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Blazers president Larry Miller on future of interim coach Kaleb Canales: "I have had a number of [players] tell me directly they support him. That definitely will be taken into consideration. Our goal is to put ourselves in the best position to win, not just to win games, but to win a championship. We're going to look at that and that will be a major factor as we go through this. Kaleb has a lot of support, not just from the players but from the organization." (Via Blazers Courtside) Sulia

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While the free-agent list isn't particularly strong, there are possibilities in the Blazers' biggest areas of needs. "We don't have a starting point guard or center under contract, so those are two primary focuses for us in free agency," Buchanan says. Among the unrestricted free agents at point guard are Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Goran Dragic, Kirk Hinrich, Chauncey Billups and Andre Miller. Williams, who turns 28 in June, is likely to be the most sought-after free agent at any position. With Dragic (26 on May 6) and Kyle Lowry (26) both starter types in Houston, one of them may be available. Then there is Aaron Brooks, the former Oregon standout who spent this season in China. He is still the property of Phoenix as a restricted free agent. Portland Tribune

At center, Chris Kaman is the most attractive unrestricted free-agent candidate. Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez and Javale McGee are among the restricted free-agent post men. Two years ago, the Blazers offered restricted free agent Matthews a five-year, $32.9 million contract. Utah did not match the offer. "If there is somebody on that restricted list we feel strongly about, we'll make an offer," Miller says. "If the team matches, there's not a lot we can do. But we wouldn't take the approach that we shouldn't go after a player just because we think the team might match." Portland Tribune

Maybe Miller was in New York interviewing former Knicks president Donnie Walsh, with a second stop in Philadelphia to meet with Larry Brown, who wants to get back into the NBA. I don't know. It's tough to get a read on Miller, who in one breath says he wants to fill the position but in the next breath says too much is being made of the vacancy. "If we decided tomorrow to name Chad the GM, what would change?" he asked. "In essence, the reality is nothing would change other than we would promote Chad into that permanent role. It's not like we have nobody watching the store. That's not the case. We have a really effective person and an effective team who are managing our basketball operations. "So to the fans and to the people who are saying the answer is getting a GM ... we have a GM," Miller said. Oregonian

Allen has expressed an interest in hiring an experienced general manager. At this rate, he may have found that experience in Buchanan, who is preparing for his second draft and third free agency period as the main guy. I know few, if any, in the Blazers' offices would complain. Buchanan is very well-liked, has no ego and carries an unflappable demeanor. I disagree with his decision to trade Andre Miller and Rudy Fernandez for Felton, and I question in last year's draft whether Kenneth Faried wouldn't have been a better pick at No.21 than Nolan Smith. But he has created financial flexibility for the team to operate this summer. Oregonian

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Team president Larry Miller has heard the complaints and he has seen the empty seats. But before Wednesday's game, he also had a cat-ate-the-canary smile. Earlier in the day, he said he made "progress" on his search for a general manager. He spoke with a big-name candidate, and arranged a face-to-face interview for later in the week. He also has another interview lined up this week with a different candidate. He knows the candidates he is interviewing will be in position to make a splash this summer. The Blazers could have two lottery picks in a very strong draft. And they will have between $15 million and $20 million to sign free agents. New general manager or not, Miller said the current management team has a plan for this summer, and the plan is to instantly transform the Blazers back into a contender. There will be no rebuilding project. No plan to take years off from the playoffs. The top priority is finding a point guard. Then finding a center. "We are dreaming big," Miller said. Oregonian

So think Steve Nash. Think Deron Williams. Think Roy Hibbert. Brook Lopez. "We can't say 'We are going after this guy, that guy, and this guy'," Miller said. "But we have positioned ourselves to compete for those big-name players. And this is a strong draft. Whether we trade our picks, or use our picks, we are going to get better going into next season." Whether the Blazers can lure a big-time free agent to Portland remains to be seen. Outside of Andre Miller, the Blazers have never been able to lure a star to Portland through free agency. But they have two things going for them: More free agent money than they have ever had, and a star player in LaMarcus Aldridge who is willing to recruit. Earlier this season, at the All-Star Game in Orlando, Aldridge said he planted a seed with Nash about signing in Portland. "Just messing with him about coming here," Aldridge said. "I was throwing little stuff out there." Oregonian

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The Blazers are in the process of hiring a general manager and will then begin looking at hiring a head coach. Brown has handled both jobs in San Antonio and Philadelphia. “If I went to the NBA, I’d want to work for a great owner who has a passion for it, an organization that has a plan and values,” Brown says. “I want to be at a place where everybody’s working together. I don’t want to be somewhere they’re not. “Pop and R.C. worked for me. Kevin O’Connor worked for me. Talk about two franchises (San Antonio and Utah) that have the right values. That’s what I want to be involved in. “I know the league. I know what it takes to win. I love to compete. I love being around coaches and players. Don’t tell me pro players don’t want to be taught. Guys know in five minutes if you know what you’re talking about.” Portland Tribune

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Trail Blazer president Larry Miller Thursday morning denied knowledge of any talks with prospective buyers. "My reaction is that I know absolutely nothing about that," Miller said. "I have no knowledge of any groups that have been talking to anyone down here, that’s for sure. I would assume if that were the case I would know about it. "In the past, when Paul was thinking about it, I was in the loop. But that went away. Could there be something going on? Maybe...but I don't think so." CSNNW.com

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And that's why the biggest news of the day came well before Tuesday's tipoff, the type of news needed to take the first step toward re- establishing the Rose Garden as the place to be: Team president Larry Miller said the team has reopened its search for a general manager. Oregonian

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