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December 15, 2012 Updates

There was no such thing as a simple game of bridge in the D'Antoni household. It didn't matter who won last night's game of Monopoly or who ate the most cereal, the victor's name was posted on the refrigerator for all to see. Lewis and Betty Jo D'Antoni weren't about to let any of their children - Kathy, Danny, Mike or Mark - take a title without a fight. "We wouldn't let them win . . . I mean, they had to earn it," Lewis, 98, said last month from his home in Mullens. "And they had to learn how to win and also you had to learn when you're a loser. And you had to improve to be a winner." Long Beach Press-Telegram

The D'Antonis let their children learn from their own mistakes. Mike said his father loved basketball but was never suffocating or pushy when it came to his sons' time on the court. In fact, Lewis took the job as principal of Mullens High School before Dan or Mike played. Mark, the only D'Antoni to play for his father, thinks Lewis was a little relieved he didn't coach Dan or Mike. He never wanted to be accused of using his position to give his sons any favors. The eternal basketball fan, the father couldn't help himself from giving Dan and Mike pointers after games. Lewis said he didn't go to every game, but when he did, he brought his pencil and paper. "You'd think you would play a good game, and you would come home to two pages of notes," Mike said. Long Beach Press-Telegram

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