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July 11, 2014 Updates

Editors didn't tell their business-side counterparts about the scoop ahead of time. "The reason we got this story, I think, is because Lebron's team trusted us not to turn it into a circus," Mr. Stone explained. "So to parlay it into a commercial endeavor ahead of time would have been inappropriate." Advertising Age

James became branded by The Decision, and Gilbert became a hostage to his Letter. Only, James would win two titles in four years with the Heat, and winning washes everything away. Winning changes the story. The Cavaliers have lost a lot of games, made mistakes and then Gilbert started to understand something: For all his business genius, all his rebuilding of Detroit and charitable endeavors and everything he had done in his life, the letter had come to define him. "Do a Google search on me, and it's the first thing that comes up," Gilbert told Yahoo Sports. "To a certain segment of society, it's like somebody killed somebody, like somebody killed their kid. I told LeBron, 'That letter didn't hurt anybody more than it hurt me.' Yahoo! Sports

If you were thinking Heat fans would take the news of LeBron leaving Miami lightly, think again. An image of the former Heat superstar was painted over shortly after James made his future plans known. Only LeBron's face was defaced in a mural, which is located at Northeast 29th Street between Miami Avenue and 1st Avenue, that also includes members of the Heat/s 2012 NBA championship team. Local 10 Miami

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert joined his family after hearing the news, sources said. The Miami Heat were also not informed of James' decision until it was posted on the Internet and were not expecting it. The Heat had left their meeting with James earlier this week in Las Vegas feeling good about their chances to retain him, even if it was on a short-term deal. ESPN.com

Poor Joel Embiid. He tried so hard to get LeBron James to come to Philadelphia, but it looks like his recruiting tactics have failed. If you recall, Embiid, who was selected third overall by the 76ers in this year’s NBA Draft, took to Twitter soon after LeBron became a free agent to try and persuade him to come to Philly. Friday Embiid is coping with LeBron’s decision to return home to Cleveland. For The Win

Here's how Cleveland's radio & TV outlets broke the news live on-air. Up top we have WKNR radio, which reported the news amongst celebratory music and, it sounds like, quite a few tears. WKNR was one of only two major media outlets in Cleveland that actually had the news live; in a twist of fate, three of Cleveland's TV stations and its major news radio station WTAM were all at commercial when the news broke. Here's the one TV station that was live, ABC affiliate WEWS: Deadspin.com

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