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May 25, 2012 Updates

We had 150 or so voters, and we ranked all the NBA players. I'm here to apologize. We were wrong. Lavoy Allen: It's all good. If I asked you who 482 was, do you know who that was? I have no idea. Lavoy Allen: But you know who number 500 was, though, right? I do. I do. Lavoy Allen: I should thank you guys. ESPN.com

You're very big about this. But I'm telling you, we're watching you play, and emailing each other and saying, Man, we did a bad job on that. Lavoy Allen: I don't blame you guys. A lot of guys on the list hadn't played an NBA game yet. Someone had to be at the bottom. ESPN.com

May 19, 2012 Updates

With the Sixers needing to contain Kevin Garnett - who finished with just 9 points on 3-of-12 shooting - those duties fell to Allen, who performed admirably, especially as the game wore on and the Sixers drew closer. "Lavoy, once again, defensively just did a tremendous job,’’ Collins said. Boston Globe

May 18, 2012 Updates
May 14, 2012 Updates

Also on the injury list is forward Elton Brand, who is nursing a sore neck. Brand played only a bit over 15 minutes on Saturday, partially due to the injury, partially due to the effectiveness of Lavoy Allen, who scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds in just under 20 minutes. "E.B. was struggling a little bit and Lavoy was playing great," coach Doug Collins said. "I think the guys know that at this point in time I've got to go with the guys who are playing well. E.B. is a proud guy and he's going to give everything he can [in Game 2]. If he's playing well, he'll get those minutes. When they went to a smaller lineup, it's hard to get E.B. and Spencer [Hawes] out there together." Philadelphia Inquirer

December 9, 2011 Updates
November 30, 2011 Updates

The first question was about the players that went overseas to play during the lockout: Nikola Vucevic, Lavoy Allen, and Craig Brackins. Rod Thorn: "They are all coming back. Lavoy has a game Friday that he's going to play in in France and then he'll be back. Brackins is already back. And then with Nikola, we hope to have him here as quickly as possible. Obviously we have to get a visa in order in order to get him here and we have to have some sort of a contract in order to do that. But all of them will be here. Everybody will be on time -- we hope Nikola will be. It may be an extra day for him." Philadelphia Inquirer

July 14, 2011 Updates

In a perfect world, Lavoy Allen would be playing with a Sixers summer-league team, impressing management so much that it would be preparing to throw a guaranteed contract at its second-round draft choice. This is not a perfect world or anything close to it in the NBA these days. So, as the league's lockout continues, Allen has done the prudent thing. The Big 5 Player of the Year from Temple signed a contract with Strasbourg in France. "I got the offer not even a week ago," Allen said last night. Without the lockout, he would not have been looking anywhere but his hometown. "If there was no lockout, I would be here waiting for training camp," Allen said. Philadelphia Inquirer

July 13, 2011 Updates

Less than three weeks after fulfilling a lifetime dream and being drafted by his hometown Sixers, Lavoy Allen is now headed to France. The former Temple star was selected 50th overall by the Sixers in the second round of the NBA draft, but with the ongoing NBA lockout, the 2011-12 season is uncertain. A number of NBA players, including New Jersey Nets star Deron Williams, have already signed overseas contracts with opt-out clauses if the lockout is resolved. Allen is the latest player to take his talents to Europe. Allen signed a contract with Strasbourg IG in France. The contract includes an opt-out clause if the NBA lockout is resolved. The clause expires in January, which is when the NBA must resolve the lockout in order to salvage its season. “My agent called me with the opportunity and he thinks it’s the best opportunity for me,” Allen said. “It’s a great team, great city and great coach.” CSNPhilly.com

If the lockout is not resolved anytime soon, Allen will leave for France in late August. If the lockout is resolved at some point, Allen doesn’t necessarily have to opt out of his contract. It’s his option whether or not he wants to stay in France or return to the NBA. But Allen said he will definitely opt out if and when the lockout is resolved. “The NBA is my dream,” Allen said, “so if the opportunity comes and the lockout ends, I will opt out.” CSNPhilly.com

June 15, 2011 Updates
June 2, 2011 Updates
May 27, 2011 Updates
May 23, 2011 Updates
April 13, 2011 Updates

LaVoy Allen spoke to Andre Buck on the phone for 3 hrs yesterday. Don't be surprised if he signs with Buck prior to #NBADraft. Twitter

April 9, 2011 Updates

Temple coach Fran Dunphy said Friday that Lavoy Allen is neither injured nor ill and that the 6-foot-9 forward simply decided not to attend the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament for personal reasons. "There's really no story behind this other than, as Lavoy said, he didn't go because of personal reasons," Dunphy said. "He will go to a number of individual camps, so he'll have a chance to show his talents in front of NBA people. I'm not sure how that will be determined." Dunphy said Allen has yet to sign with an agent. "He hasn't chosen one yet, but he will," he said. Philadelphia Inquirer

April 8, 2011 Updates

One of those sources is an agent Allen is considering – Allen said he is sitting down with agents in the next few weeks to decide who will represent him – and the other source is Bobby Martin, a basketball workout guru. Martin, who played college basketball at Pittsburgh from 1987-91 and then professionally in Europe, trains NBA hopefuls in his basketball facility just outside of Boston. “[Lavoy] wanted to come [to Portsmouth] but unfortunately something came up,” Martin said. “While it would’ve been nice to show up, I believe [the NBA scouts are] not going to judge him for [three] games. They’re going to look at his body of work. “I think if they understand the family issue that went on, I don’t think it should be used as a strike against him. Something came up. This kid has legitimate issues [he had to deal with].” CSNPhilly.com

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