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April 22, 2013 Updates
April 18, 2013 Updates

The Suns conducted their exit interviews a week ago, and a person familiar with the process told CBSSports.com that interim coach Lindsey Hunter did not fare well in his player evaluations. The Suns went 12-29 under Hunter -- one game worse than the first half of the season under Alvin Gentry -- and there's a feeling among some players that the team regressed. "Players don't want him back," one league source said. President Lon Babby received a two-year extension earlier this month. GM Lance Blanks, who was instrumental in appointing Hunter as interim coach, has one year left on his contract. CBSSports.com

April 17, 2013 Updates

Scola and Dragic were asked whether they would recommend interim head coach Lindsey Hunter returning next season. Both players punted the topic. “That’s a tough question,” Dragic said. “ ... I’m here to play basketball. It’s not my decision to make.” Dragic did say he liked Hunter’s approach to practice. “Alvin (Gentry) was a great coach for the veteran players; he knows when to give them a day off, but for our team we have a young team and we really need to practice hard every day,” Dragic said. “When he (Hunter) took over the team I think we maybe had one or two days off. I think it should be like that.” Arizona Republic

Scola said he thought Hunter did “a great job. Circumstances were bad and he did as good as he could. But I don’t make those decisions. I’m just a player.” Would a third coach in less than a year be unsettling for the team? “I think it would be a sign of things being bad,” Scola said. “But things are bad.” Arizona Republic

April 10, 2013 Updates

It's safe to say in terms of wins and losses little progress has been made (10-27) since Lindsey Hunter was tagged as the interim head coach back on January 20. So is Hunter a shoe-in to have his tag removed this off-season? "It's a fair question," Suns president Lon Babby told Arizona Sports 620's Doug and Wolf Tuesday. "We're in a results business, so you have to look at the results. But I think also in fairness you have to put the results in context where we are in the season and how difficult it is to persevere, which I don't think we've fully done by any stretch of the imagination." When pressed further on whether that meant the organization had already made a decision on Hunter's future, Babby wouldn't commit to anything. "You can interpret (my comments) any way you want," said Babby. "I'm not going to answer one way or the other...there's plenty of time to sort it out and make the right decision and move forward." Arizona's Sports Page

April 6, 2013 Updates

One source with knowledge of the situation said this week that Hunter has a "good shot" to see his interim label switched to permanent head coach at season's end. Makes sense with Babby staying and general manager Lance Blanks already under contract for next season … and with Goran Dragic, Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat -- if Dudley and Gortat aren't dealt to teams better equipped to use -- needing so much more help for the coaching to really make a difference. ESPN.com

March 22, 2013 Updates

The interim title attached to Suns’ coach Lindsey Hunter won’t disappear before the end of the season. Lon Babby, Phoenix’s president of basketball operations, reaffirmed Thursday that no decision on Hunter’s future would be decided until the off-season. The Suns are 10-18 under Hunter, who replaced Alvin Gentry as head coach in mid-January. “We said all along we’re going to wait until the end of the year to assess the full body of work, and that’s what we’re going to do,” Babby said. Arizona Republic

Asked what has encouraged him about Hunter, Babby said: “There have been positives but you’re not going to trick me into answering your question. I’m not going to give an interim report on the interim coach.” Hunter said he’s OK with not knowing his status beyond the final 13 games this season. “The least of my worries is that,” he said. “I would not even want to talk about that right now. I’ve got bigger things to do. I’ve got a lot to handle.” Arizona Republic

March 20, 2013 Updates

With the Suns struggling to forge an identity under interim coach Lindsey Hunter, Scola’s role often has been reduced as Hunter experiments with different rotations. The 6-foot-9-inch Argentinian admits to feeling discouraged at times. “It’s hard for me. It’s hard,” Scola said. “It is (frustrating), but I try to use that frustration to work a little harder. Just try to stay ready and in shape.” Arizona Republic

March 6, 2013 Updates

Dudley did reiterate that the lack of communication between he and the coach isn't a bad thing. "You can't even say this is Lindsey's first year -- he's been on the job for what, two months," he asked. "He's got a lot of stuff thrown at him and and I'm one of things that 'hey, I'm not worried about Jared, Jared takes care of his business. Right now I'm worried about trying to change the culture to my style of coaching.'" Arizona's Sports Page

March 5, 2013 Updates

Hunter said his comment last week that forward Michael Beasley doesn’t respond well to a coach yelling at him shouldn’t be misconstrued as a referendum on Beasley’s toughness. “It’s just like raising kids,” Hunter said. “One kid you may be able to raise your voice with, the other kid if you raise your voice they break down and cry.” Arizona Republic

But how does Beasley then handle things not going well on the floor? “Nobody is yelling at him on the court,” Hunter said. “I know a lot of kids that thrive on the basketball court but can’t take a coach yelling at them. It’s just the way some personalities are. As a coach I have to recognize that and get the best out of the kid. I have to coach him in a way that he’s receptive to.” Arizona Republic

February 5, 2013 Updates

Hunter understands the frustration from Turner and Majerle, but, "I don't feel guilty," he said. "This is what we all work for. We never know how it's going to come or when it's going to come. The thing we have to do is prepare the best we can for when it does come." Yahoo! Sports

Lindsey Hunter had staying power as an NBA player, sticking around the league largely as a reserve point guard for 17 seasons as a product of Jackson State. Now he's looking to prove he can stay in the league as more than just interim head coach of the Phoenix Suns, a promotion that didn't go over well with some in the Suns' organization. "I've been hated on my whole life," Hunter told Yahoo! Sports. "Why should it be any different now? "I don't care. But if people aren't hating on you that means you're not making an impact. Prominent people in our country were hated on because they made an impact." Yahoo! Sports

Hunter has taken the lead on the defense while Kokoskov is in charge of the offense. With no training camp or much practice, Dudley said Hunter can't put his stamp on the team and break bad habits. "No situation will ever be ideal," Hunter said. "But what are you going to do? You go in with your hardhat on and go to work." This wasn't Hunter's first shot at a head coaching job. The Orlando Magic were so intrigued by Hunter that he interviewed last summer for their top spot despite a lack of coaching experience (Hunter started his front-office career with the Chicago Bulls in 2010 when he became a player development assistant). He was brought back for a second interview before the Magic hired Jacque Vaughn. "That was great preparation for me, perfect preparation for me," Hunter said. Yahoo! Sports

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