers of bureaucracy in being the GM there. Whether it's dealing with the people in Seattle, whether it's the role [president] Larry Miller is going to have. Paul Allen obviously. Blazers Edge

So they settle for a No. 2 guy? Adrian Wojnarowski: "Yeah, that's who I think it will end up being. An assistant GM, a number two guy somewhere. "It was reported out there about David Morway from Indiana. He's very good. I think Indiana - that's a good model for a lot of teams. The way they built that Pacers team, through the draft, some smart trades. That Pacers group, when you look where those guys were picked - I can't give Indiana enough credit. When you're picking in that 10-11 to 17-18 range, you don't get many impact players, and they have. They've put together a good group, a playoff team, drafting not in great spots. From Roy Hibbert to Danny Granger to Tyler Hansbrough, the George Hill trade was tremendous. I think David Morway would be a good GM for Portland. For me, it's how much more rejection are they willing to take publicly? Blazers Edge

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The Blazers should. If an audit should prove favorable to the medical staffers, it would clear them of any blame for the higher-than-average number of injuries to their players. That could be important not only to the fan base but also to prospective free agents, who might wonder about the team’s track record of late. “I agree with that,” Miller responds. “But if you look at serious injuries, you’re talking about Brandon (Roy), who had knee issues coming in, and Greg (Oden). I don’t know if there’s anything we could have done differently. The others have all been things that happened through the course of an NBA season. That has happened with a number of teams. Portland Tribune

April 23, 2012 Updates

Blazers president Larry Miller met with TNT analyst Steve Kerr in San Diego on Saturday, but nothing came out of the meeting in regards to the team's general manager job, Kerr's agent Mark Bartelstein told HoopsHype. "The media guys in Portland are getting ahead of themselves with this story," Bartelstein said. "Steve (Kerr) has a good relationship with Larry Miller and met with him, but nothing specific was addressed and no offer was made. Steve is very happy with his job at TNT and his life right now, being able to be around his children and spending time with his family. A unique set of circumstances would have to happen for Steve to give up on that. He's not actively looking for anything." HoopsHype

April 22, 2012 Updates

President Larry Miller's search for a new general manager is underway and a roster shakeup will follow. The new GM will have the biggest say in the coaching hire, but Miller says Canales will, at the very least, be considered for the permanent job. "I think he's done a good job so far," Miller said. "He's got the guys playing hard every night out there. Obviously, from a talent perspective, we are a little short. But the job that he's done as a coach has been really good. The guys have been supportive of him. In fact, a number of them have come to me and talked about how much they appreciate the job he's doing and have lobbied for him to get the job full-time." Oregonian

So interim general manager Chad Buchanan sat Batum down before the team's game at Sacramento last Sunday, told Batum he respected the way he was trying to finish the season and urged him to listen to his body and avoid doing anything reckless that might cause serious damage. "Then he looked at me and said, 'I want to play for Kaleb,'" Buchanan said. Oregonian

April 21, 2012 Updates

Steve Kerr and John Hammond -- two candidates who have been down this road before -- are back in the mix of the Trail Blazers' search for a general manager. Team president Larry Miller, who is heading the search, said he is not taking no for an answer when it comes to Kerr, the former Phoenix Suns general manager and current TNT television analyst. According to agent Mark Bartelstein, Kerr will have lunch with Miller this weekend in San Diego, even though he already has told Miller he is happy being a father, husband and television analyst for TNT. "I haven't given up on Kerr," Miller said Friday. Oregonian

Kerr, 47, was Miller's first target last May after Rich Cho was fired, but he turned down the overtures, citing his desire to be with his family. Bartelstein on Friday reiterated those sentiments. "Steve's life right now with TNT and his family could not be better," Bartelstein said. "He hasn't had one thought for being a coach or a general manager. But when someone calls, you listen." Oregonian

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