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October 15, 2014 Updates
October 14, 2014 Updates

Roughly one week into training camp Bryant called Gaffney down to the Lakers training facilities in El Segundo. “We’re gonna start playing one-on-one. I heard you’re a defensive lockdown player. So, lock me down,” he told the youngster. “Obviously easier said than done,” Gaffney chuckled, “but for about three weeks in a row I was forced to show up hours before practice to play one-on-one against Kobe.” Bryant would invent various sets of rules where he could only dribble and score with his weak hand; some days he could only score inside the paint, others only from outside. Oh, “and I never got to play offense,” said Gaffney. Basketball Insiders

“There was no difference with Lakers except no matter how early I showed up for practice — it wasn’t early enough. Kobe was on the court with three trainers doused in sweat.” If the Lakers had a 10:30 morning practice, Bryant would be in the gym at 06:00, take his daughters Natalia and Gianna to school at 08:00, then come back around 09:00 to shoot some more. “No one would have any idea that he’s been in the gym working for 3-4 hours,” Gaffney exposed. Basketball Insiders

The Lakers had checked in at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where Gaffney had his rookie initiation party. “L.A. made it clear that I made the team. I was the last player cut at morning shootaround on opening night against the Clippers,” he explained. “I walked into the high-stakes room but I didn’t have any money. I then saw Kobe, he was watching some guys throw some money around before he turns to me and says, ‘what are you doing here rook?' Next thing I know,” Gaffney recalled, “Kobe throws his black card on the table and hands me 10 stacks ($10,000). What I really wanted to do at the time was just put it in my pocket and run. Sure enough, an hour later it was all gone.” Basketball Insiders

October 13, 2014 Updates

Kobe Bryant hounded Stephen Curry in the backcourt, and all the way into the frontcourt, harassing the Golden State point guard with the Lakers trailing by 31 in a preseason game. It was probably one of those good-natured, one-superstar-to-another moment of levity. And then Curry stepped back and sank a 30-foot 3-pointer and spun to look at Kobe. And 36-year old Kobe smiled and patted on the 26-year old Curry on the butt. The Big Lead

“My style is a little different with his group. It’s a little more nurturing,” Bryant said. “They’re so much younger, so it’s a little different. The important thing with this group is learning how to think the game all the way through, which is different than on teams that we have had in the past. We had a lot of veteran guys who had been around. So my teaching style is different.” ESPN.com

“I believe he’s been more helpful during this whole process and the preseason,” Sacre said. “He’s been really vocal as a leader. In the past, he hasn’t been as vocal. But this year he’s really been trying to communicate and help guys out. This year has made an effort to push guys but at the same time give them advice to make them better.” ESPN.com



Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson headline a fantastic list that includes up to 33 NBA champions.


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