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Arvydas Sabonis‘ last season in the NBA was in 2003, after taking a year off from the NBA to play in Europe. During his career he became one of the game’s consummate big men, and even won a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics while competing on behalf of the Soviet Union. Last year, the former Trail Blazer suffered a heart attack playing basketball and was advised by doctors not to engage in such rigorous activity — by the looks of things, Sabonis may have let himself go a bit in his post-playing days. As if doctors could stop him. Last week Sabonis suited up for his hometown Lithuanian team Žalgiris Kaunas as part of a legends game in which they took on a club from Moscow. There are any numbers of reasons that the below highlights are hilarious, among them are Sabonis’ size advantage and apparent lack of conviction on defense. NESN.com

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There was one — and only one — Dream Team. So that is the American view. But not everyone is American. As all knowledgable American basketball fans know, Lithuania is the country that has competed at a high level most consistently over the past six Olympics. Lithuania produced Arvydas Sabonis, Sarunas Marciulionis, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Linas Kleiza, Jonas Valenciunas, and Egle, among others. And now a film has been made about the 1992 Lithuanian national team, entitled “The Other Dream Team.” SheridanHoops

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Soon enough, James came back to make it all safe, first with a hammer dunk that opened up thanks to all the attention Durant was attracting, then with a 3-pointer inside the final two minutes over an isolated Marc Gasol that made it 102-93. "Big thanks to Lithuania for that tough game they gave us," Paul said, crediting a 99-94 scare in pool play for ensuring that Team USA could handle the tension of a tight game when it mattered most. ESPN.com

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John Hobbs: Lithuania's Darius Songaila has announced his retirement from international basketball, following his side's 83-74 defeat to Russia. Twitter

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"We went to the qualification in Venezuela on the first of June, and some of our players came straight after they finished (professional) seasons,” (Lithuanian head coach Kestutis) Kemzura said. “ Of course (the Olympics) matters. We were fighting for this place. I don’t understand this idea of sending younger players, not sending our best to the Olympics. I do not understand it. If we leave everything on money, and money runs the show, where’s the sport? Where’s national team idea?” Yahoo! Sports

Valanciunas has not made much of an impact for Lithuania so far at these Games. This is a far cry from what he did in Eurobasket, when he played 15.7 minutes, averaged 8.4 points and 4.1 rebounds, and had 18 points on 8-for-9 shooting in a stellar game against Serbia. Sporting News

Coming off the bench, and without the prospect of beginning his NBA career in less than two months, Valanciunas seemed to put less pressure on himself to produce last year. Now, he is pressing. Beyond that, Kemzura said, Valanciunas still needs a lot of work. “It is like with most big men who have no experience,” Kemzura said. “First he must get bigger and stronger. He must be able to hold his position and he needs strength for this. Second, he needs better post moves. He is still learning basics. He will play with his back to the basket when he is older. But now, he must learn. He needs to learn these things, and he will, but he will need time. He has a lot of work to do.” Sporting News

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It takes good fortune for Lithuania to stay with Team USA, and that comes with open 3-pointers that clank away and missed free throws. Lithuania coach Kestutis Kemzura confessed that his staff made hard decisions on the U.S. players they were willing to let shoot (Chris Paul, Deron Williams) and those who always had to be contested (Durant and Anthony). Sometimes, it worked. Sometimes, there was a price to be paid. "You have to pick your poison," Kemzura said, "and decide how you want to die." Yahoo! Sports

Marc Stein: Lithuania's Darius Songaila told me postgame he hopes to sign back in NBA ASAP. Definitely had his moments vs. Team USA: 11 pts in 17 mins Twitter

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