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May 15, 2014 Updates

The ex-wife of slain former NBA player Lorenzen Wright on Thursday agreed to a confidential settlement in a dispute over how she spent $1 million in insurance meant to benefit their six children. In the marble hallway of the circuit court, Sherra Robinson, 43, said the agreement means the family will be able to move forward "the way Lorenzen would have wanted us to." "It's time for healing," she said. Memphis Commercial Appeal

May 14, 2014 Updates

The ex-wife of murdered Memphis NBA star Lorenzen Wright took the stand Tuesday, demanding she remain in charge of Wright's trust fund. Sherra Robinson revealed she was living in fear at the time her ex-husband was found murdered execution-style back in July 2010. "During the time of his murder and his death, I was told there were people seeking to harm me personally, and I wanted to protect those things for the children," she said. WNEM TV 5

September 16, 2013 Updates
July 23, 2013 Updates

Three years after Wright's death, no arrests have been made. Numerous rumors have surfaced, including the possibility that Wright was involved in drug trafficking and was killed when a transaction went wrong. Or that he was set up by someone close to him. There are also allegations that Wright had ties to drug kingpin Craig Petties' organization and was executed. And the list goes on, but they are just rumors. "There's no difference from a rumor in high school than one dealing with a homicide," says Dennis McNeil, 25-year Memphis Police Department veteran and longtime friend of Wright. "Until some facts can be established [and] somebody can positively verify something that happened, it just remains a rumor." Memphis Flyer

In addition to believing members of the Petties organization murdered her son, Wright's mother suspects that her daughter-in-law, Sherra, had some involvement in its orchestration. "He was worth more to her dead than alive," Marion says. "He had [gone] on with his life." Memphis Flyer

January 28, 2013 Updates

Her spending was brisk and prodigious — $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade; $26,000 for a Lexus; $69,000 on an assortment of furniture; $11,750 for a trip to New York; $339,000 to buy and improve a new house; $7,100 for a deposit on a swimming pool; $5,000 for lawn equipment; $277 for dinner and a movie; $34,000 on lawyers. All within 10 months. But what angers one family member is that Sherra Robinson Wright, ex-wife of the late NBA player Lorenzen Wright, spent the money from life insurance proceeds a judge said was to support the couple's six children. Memphis Commercial Appeal

"She had no authority to spend that money like that,'' said Ruby Wharton, Herb Wright's attorney. The generally reserved Wharton said she won't litigate the case in the newspaper but when a reporter called last week she noted the report on Sherra Wright's spending — a "bombshell,'' Wharton called it — triggered prompt action. The spending report filed in September in Circuit Court as a follow-up to Lorenzen and Sherra's February 2010 divorce prompted Probate Court Judge Robert S. Benham to appoint a guardian ad litem in October to investigate the Wright children's circumstances. Memphis Commercial Appeal

September 27, 2011 Updates

Collierville has since responded to the lawsuit by saying Sherra Wright withheld crucial information that may have helped the case. "She said that there were no enemies, no concerns," said McKenney. McKenney says it wasn't until days after she first spoke with police that Sherra Wright came forward with case changing information, saying things like he'd been involved in some major criminal activity in the past. According to McKenney that was just part of it, "she told detectives he had left the house with some guns, drugs and money, that he was going to flip something for $110,000." My FOX Memphis

September 26, 2011 Updates

Collierville police said murdered Memphis basketball star Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife did not tell them everything she knew when her ex-husband disappeared. In court documents, the city of Collierville said Sherra Wright withheld critical information from Collierville detectives. "If I was her, I would have told them everything they needed to know," said Lorenzen Wright's mother Deborah Marion. "Whether I was divorced from him or not, because he's still the father of my six kids." Collierville News

September 23, 2011 Updates

Ellis moved to Memphis nearly three years ago after purchasing the home of Lorenzen Wright, former University of Memphis and Memphis Grizzlies player who was killed in 2010. During the ongoing NBA lockout, Ellis has enjoyed the extra time with his wife, Memphis native Juanika, and son, Monta Jr. "I've been doing everything I possibly can do before I go back, and that's fishing, spending time with my kid and my wife, and just laying low," he said. "I work out four days a week. Other than that, I stay at home." Memphis Commercial Appeal

September 20, 2011 Updates

News Channel 3 has confirmed the Grizzlies have donated $5,000 to a fund seeking the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murder of Lorenzen Wright. Earlier today, it was announced the reward fund was up to $11,000 and Governor Haslam would match additional donations up to $5,000. WREG

Marion also said she is now elated at the help she has received. Even though the NBA cannot contact its players due to the lockout, she said players are reaching out to their friends to try and come up with more money. One of the people helping her is Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks who played with Wright in Atlanta. "Right now as we speak he's rallying up some more players. Right now because they're locked out, the association can't get in touch with the players, but the friends can get in touch with each other. That's what he's doing, getting in touch with their friends," Marion said. WREG

September 19, 2011 Updates

The reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder of former NBA and Memphis Tiger star Lorenzen Wright has been raised. At a Monday morning press conference, MPD Director Toney Armstrong, along with Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and District Attorney General Amy Weirich, announced that the total reward has been raised to $11,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. Also, The Tennessee Governor's office added that if another party offers a reward, the state will match up to $5,000. My FOX Memphis

July 26, 2011 Updates

Relatives of Lorenzen Wright will hold a candlelight vigil in Memphis to remember the slain former NBA player. The vigil is scheduled for Thursday, which is one year after his body was found in a field in southeast Memphis. Wright was shot multiple times, but police have not made an arrest in the case. The 34-year-old Wright played high school and college basketball in Memphis. He also played for five NBA teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies. ESPN.com

July 24, 2011 Updates

In the year since Lorenzen Wright's decomposing body was found in a secluded field in southeast Memphis, his mother has kept pressing authorities to find whomever killed the former NBA player. Deborah Marion has repeatedly visited and called the Memphis Police Department for answers about her son's shooting death, though authorities have very few. "We are a long way from solving this crime," Memphis police director Toney Armstrong said last week. Marion said: "I will never lose hope until I'm dead and buried." ESPN.com

But mistakes have hurt the case, which remains unsolved since Wright, 34, was found dead July 28, 2010. Wright's relatives and friends have complained a missing person's report wasn't taken seriously. It was 10 days before his body was found, complicating the investigation because evidence was left to deteriorate in a swampy field at the height of summer. A 911 call made from Wright's cell phone soon after he was last seen by his family was botched by dispatchers. A small reward of $6,000 has yielded just 28 Crime Stoppers tips. Armstrong acknowledged the reward and the number of tips were low for such a high-profile case. Marion filed a $2 million lawsuit Wednesday, accusing suburban authorities in Germantown and Collierville of messing up the emergency call and the missing person's report. Officials in both municipalities have declined comment. Marion said the police departments involved did not take enough responsibility. "It's like they were just passing the ball from court to court," Marion said of the agencies. ESPN.com

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