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November 21, 2014 Updates

"It's my biggest test," James said Friday morning in advance of the Cavs' game against the Washington Wizards (ESPN, 8 p.m.). "My patience isn't [endless]. I have a low tolerance for things of this nature. So it's something I'm working on as well, which I knew from the beginning that that was going to be my biggest test to see how much patience I got with the process. ESPN.com

LeBron grins at the memories of practicing with Varejao when he and his young Cavaliers were finding their way. In those days they were the underdogs. Each step deeper into the playoffs was a surprise. "He would go 120 percent, and sometimes not everyone is ready to go 120 percent at practice,'' James says. "So he would frustrate guys for sure, and he's still doing it.'' NBA.com

"I knew LeBron. So I know how he's a good person, and he cares about the people that he loves, he cares about his family, he cares about the others,'' says Varejao in English, his third language. "But when he left, the way he did it, it was wrong. He had the rights to go anywhere he wants to go. But the way he did it -- I'm not here to second-guess him or what he did -- but to me, in my opinion, it wasn't the right way to do it. And I believe he said that later on. But I knew it was tough for him. Because even before he told everybody the way he did it was wrong, I could tell he went through some tough times, when everybody was talking bad about him. You can ignore a lot of outside noises, but because of who he is, I guarantee you it got to him. I believe it was tough for him.'' NBA.com

As the Cavaliers fell further back in the game, Varejao found himself making a stand on behalf of the team that James had left behind. In the run of play he pulled off James' headband and tossed it aside, as if he no longer recognized the authority of the King's crown. "I was just trying to get him off his rhythm,'' Varejao says. "I knew that he would not like that. Because he wears headband for a long time, and people were saying he was losing his hair and stuff, and I thought that it could get him off his game a little bit.'' NBA.com

A jersey worn by LeBron James during the second half of his regular season return to Cleveland last month sold for $50,040 on Thursday night. The jersey, auctioned by the NBA, was used by James on Oct. 30, for the Cavaliers' season opener against the New York Knicks. ESPN.com

November 20, 2014 Updates
November 19, 2014 Updates

Chris Haynes: Apparently Hulk Hogan will be at tonight's game of #Cavs, Spurs. LeBron James got word, yelled "Joe [Harris], your dad is going to be here." Twitter @ChrisBHaynes

November 18, 2014 Updates

James himself has acknowledged that the Spurs' dismantling of the Heat may have altered the course of NBA history, telling CNN's Rachel Nichols in September that "it would (have been) hard to leave back-to-back-to- back championships" but also saying that even he doesn't truly know what his final decision might have been. "You really can't live and think of what may have happened," James said. "For me, I've always been a person (to) kind of live in the moment." USA Today Sports

"I'm not sure that it would have been different (with James if the Heat had won)," said Ginobili, who capped off a renaissance season with the five-game Finals victory. "Actually, it could have made even more sense for him to go and try to win somewhere else. It would make it an even bigger (goal) to go and try to win in your home. I don't know the guy. I (have) just played against him many times, but I don't know how he thinks or what made him make the decision, but I'm not sure that it was because of (the Spurs winning)." USA Today Sports

November 17, 2014 Updates

"We’re a long ways away," Mike Miller was saying hours before the game while the media scrum hopped from LeBron James to Irving to Love. "But listen, there’s no substitute for talent. We have that. There’s no substitute for experience. We have that. There’s no substitute for youth and athleticism. We have that. So it’s a matter of things coming together. I tell people all the time, saying we’re going to sacrifice without knowing the outcome is very difficult to do. For the guys that have been through it and sacrificed and see what it’s worth, that’s where we can help. We’ll figure it out. Everybody wants it today. So do we. It’s just not going to be that easy." SB Nation

November 16, 2014 Updates

LeBron James scored 32 points and the Cleveland Cavaliers made their first 11 3-point attempts, including nine in the first quarter, to rout the Atlanta Hawks 127-94 on Saturday night. The Cavaliers became the first team in NBA history to go 9 for 9 or better from behind the arc in a quarter, according to information provided to the team by the Elias Sports Bureau. James hit three 3-pointers in the period, while Kevin Love and Joe Harris had two apiece. The Cavaliers set a team record by going 19 for 31 on 3s. USA Today Sports

Cleveland has been zipping that ball all around the court to the point where it has become contagious. On Saturday it translated into a franchise record 19 threes made and James wasn't the least surprised. "It just comes from moving the ball," he said. "Guys get a rhythm. When you're sharing the ball...the energy of the ball moving, moving, moving and whoever was at the end of it, the recipient of it was just stepping into their shot and knocking it down. It just comes from great karma of playing the game the right way." Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 15, 2014 Updates

In 2010, the biggest prize was LeBron James, but the free-agent class that summer was crammed with stars of every sort — including Johnson, who eventually returned to Atlanta with a massive six-year, $123.7 million contract. But he did so only after a flirtation with the Knicks. “Almost. Almost,” Johnson recalled of the Knicks’ contention. “The Knicks were the first team I met with.” New York Post

Johnson met with then-coach Mike D’Antoni, assistant general manager Allan Houston and owner James Dolan. “We all met and talked and they had a great presentation. It was impressive. You know what threw me off more than anything?” Johnson asked. “Obviously there was the money difference, but they said, ‘You needed a place in Westchester and you needed a place in the city.’ They said you would roughly spend like $5 million. “I was like, ‘aw, no,’ as opposed to being in Atlanta where I was already established with a solid team that was getting better every year. New York Post

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