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April 16, 2015 Updates

Alexander reiterated that he believes Harden deserves the NBA's top individual honor. "James Harden, in my opinion, is the MVP," Alexander said. "100 percent, he is the MVP. With all of the injuries that we had, not having a full team, seeing another superstar go down in Dwight. For us to have all these wins is truly something, and a lot of it is because of him. He's the top player in the league, and if he's not he's 1, 2 or 3. When you get a player like that in a trade, not free agency, it's truly amazing. He's young. He's going to be with the team for the next 10 years at least. You know when you have a player like that you're going to be in the playoffs fighting for a championship every year." FOX 26 Sports

March 2, 2015 Updates

To Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, guard James Harden is out in front in the race for MVP to the point he said that should be the opinion of those without a connection to the franchise. “He’s the best player in basketball,” Alexander said. “He’s having the best year of anybody, no question,” Houston Chronicle

January 17, 2015 Updates

Alexander called for changes as extreme as requiring teams to win a certain number of games to be eligible for the top three picks of the draft to avoid systematic tanking to the more subtle change of extending the season to spread out the 82 games and reduce the number of back-to-backs. “I think the league has too many games that are considered exhibition games where people don’t show up with their teams and also, people trying to lose so badly the game isn’t a real game,” Alexander said. “It hurts me every time I see it because it damages the league. There should be some disincentive to lose. Right now, we have an incentive to lose. I think it should be switched. “My solution is a team has to win a certain number of games in a year in order to get in the top three picks. Pick a number so you have to field a competitive team. I think it’s horrible. It ticks me off that people are trying to win by losing.” Houston Chronicle

December 24, 2014 Updates
November 6, 2014 Updates

Q: Do you feel redemption following the criticism you and the team received in the offseason? Les Alexander: I don't want to answer it that way, but I think we made good moves. I think (Trevor) Ariza was a real good move to come here. He's helped the team in many ways. I think (Kostas) Papanikolaou has helped us dramatically. On both sides, he's been really good. And the players who were here last year are improving. I don't think we diminished the team the way people think we have. Houston Chronicle

Q: Are you happy with your front office? A: Yes. Nobody is perfect. Every decision does not work. I do like the way they work, the way we arrive at those decisions. I think we have very good people. Houston Chronicle

Q: This is your 22nd season as Rockets owner, and it has been 20 years since the second championship. How difficult has it been going from those highs to so few playoff wins since? A: I'll phrase it this way: In the 22 years I've owned the team, there have only been two losing seasons. Houston Chronicle

July 2, 2014 Updates
May 5, 2014 Updates

Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander plans to add a significant player to his roster and he expects his team to be greatly improved for the 2014-15 season. "We're going to have cap room to bring in a terrific free agent and I think next year we'll be a lot better than we were this year," Alexander said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "I think the nucleus is great. I think we have two of the brightest stars in the league. We have players who are going to be much better next year, young guys. We have a very good nucleus." FOX 26 Sports

"I think we improved as the season went along," Alexander said. "I think we improved in the playoffs as it went along. I think it took us a year to lose (in the playoffs), and with the young guys knowing what it takes to win, I think we'll be a terrific team next year, better than this year." The Rockets finished the regular season with a 54-28 record, before losing in six games to Portland in the first round of the playoffs. "We won 54 games," Alexander said. "It's tough to win 54 games in the NBA and the West is so stacked, it's hard. We were the youngest team in the league in the playoffs. Just that alone will get us much better. I thought the team played hard. They did what they could and when you lose the other team was better." FOX 26 Sports

May 3, 2014 Updates

As the story from Ramona Shelburne and I related then, McHale can't be completely sure of survival after the Rockets won the Dwight sweepstakes but still failed to win a playoff series. The reality, though, is that McHale's biggest fan in town just might be Rockets owner Les Alexander, who's a handy person to have in your corner. ESPN.com

They still have to formally pick up McHale's 2014-15 option to remove any doubt. And links to Stan Van Gundy, Howard's old Orlando coach, are bound to persist until Stan is coaching somewhere else. ESPN.com

April 29, 2014 Updates

Calling the comments “disgusting,” Alexander said he told Silver he should stab “a sword” into the heart of Sterling’s ownership of the Clippers. “I thought that there’s got to be a way to disrupt him from owning the team,” said Alexander, who after 20 years owning the Rockets is one of the longest tenured owners in the NBA. “I gave him the sword to deal with this. I said, ‘Let the players become free agents.’” Houston Chronicle

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