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March 23, 2015 Updates

The end of the season, whenever it comes for Cleveland, will bring about another big question for Love, who can opt out of his contract to test free agency. He will be in a position to assess everything -- his role with the Cavs, his connection to the city of Cleveland, his relationship with the players and coaches -- in making his decision about his future. Perhaps the most important relationship to consider will be that of Love and LeBron James, who is unequivocally the most important person in the Cavs franchise. "It's fine," Love said of his relationship with James. "You know, we're not best friends, we're not hanging out every day, but we see each other every day, whether at the practice facility, whether on the road or going to a game. I think our relationship is also evolving. I can say the same with each and every coach, Coach Blatt and each and every player on the team. But that's part of the NBA." ESPN.com

But during Love's appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, he picked Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook -- his college teammate at UCLA -- over James for MVP. Love, breaking from tradition by not supporting a teammate who's up for MVP, cited the two weeks James took off to rest nagging injuries, even though James (61 games) has played more than Westbrook this season (55 games). "They're both having an MVP-type season, but I'm going to go with Russell Westbrook because he's, every single night you're looking at his stat sheet, they're fighting for a playoff spot, with Serge Ibaka going down now, Kevin Durant potentially being out the rest of the year and him still going out there and fighting for his team, and winning, and fighting for that seventh or eighth spot in the playoffs," Love said. "I think Russ is arguably having the better season." Cleveland Plain Dealer

Only, the perimeter pressure and interior help on defense, the weak-side rebounding, the quicker decisions on the pick-and-rolls, the energy Cleveland would need to come back against the Milwaukee Bucks still wasn't there. So LeBron James started barking at his teammates. "I was frustrated with our play and the guys know how I felt about it and they responded," James said Sunday. Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 22, 2015 Updates

As a bonus, in case he needs the pick-me-up, Nash can console himself with the knowledge that at least one pretty good basketball team still covets his services. League sources told ESPN.com earlier this month that LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers -- who happen to have two of the biggest Nash admirers on Earth in their front office in David Griffin and former teammate Raja Bell -- let it be known to longtime Nash agent Bill Duffy that they would love to give the old man a whirl as a short-minute backup to Kyrie Irving if Nash wanted to seek a buyout after the trade deadline from whoever had him at that point. No chance, though. He only wanted to come back -- and go out -- as a Laker. ESPN.com

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LeBron James: Congrats to my brothers @kevinlove @KyrieIrving @RealTristan13 @matthewdelly on clinching a playoff spot lastnight for 1st time in their careers. It's an amazing feet and u guys should know that. Don't take that moment for granted and I'm happy I'm apart of you guys first. Twitter @KingJames

March 20, 2015 Updates

LeBron James did not attend shootaround Friday morning due to an illness and is questionable for tonight's home game against the Indiana Pacers. Coincidentally the last game James missed was in Indiana on Feb. 27, a game Head Coach David Blatt chose to rest him and the Cavaliers ended up losing 93-86. Indiana leads the season-series 2-1. Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 19, 2015 Updates

James' shoes are the top seller in the NBA, easily outpacing Kevin Durant's Nike shoe ($195 million). Forbes cited sales information from SportScanInfo, a subscription-based service. James was aware of his shoes' sales numbers after the game. Cleveland Plain Dealer

James' multimedia company - Springhill Productions - is in the midst of a huge fiscal year, from the renewal of its first TV show "Survivor's Remorse," to its new upcoming sports show for children on Disney XD, to its prime-time game show that's in production. And, of course, James' No. 23 Cavaliers jersey is the NBA's best seller. Cleveland Plain Dealer

"My business is doing very well," James said. "But I think more importantly it's what I do on the floor. And what I do on the floor, as a citizen off the floor, being a professional, everything that I have, I approach it that way, and that's the benefit of it for sure. I give it all to my friends and to all the people who love the way I approach the game." Cleveland Plain Dealer

"For me, my main thing is about playing basketball," James told the Northeast Ohio Media Group, following his 16-point, seven-assist outing against the Nets. "Obviously I love my partnership with Nike. We've done so many great things, but it starts with performance and all of us at Nike we perform first and we let everything take care of itself. "For me to be able to have those numbers just means that fans still love what I do on the floor. They appreciate how I approach the game and everything else benefits from that." Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 18, 2015 Updates

LeBron James remains the biggest endorsement star in the sport with estimated earnings of $44 million this year off the court, and he is still the king when it comes to moving product. Nike sold $340 million worth of James’ signature shoes in the last 12-months through January, up 13% from the prior year, according to SportScanInfo. It is nearly double the amount of the NBA’s second best seller, Kevin Durant. Durant’s KD signature line of sneakers had sales of $195 million in 2014 for Nike, up 11% from the prior year. This follows a meteoric 400% rise in 2013 when Nike flooded the market with the popular KD VI. The low-top version of the this season’s KD7 in flashy colors like teal and pink is a bit hit with female teens, according to SportScanInfo footwear analyst Andy Annunziata, who compiled the sales data for Forbes. Nike made a huge bet on the NBA’s reigning MVP last summer when it inked Durant to a 10-year contract extension that could pay as much as $300 million, including royalties. It is the richest player endorsement deal in the history of sports. Forbes.com

Even though his head was lowered, using his peripheral vision, he some somehow managed to catch one of the media delegates taking a picture of him while he was semi-bare." James' response: "That's not cool, man. I don't miss anything." The offender, meanwhile, "was able to manipulate his phone gallery in such a way that buried the most recent pictures taken." But the story doesn't end there, weirdly enough. After the Cavaliers lost to the Miami Heat on Monday, James had a towel on but was speaking to the reporters. Two unnamed members of the media used their phones to snap photos and were caught and removed by a member of the Cavaliers' staff. James was told about the aforementioned removal and had one response: A shake of his head. He joined countless others with the same reaction. Newark Star-Ledger

What’s something about playing with LeBron that we don’t know? Love: I think he’s very cerebral. He’s a guy that, you know, just soaks everything up. He knows what play is coming from the other team. We’re watching film and talking about the other team and personnel and you know what they want to accomplish out there on the floor and he’s the one speaking up. It’s the coaches that have the scout, but he’s been around the league many times and knows other team’s coaching staff and how other players like to play and goes out there and speaks his mind and kind of tells us how we’re going to play out there. For The Win

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