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Sources say Kidd and Frank's relationship began to sour after assistant Joe Prunty, not Frank, was named the team's interim coach for the first two games of the season, when Kidd was serving a suspension. Sources say Frank, the assistant with the most head-coaching experience, seemed to be hurt by that decision. A rift between the two widened after a blowup at the team facility that could be heard by many others in the building, sources confirmed. Clearly, Kidd and Frank were on two different pages. The team made efforts to smooth things over, but Kidd and the organization felt the last alternative was the best solution. The only solution. One coaching source told ESPN.com's Marc Stein that the Nets ultimately concluded that the pairing would not work if Frank insisted on telling Kidd "what to do." ESPN.com

Kidd's initial approach was to allow Frank and assistant coach John Welch to handle the defensive and offensive duties as coordinators of sorts. Kidd envisioned his coaching style to be much the same as how Larry Bird leaned on veteran assistants Rick Carlisle and Dick Harter with the Pacers. But two sources say Nets players felt Frank was overcoaching earlier in the season, and the worry was that players would tune him out. ESPN.com

Sources say the players support Kidd and prefer to hear one voice. The Frank demotion shows that Kidd has decided to be more hands-on and be the dominant voice, even if he is still very much finding his own coaching voice. ESPN.com

Fair enough. But Scott does know both Kidd and Frank, and the man who coached the Nets to consecutive trips to the NBA Finals was not at all surprised the union between the two barely outlasted the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries marriage. “It does surprise me a little that it happened so quickly,” Scott told The Post, admitting he had not been aware of Tuesday’s bombshell move when Kidd demoted his former lead assistant Frank because of philosophical differences. “But it’s safe to say that I’m not [surprised] it happened at all because of the personalities involved.” New York Post

In Kidd and Frank, Scott sees two “very strong-willed” individuals who easily could have a hard time distinguishing the boss-employer relationship. “When I’m putting a staff together,” said Scott, “the key point of emphasis for me is, ‘I want you to be open and honest, I want your input but at the end of the day, I’m going to do what I think is best.’ “In Jason and Lawrence, I detect two very strong-willed people who don’t back down,” Scott said. “I could easily see maybe Jason getting to the point where he felt Lawrence was over-stepping his bounds.” New York Post

Until Tuesday, the Brooklyn Nets were one of 16 teams featuring at least one assistant with previous head coaching experience in the NBA. With Lawrence Frank now re-assigned to filing daily reports after clashing with former player Jason Kidd, the Nets now join a short list of seven squads with a coaching staff featuring no one with head coaching experience in the league up to this season. Check the table below to find out which teams have the least and most experienced staffs in the NBA. HoopsHype

December 4, 2013 Updates

Jay Williams, the former two-time College Basketball Player of the Year, former Chicago Bulls guard and one-time invitee to New Jersey Nets training camp, told Jason Mcintyre of The Big Lead that Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank had "always had friction," dating back to their days when their relationship was as a player and coach. "I’m speaking totally upon speculation here, but when I played training camp there, and I worked out with J-Kidd for a good five or six months, there was always a little bit of friction between [Kidd and Frank]. Not in the regards of, ‘hey, we hate each other,’ but more so in their styles; their approach to the game," Jay Williams said. NetsDaily

Nets assistant coach Lawrence Frank is in the process of retaining “high-powered” legal counsel, presumably to settle a buyout with the franchise in the wake of being “re-assigned” by head coach Jason Kidd, a league source told The Post. When the Nets hired Frank — a former head coach with the Nets, whom Kidd had publicly pursued to be one of his assistants after taking the job back in June — they gave him a six-year deal worth a total of roughly $6 million, according to league sources, making him the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA. New York Post

There was very little emotion from Kidd, and zero regret. He cited a “difference in philosophies” as the reason for the change, which followed the Daily News reporting last week that Kidd and Frank were at odds. A source also told The News that Frank was bad-mouthing Kidd to others around the league, apparently unhappy with Kidd and the partnership. When Kidd needed him most, Frank was complaining behind his back. New York Daily News

After Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd blistered top assistant Lawrence Frank in a staff meeting on Nov. 4, the partnership was irreparably damaged and ultimately spiraled to its end on Tuesday, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Hours after a blowout loss to the Orlando Magic – Kidd's first game on the bench following a two-game suspension to start the season – the entire coaching staff witnessed Kidd lose his temper with Frank and escalate a strangely uneasy and brief coaching partnership together. Yahoo! Sports

There had been conversations about moving forward together in recent weeks, league sources said, but the decision to let go of Frank was Kidd's choice. Yahoo! Sports

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