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A contract that once looked overwrought now appears eminently fair, to the point where the Lakers are considered likely to exercise the $9 million option they hold on Hill’s deal next season. On a roster widely viewed as devoid of trade assets, sources told Sporting News that Hill is the one guy about whom the Lakers get realistic trade calls—but that LA has no plans to move him. Sporting News

When LA was criticized for the size of Hill’s contract, he mostly shrugged it off. He had been pursued by the Heat and Rockets—among others—but Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told him to make sure he checked back with the team before he signed elsewhere. “I heard all that, but I didn’t pay any attention,” Hill told Sporting News. “I knew I had the skills to do it, I just needed the minutes. With D’Antoni, it was hard for me to find the minutes. He wanted me to do the things he wanted me to do to get the minutes. I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do, to play the way I know I could play. "So, things happened and now it’s a whole new year. Now, I am one of the main focal points of the team, so I can go out there and do what I am capable of doing.” Sporting News

December 11, 2014 Updates

Would it be more realistic to try and swap expiring deal of Garnett and maybe Plumlee for say, Nash/Ellington/Ed Davis from Lakers? Rearranging deckchairs maybe, but sometimes restructuring helps a company manage its assets more efficiently. I think it's going to be a very, very tough sell. The two teams that are obvious choices are the Lakers and Knicks. But I can't imagine the Knicks wanting to swap with their cross town rivals, and even if they did, sources say the Knicks aren't going to do anything to damage their upcoming cap space next year unless they land an All-Star caliber talent. ESPN.com

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The Lakers were granted a hardship exception by the NBA last week to increase their roster to 16 players but decided against using it before it expired two days later. With injuries to Xavier Henry (Achilles'), Steve Nash (back), Julius Randle (leg) and Ryan Kelly (hamstring), the Lakers have had just 11 healthy players the last two weeks. The normal regular-season maximum is 15 players. Los Angeles Times

The Lakers worked out several players and had discussions with free-agent forward Earl Clark before declining to add a 16th player. If they wanted, the Lakers could petition the league again and presumably receive permission a second time to use the hardship exception. If they took advantage of it, they would need to get back down to 15 players once Kelly returned. Los Angeles Times

While the hardship exception wouldn't give the Lakers any additional spending tools outside of the roster spot, the team was granted two disabled player exceptions for Nash ($4.9 million) and Randle ($1.5 million). The Lakers would likely save their disabled player exceptions for other opportunities, perhaps in a trade before the Feb. 19 deadline. Los Angeles Times

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The Lakers, meanwhile, don’t figure to be very active on the trade market in the coming months, according to league sources. The Lakers were able to come up with the draft pick (from Houston) in exchange for taking on the contract of guard Jeremy Lin, and they’d be interested in adding another pick. Los Angeles can hang on to its own first-round pick only if that pick falls in the Top 5. Even at 5-14 heading into Friday, the team’s pick would fall at No. 6, meaning they’d require lottery luck in order to hang onto it. If it is not in the Top 5, the Lakers will send the pick to the Suns. Sporting News

The chief issue for the Lakers when it comes to potential trades is obvious from a glance at the roster — there are slim pickings. “There isn’t much there you’re going to give up a lot for,” one general manager told Sporting News. Sporting News

Though the Lakers, like many teams, have a standing interest in Rondo, one source told Sporting News any notion of Los Angeles acquiring Rondo is, “all smoke, no fire.” The Celtics and Lakers have had no substantive talks regarding Rondo, and sources continue to maintain that Rondo has not been shopped by Boston in any way. Bryant said he was not recruiting Rondo on Thursday. Asked about picturing playing with Rondo, Bryant smiled and said, “I have not thought about having potential teammates before.” He added, “We get along extremely well, we see the game in a similar fashion in terms of our aggressiveness and mindset. It was good to get together with him.” Sporting News

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