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November 28, 2014 Updates
November 27, 2014 Updates

If you were watching closely during Wednesday's matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons, you might have noticed that Clippers point guard Chris Paul had something written on his sneakers: ... but you might not have known why the All-Star had "L.E.G." on his kicks. "L.E.G." stands for Lisa Elaine Gallagher, who died in early September after fighting glioblastoma — a cancerous tumor that develops in the supportive tissue of the brain, can spread quickly and aggressively, and often leads to severe headaches, nausea, and memory and/or speech difficulties — for nearly a year. She was 49. She left behind a husband, Michael, and six children. Yahoo! Sports

November 26, 2014 Updates

Rob Peterson: CP3 to @Tom Haberstroh "I'm on Synergy all day, everyday. You know what I'm talking about, Synergy?" Does Warren Buffett know his portfolio? Twitter @ShotDrJr

November 25, 2014 Updates

Where does Griffin rank among the players you’ve gotten to coach? Capel: “He’s the best. There’s really no comparison. When you talk about talent, athleticism and skill, and when you add the work ethic that comes along, that was the thing that probably impressed me the most was just how hard he worked. I’m sure people that really understand basketball understand that.” Where has developed most? Capel: “Obviously shooting the basketball, which is something he’s really worked on. He’s been able to score, he’s always been a relentless rebounder, physically imposing, but really being able to shoot. I’ve always thought that he had a lot of things that he could do that people didn’t realize, because people were always just so wowed by his athleticism. I don’t think people really had ever really given him credit for all the things he can do. He can really pass. I think people started to see that as the Clippers became a better team and there was better talent around him. He really understands the game. He’s really smart. All of those things I think are what people are starting to see now.” NBA.com

Multiple times during his postgame meeting with reporters, Griffin had to apologize. He was paying attention to something bigger. Eventually, Griffin was asked if the team was worried about the decision not to indict, if it would affect them as they continue on a long road trip. "I wouldn’t say 'worried about it,'" Griffin said. "But, it’s sad to see. It hurts that people have to go through this and it affects them, but it hasn’t really touched us, personally, in here in a real way. We’ve definitely thought about it and feel for the people affected by it." Orange County Register

November 24, 2014 Updates

Your handling of the Sterling problem was almost universally supported. But I'm curious: How much discomfort did you have with the idea of stripping an owner of his franchise for having problematic social views? Were you worried about the precedent this decision would set? Adam Silver: Number one, it all happened so quickly. I heard the tape on Saturday morning, and Donald Sterling had been banned by Tuesday. And I was traveling at the time—I had a pre-planned trip to three NBA cities over that weekend. So in a way, I benefitted from not having time to dwell on the greater societal implications of that decision. But thinking about it now, I am less concerned—precedentially—with the fact that an owner can be removed for his beliefs. I am more concerned with it from a privacy standpoint. I am mindful that this began as a private conversation between Mr. Sterling and a girlfriend. In some ways, this case was made easy for us, because that private conversation—completely unrelated to any acts of the NBA—was made public and widely distributed. So from the NBA's perspective, I was dealing with a public statement. But that is something I've thought about quite a bit. This did not originate as a business conversation. It was not intended for public dissemination. And in fairness to everyone in the NBA, we have to consider the appropriate lines. We're all entitled to our private thoughts, and even an occasional misstep or misstatement should not be career-ending. GQ.com

November 23, 2014 Updates
November 22, 2014 Updates
November 21, 2014 Updates

Doc Rivers enlisted the help of Clippers broadcaster and former NBA power forward Michael Smith when a reporter inquired about J.J. Redick's shooting struggles. Asked Rivers, motioning to Smith: "What would you do?" Replied Smith: "Keep shooting." Los Angeles Times

"It's a long season," Redick said, "so I believe in the law of averages. It will all work out in the end." Redick has rebounded from slow starts before, making 35.7% of his shots and 30.2% of his three-pointers in November 2010, only to finish that season making 44.1% of his shots and 39.7% of his three-pointers. Los Angeles Times

November 20, 2014 Updates
November 19, 2014 Updates
November 18, 2014 Updates


Modern-day Clippers like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are among the all-time best players in franchise history.


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