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September 17, 2011 Updates

Advocates of decertification see it as a last-ditch effort for badly-needed leverage, with the hope that the league's owners would come to a much greater compromise in negotiations once they realize the players are willing to sacrifice some of, if not all, of the season. Unless union executive director Billy Hunter changes his long-held stance against decertification, 30 percent of the league's players would need to sign a petition supporting it in order to move to a vote for involuntary decertification. That vote, according to sources, would likely take between 45 and 60 days and would require a majority vote in order to pass. SI.com

June 9, 2011 Updates

Williams recently fired longtime agent Bob McLaren. Reports indicate that Williams likely will be represented by Leon Rose of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) — which lists LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as clients. But sources said Williams also is considering Jeff Schwartz, who represents Jason Kidd, Devin Harris, Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom, among others. Bergen Record

June 8, 2011 Updates

At this point, Deron Williams’ switching agents doesn’t have an impact on the Nets. He fired Bob McLaren and is expected to join Leon Rose of CAA when the two-week grace period is up. Some of you are probably thinking that means Deron is going to try and force his way out here - and maybe to the Knicks - since many of CAA’s big clients lately have jumped shot (LeBron, Bosh, Carmelo). Some of you probably think that means CAA is going to try to team some of its players with Deron in Newark/Brooklyn. J.R. Smith is the only bigger name that can be a free agent this summer. Bergen Record

New Jersey guard Deron Williams is expected to sign with agent Leon Rose, a source said Tuesday, after leaving former longtime agent Bob McClaren. Messages left for Rose and a representative for McClaren were not immediately returned. Bloomberg News reported Tuesday that Williams had fired McClaren, who is primarily known as an MLB agent but had close ties with Williams. Williams spent six seasons with the Jazz before being unexpectedly traded Feb. 23 to the Nets. Salt Lake Tribune

Rose, who is affiliated with Creative Artists Agency, is one of the premier agents in the NBA. CAA represents LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, among others, and played a pivotal role in James' controversial decision to move to Miami last summer. Williams is expected to sign with Rose, the source said, with the hope that Rose's star power will help bring top-tier talent to Brooklyn, which is where the Nets are expected to move for the 2011-12 season. Williams has one year left on his contract with New Jersey. He holds a player option worth $17.7 million in 2012-13. Salt Lake Tribune

June 7, 2011 Updates

New Jersey guard Deron Williams is expected to sign with agent Leon Rose, a source said Tuesday, after leaving former longtime agent Bob McClaren. Messages left for Rose and a representative for McClaren were not immediately returned. Salt Lake Tribune

David Locke: The agent change by Deron is a huge move. McClaren was his longtime agent and tied into Baggio and Bagwell with Astros who were team lifers Twitter

May 29, 2011 Updates

It's unnecessary to ask who "they" are. It's well-known they are CAA's talent-hoarding force field, agents Leon Rose and Wes Wesley. Wide World Wes kinda "represents" Calipari in that the NBA Players Association sorta insists negotiators pick up commissions exclusively from players or coaches, not both. Because of the increasingly cozy relationship between Dolan's Camp Cablevision and CAA's posh clients, Rose and Wesley would be privy to such classified information and, in Calipari's circumstance, have a need to know it. New York Post

March 1, 2011 Updates

J.R. Smith’s search for a new agent was, in his mind, never expected to be long. He already knew where he wanted to go, and now he’s there. Smith, the athletic Nuggets guard, is now with Leon Rose at Creative Artists Agency. Smith said he signed with Rose and CAA “in the last few days.” He recently left the Wasserman Media Group where he had been represented by Arn Tellem and Thad Foucher. “I knew who I wanted to represent me,” Smith said. “It’s great from a communication standpoint. I don’t really have to look for him. He’s looking for me. He looks at it as a pleasure to have me; just as for me I look at it as a pleasure to have him.” Denver Post

February 23, 2011 Updates
February 22, 2011 Updates
February 20, 2011 Updates

But what Denver may be relying on here is Carmelo's representation also feeling pressure. A source said "there'll be changes made if [the deal with the Knicks] doesn't get done," and agent Leon Rose has to be concerned about other high powered agents attempting to lure Carmelo away from Creative Artists Agency. So with that stake in this process, there is more pressure applied on the Knicks to appeal to Denver's demands to ensure a trade does happen. Anthony has told confidants that the Knicks are his prefered destination, according to sources, but despite that bit of leverage, the Knicks can't operate as if they are bidding against themselves. "They're not bidding against themselves," said a person with knowledge of the situation. "There's two other teams: the Nets and the Nuggets." Newsday

February 5, 2011 Updates

Several sources told Yahoo! Sports that Carmelo Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, has recently begun informing teams that the All-Star forward is interested in signing a contract extension with only the New York Knicks. The stance has weakened the Denver Nuggets’ leverage in trying to deal Anthony, not only to other teams, but also the Knicks. Yahoo! Sports

The sources said the Knicks don’t feel pressed to present a substantial trade offer to the Nuggets because they think they can also sign Anthony after the season if he opts out of his contract, as expected. “If you’re New York, you just sit and wait until the offseason,” one general manager said. “That’s where it’s likely to go. Why give up assets to get him now when you can wait and get him next season?” Said another source: “If ’Melo is telling the world he wants to go [to New York], why fight so hard to get him? [Knicks president] Donnie Walsh knows this.” Yahoo! Sports

Though there’s less than three weeks before the Feb. 24 trade deadline, a deal for Anthony isn’t imminent. Sources said the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks still have interest in Anthony despite knowing he doesn’t plan to re-sign with them. “Don’t blame ’Melo. He’s been up front about wanting to go to New York since the summer,” one source close to the talks said. “They better trade him to New York or end up with nothing.” Yahoo! Sports

February 2, 2011 Updates
January 20, 2011 Updates

Walsh has not yet engaged in meaningful talks with the Nuggets' front office, led by team executive Josh Kroenke and general manager Masai Ujiri, but the source said that Anthony has made it clear to his representation, agent Leon Rose and Creative Artists Agency , that "the goal is to get him to New York in an extend-and-trade." That would be a trade that includes a three-year, $65-million contract extension, which the Nuggets put on the table last June. Anthony has been reluctant to sign an extension to stay in Denver and apparently wasn't excited about signing it with the Nets, either. Newsday

January 16, 2011 Updates
January 15, 2011 Updates

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